Opiate addiction problems in the "developed world"...

And lack of access to to these helpful agents in much of the rest of the world. BBC report says 10% of the world uses some 90 % of such powerful pain killers. Lack of access is worse, imagine that, in Africa. Non profit proposes to solve this by providing color coded (by strength) o*al opioid powders. Absorbtion by this route is erratic, but not a bad attempt. Less potential for misuse, if corruption theft controlled. And use won't be restricted to physicians---nurses and other more village level care staff (barefoot docs, etc.?) with a bit of training should handle distributing it. Pretty slick? Aa-VKH.

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You have to be careful, when you solve one problem and cause another. African countries generally struggle to manage a bag of rice properly, I doubt they'd all of a sudden be able to manage a highly addictive substance worth a fortune.
My worry as well, Pat. The rub would be where the pure powder is stored, and how free of coruption are the keepers---no small challenge for all of the dark continent, as you wisely say. The same doubts are in my blog. Once it's watered down, and color coded by strength, less incentive to monkey business (sic), at the village levels. People there in need (trauma, end stage cancers, etc.) really are undertreated for lack of the stuff. But hell, lots of docs and nurses in the West still undermedicate these types of pain for dumb reasos. Aa-VKH.
Hi Vier,
This is not surprising when you consider that 10% of the world possess 90% of the wealth and 10% eat 90% of all the food consumed on the planetdoh
Cat, you could also add that 40% of that food is then thrown into rubbish bins buy our sinfully wasteful society.
I think the leftovers on the tables of a prosperous country like the USA can feed all the hunger in Africa. Actually I think that the USA produces enough food to feed the whole world if it could be distributed efficiently enough,
Yes Cat, there is no shortage of food worldwide. The problem is access to food.
Even countries with starvation problems ship out cash-crops to pay off foreign debt, whilst people starve.
The system is all wrong. And we are all responsible.
aries1234: "Attacks on farmers in SA"(meet us in the forums)

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