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It's coming out to be seen.This FIRST that needs to be addressed,peacefully.
It's giving me a lot to think about at work tonight.thumbs up
thanks, Ash I disallowed comments because it was 44 min. in length, no one wants to watch something that long I guess, sometimes they don't even want to watch. anyway, have a nice day at

Appreciated your blog Mr. Stringman.

Let me share (without any religious / political connotation) this beautiful song: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, as a tribute to a beloved father in law Z"L who was part of this event 50 years ago.


thumbs up
Cha Cha that's awesome! Gotta go! wave
hug ahhhhh love when you called me cha cha (although it could mean "maid" in mexican lol) kiss Ash! go go go !!!! motorcycle
Habitually early...4 minutes to clock in.
Noooooo it's Cha Cha..cha cha cha Dancing.bouquet

rose in teeth Love it!!!!! I dance & sing when I´m happy !!!!!!! smitten

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