when I started to work for the company that I am employed with one of the 3 rules they insisted on was respect for the individual. I totally agree with it, but have seen this is not always the thought of some others.

I try my best but maybe fail sometimes to show this here on CS, but isn't it a good rule to follow.

I do believe in you have the right to voice your opinion and disagree with one another, I guess that is what makes the blogs so interesting and don't want to see that change.

I don't know about you but I see people and there families really hurting and it brings me to my knees and cry out, OH GOD HELP US.

This is the season to look out for all of the people, and to show the love that we have all of us inside, one to another.

I guess what I am trying to say is ...LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH..

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Hi wen but the sad is that there will never be peace on the earth.wave
Hi Cc wave I know and still try to have hope,,even the Bible says there will be saying peace peace when there is none. But with the individual I believe we can do better hug
"RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL , but isn't it a good rule to follow"

Sorry that sounds like a diktat from the EU, where a terrorist can't be deported to a country that has cells a foot smaller than there standard, what happened to respect being earned dunno beer
Hi zman we have not talked in a good while hope everything is good with you. Yes I truly believe in respect is earned good point. but I also believe in respect for the individual that is when you speak and act what is really in your heart and that is for the good.

thank you for your comment cheers
Sanctuary,is not within the church building but the hearts of its

Or individually.
Many will die with peace of mind at some turning point in the life.
I've no bucket list,or
powerful influence but was privileged to do
Hospice work.I'm ready whenever it happens.
I might only be remembered for things that
I would rather answer for here To give the other
persons assurances .That is all my will would leave
Love and Peace and request forgiveness.

Not to
plead my case,but to resolve and respect.handshake
Hi Wen applause

I have a lot of respect for myself coz I managed to stop myself from making rude comments on some of the blogs here giggle
Ash well said, hospice very important to anyone involved

Thank you for your comment hug
Wen, yes I'm good thanks dancing

"when you speak and act what is really in your heart and that is for the good" - sounds ok as long as you agree with what's being said, if some jihadi from IS is spouting off about chopping heads off non believers I'm hardly going to respect him professor
It's a good, practice Wen, peace, being kind and care for one another.

It's kinda hard to have respect for someone when they don't even respect themselves or other people.
Hi Mimi, my special cupcake. I have to admit I was going to go there in my blog, was going to say how I have to keep my thoughts to myself, but I had to keep it to what I was trying to say. respect for the individual

cheers hug
LJ, wave So are you inviting the fat boy from NK over for Christmas rolling on the floor laughing wine
Zman,, oh yes can't have respect for anything like this, but the way I see it I would love to see that kind of brutal behavior be judged here and took care of, but I also believe he will get his justice when he meets his maker
Lol, Z, rolling on the floor laughing I'd love to, but I'd make sure first that he's not in a killing mood.

How are you?

Been a while. wave
Hi LJ wave yes we might not bring peace in the world but might bring a little happiness in someone else life and our to hug
Cc, oh I see what you said and understand, yes very hard for any human being. cheers
Zman laugh that is a good one,,, but we have invited them to come to the table rolling on the floor laughing
Howdy do wen wave
don't worry so much about people their ways and attitude,mind your own to gain peace, you will eventually have it though not in this world... stand the test of time to have it for all time angel
"A True Lover Of Mankind Wenny"

"But...At The Least"

"We Have Hope"...............................detective
Hi itchy wave Very uplifting words thank you. you said a lot with a little words hug
Hi Nam wave I think you said the key word....HOPE...I believe we can not loose that in anything.

thank you for your comment handshake
Hi Wen =)

For so many reasons I´ve always been involved with minorities and differences, that´s my world and myself an advocate from some of them. Actions and words speak for ourselves, don´t tell me stories me who you are, how do you talk to others, what do you defend ......and I´ll do the rest, very quickly lol!

I want to think I treat others the way I like to be treated ...switching between Dalai Lama & Tony Soprano, as the ocassion demands hahahahaha cool

You are such a good man Wen. Those are vibes I perceive from you. hug

Hi my Damsel wave love what you just said. that is one of the keys to feeling good about ourselves treat people the way you want to be treated. also like what you might not like me but you are going to respect me....laugh

You are one amazing woman hug
blushing hug thumbs up
I do not have a song for you Itchy, only a hug I am always aware how
they surround us.
angel your mum.bouquet
That’s a lovely thought to have and I hope people follow suit hug
Hi Rough wave Sorry for the late reply, Thanks for the very good comment thumbs up
Peace on earth something we are in need of. Good blog wen.................
In the meantime all of us can strive to do our part to make it so.

Respect for Individual responsibility perhaps, But not just for Individuals for being individual.
for example; Jeffrey Dahmer was an individual. There are many bad Individuals in society.
Not all Humans deserve our respect.
Compassion and forgiveness perhaps but not respect dunno
I disagree with you Non. All individuals deserve our respect. It is a Human Right; no matter how good, bad or ugly others are, respect must prevail.

Responsability? I don´t see it either.
I´m only responsable for my acts and as a member of my society for those I contribute (or not) to performe /allow, but zero responsability for my fellows behaviours as a single act done due their own ideas (or lack of lol!)

Compassion & Forgiveness? exactly why for? who am I? compassion & forgiveness is private and according to my own beliefs/education/religion ¿? those might be the same as yours or not, in which case you would be in advantage or disadvantage by the time one of us would be judge by each other. wave

Note: I assume we are talking from an humanity point of view and no laws are involved right?
Someone may offer forgiveness,someone may request an apology.
This communication is sincere and not judgmental It offers open
hearts,compromises,resolutions and trust.
People have lost the act of honesty at the expense of being PC.
There is much more openness about Feelings which go unresolved.
Minimally acknowledged and with a strange gesture of intimacy
implied for one sided proclamation s of anxiety fear and depression.
A nod of approval that doesn't honor struggle of humankind
but gives a badge to the individual no matter how overblown. dunno
Wen, respect is missing among families,schoolmates,coworkers,etc but it will
not be cold hearted indefinitely. Time heals all wounds.lips love ya!hug
Hi BC wave thanks for your comment. yes all of us can strive to do our part to make it so handshake
Non wave I believe there is a lot of truth in what you said,there is a lot of bad individuals in society.

I strongly believe that respect is earned.

Thank you for your comment, said very well cheers
I can respect that wine
Even though I don't agree. comfort
cheers Interesting topic. I am glad to have had an opinion to offer wave
Hope you had a good Christmas so far, Non wine
Hi Cach my damsel, I believe they deserve our respect also, until they have lost it. I do believe respect is earned but I also believe respect can be restored. That is the individual must gain it back and they can prove it to be worthy of our respect to them.

thank you for your comment hug
Wen, for me, there is a basic respect I have for everything and everybody.

After that, a stronger respect can be won by deeds and actions.
Hi Ash wave Yes respect is missing among families and so on and on. I agree completely Time can heal all wounds as long as everyone involved do there part to restore respect.

thank you hug
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