a question for the guys

i'm making a scarf for a guy who's in his 30's. Should i put fringe on it or not? i should finish today. thanks

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..... I'm not a guy

But I would say no fringe
Tons of fringe, he can plait it when he's bored, tie bows in it, or attach his keys to it.

Works for me, anyway grin
As a bloke, there is a fine line between tassels and a fringe, I would probably prefer a fringeless scarf.
thank you for your thoughts. i was thinking no fringe
Fringe and tassels, F. And if your skills are such, include lots of different sized hearts all over. I may blog a cute story about a starving student neighbor years ago, who among other things, knitted on the side to pay the rent. Patricia H. was sweet, but naive, and agreed to knit a blue bikini for this total creepy crumb, who wasn't at all a gentleman with her while "modelling" her work in progress. Heard her crying through the thin walls. He forced her to watch him dance on her kitchen table to disco while slowly taking the damn thing off. It was actually hilarious when I stopped by to check on the drama, but not for poor Pat. Can't make this stuff up. Tossed his disgusting tushi out of her apartment and the complex. -----On a lighter note, first day in the Azores. Lovely place and people. A-V.
Fringe, or no fringe,confused Too be or not to be, I don t think it matters, what matters is , the fellow you re knitting the scarf for should appreciate the fact you knitted him a scarf.( which is nice of you). That is the more important question.
Good morning Free.

Depends, But I think Map has a good point. wave
no fringe unless its a shemagh .
That's just my taste. Cant say I'm 30 though . dunno
No fringe!thumbs up
Don't put a fringe on it and if he says "What!? No fringe?" when you give it to him you'll know he's gay.
....I´m not a guy but I won´t put it. Finge would reduce scarf´s time in good looking conditions. conversing
Fringe if he's a social outsider, closely knit if he's part of the social fabric.

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