My heart

I saw my mother yesterday and my heart hurt so much seeing her in that condition she is in , she has gotten very thin and she cannot speak or requonize anyone . I asked myself this question . What is life ? What is our purpose here on earth is it to live and just die ? Never to be seen again? I stood there remembering all the times I saw her when she was younger , the way she was with her long hair you know lively and just visiting us at times , even though it still hurts that she my mother was not there in our life . I still love her and wish she could be here forever with us , then again I know that is impossible . Life , what is life ? Any day now not wishing but I am seeing it is drawing close then again she is ( 87 ).

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Hi Ann wave Still praying for her and you and family. My mother is 89 and in still good health for her age, but I do the same thing sometimes when I look at her my mind goes back to when she was younger and so full of life and energy, makes me sad but I try to use all the time I have to make her life now as full as it can be.

Stay strong hug
Thank you my friend
My mother suffered terribly in her last days, and it really broke my heart. I couldn’t help her...she was 90 and the end came unexpectedly....Treasure each just don’t know when will be the last. sad flower
Praying for her ..
God has a perfect plan always just trust him
Just the fact shes living at 87 years old speaks volumes of her love of life
Hug her every chance you get...she sounds absolutely precioushug

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