last night

for some reason , i thought that rum and coke will be a good idea -after the fifth drink i thought that dying my eyebrows makes sense that Im sober, i realise that it was a brilliant idea ,why haven't i thought about it earlier ...before i shaved them off ...

does anyone of you have a experience with changing the color of your eyebrows ,or mustaches, perhaps?uh oh

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Ok Dedo already know what comes next, don´t you? hahahahahahaha bouquet
the hair on my chest???uh oh
.....only if you wear lace-up sneakers tongue
i prefer cowboy boots and besides, my ``chest hair`` is not that long ...grin
Cowbody boots matches with the idea I have of you thumbs up, on a serious note, if you are planning to change color of any part of your body ...or anyone´s shock , but no your head, e.g. eyelashes or eyebrows grin you´ll need a special dye for .....

A color like this would be fun .....or violet!!!!! applause

okay...maybe after gin tonic laugh
It must be a guy thing ..head banger so now what do you use sharpie marker.
.they come in different colors.rolling on the floor laughing
no, a baseball cap laugh
Do you look surprised without eyebrows laugh

I dont remember what color my hair is. My moustache is bleached grin
I mustache you a question..rolling on the floor laughing
I hear an*l bleaching is all the rage uh oh
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