oh my goodness

what have i missed? i went 3 weeks without internet and though i survived it, i felt myself touching on insanity until i could pay the bill.

in case i get disconnected again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

love ya's

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I thought data was cheap in the USA.

I read a US publication a year or two ago and the writer claimed that South-Africans pay too much for banking and communications. He said they'll never get away with it in the US of A. I pay about ZAR203 (US$14.86) for 5 GB (2GB anytime and 3GB midnight).
I sopped paying for internet 10 years now. still I'm able to be here on CS

do other stuff, reading my emails from the comfort of Starbucksthumbs up
My internet service here in Wi. cost me $33.75 a month. Good service though.thumbs up
Hi Dura,
I that free WI-FI? We have it at some places but it is very limited..
on this part of Florida internet is about $49.50. If I wanted it cheaper I have to

bundle up, TV, Phone, Internet. $29.00 each. get the fouck out of herevery mad

better go to Starbucks have a coffee and internet. 1st coffee, $2.09, 2nd refill is freegrin
My service is poor at times. When my contract expires I'm going to change my service provider. They are about 50% more but I understand the service is excellent.

yes, internet is free all the time, not limitedthumbs up
according to online security experts airports and Starbucks in USA

have the securest internet services. but hey, that's what they said.

but must be true, in 10 years, haven't had no problem with security issuesthumbs up
this woman started this blog and took off. was she trying to find out

if she's popular?
confused laugh laugh
The Super Wal-Mart and McDonald's near me have free wi-fi. I know a retired man that goes to the McDonald's (located inside the Super Wal-Mart) orders a coffee and stays all day using the wi-fi on his computer.
Freehand have you had any pizzas lately?wink
Welcome back Free. I was paying close to $100 monthly for land line (only calls were trying to sell me junk), ISP (slow and sketchy) and cable (do I really need to comment on what a waste this is these days?). Got rid of all three. Antenna on roof with rotor gets plenty of TV. Simple Blackberry for calls. Here I am at McD's with their internet and coffee---don't eat the grub. Also use library's. Living more simply isn't rocket science. Aa-VKH.

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