Alotta Fagina, Ivana Humpalot and Felicity Shagwell

No, this is not that list of previous lovers that Dedo asked for the other day. Although these women are no more real than James Bond’s Pussie Galore (Goldfinger’s pilot), they were all inspired by her.professor

Alotta Fagina is a character in a 1997 spy comedy named ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’ that takes the mickey out of James Bond.laugh

Alotta Fagina is a gag name, being a parody of Pussie Galore from James Bond's ‘Goldfinger’. wow

In a sizzling scene, Alotta whispers to Austin: ‘In Japan, men come first, women come second’. This is a mockery of a scene in another James Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’, in which Bond is told the same by Tiger, while being bathed by women.rolling on the floor laughing

The "Italian confidential secretary" is a reference to Mr. Osato's "confidential secretary" Helga Brandt in ‘You Only Live Twice’.

And not totally unexpectedly, Alotta gets the attention in more languages. The Italian translation of Alotta Fagina is "Annabella Fagina." Annabella, a proper Italian name, which sounds like "Ha 'na bella" and Ha 'na Bella Fagina translates to ‘(She) Has A Beautiful va*ina’. wow

Other translations of her name included
• Finnish: Aina Panetta (aina panettaa - always h*rny)
• French (France): Detta Defagin (des tas de fagin - a lot of va*ina)
• French (Canada): Alégro Glitoris (alègre glitoris - happy clitoris)
• German: Aviela Fagina (viel fagina - a lot of va*ina)
• Polish: Falista Fagina (wavy va*ina)
• Russian: ??????? ?????? (bol'shaya fagina - big va*ina)

In the movie, Austin dubs Alotta as "the village bicycle", implying that "she's been ridden by everybody". Yet, when the opportunity presents itself, he takes his turn on the village bicycle as well. I guess men will be men for as long as women are double breasted.devil

Strangely, although Alotta survives the explosion at the end of the movie, she is never seen again. In ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’, Powers has to contend with two other sex bombs named Ivana Humpalot and Felicity Shagwell. giggle

I wonder if James Bond’s Pussie Galore could ever have guessed what she would inspire further down the line.idea

cats meow cats meow

Have a great day and a happy Xmas to all of you.wave

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Wavy va*ina?!?!? rolling on the floor laughing
I don't know what is meant by wavy. Never seen a wavy one.devil

See, I kept my promise. This one is just for you.laugh
LoL! hey Cat, I think the christmas-ghost hit you!thumbs up laugh
Hi Viking
Nope. not the Xmas ghost. It's that Alotta Fagina that's got me mesmerized. And and its not just Alotta Fagina - there's Alotta Boobies too. I'm not really a boobs man but her pair will beat a pair of aces any
laugh cheers
Awwwww....Catfoot, I'm deeply honoured blushing hug

But at the same time I'm deeply offended as well.....coz there's no Chinese translation to Alotta Fagina ? mumbling
Eureka!!!! yay

Hahaha.. hilarious stuff Cat.. rolling on the floor laughing

Austin Powers rules! head banger
..offcourse, ther might be a chance that Alotta Fagina gets Trumped by Ivana Humpalot....?dunno grin
As I said, I do not understand Chinese.

I'm gong to print it. There is a very sexy young Chinese woman at a Chinese shop not to far from here. I will ask her if she would translate it for me.devil

I suppose I'd have to ask her when her father is not in the shop.grin
I have a good surname for my racier books, Rodgers-Briskleigh

Classy and trashy at the same time laugh and invented by a CS blogger applause
Hi Baig
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Not my normal style liar but what the hell - it is Xmas.
rolling on the floor laughing

Don't do it, Catfoot! Unless it's a shop that you can do without! laugh
I'm not sure. Ivana Humpalot is not Palestinian. but then you can never tell, these American presidents are very unpredictable and impulsive. And it seems more like a Clintin affair.grin
laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I`m sure a sigar wouldn`t be such a bad idèa now, its almoust christmas!

mimi, you crack me up...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
Hi Biff
I see you're already dressed for the occasion.santa waving

Racier books? Try sex; it sells better.devil
Viking applause

God Jul !! dancingsanta
yeah you too, Mimi!reindeer santa waving hug

Are you sure that she'll be upset with me. She normally wears that anti-pervert stocking that Track showed us yesterday but when I come into the shop she takes it off. Ah, then maybe she's only interested in my credit card.dunno

Matbe I'll need my old bank cards after all.devil

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