So President Zupta is going.

We just don’t know exactly when. The ANC said that they will give him the opportunity to 'resign with dignity' but with 2018 being the election year, we expect it to be early in the new year so that incoming President Cyril Ramaphosa can get settled in his new office before their election campaign get going.applause

Cyril Ramaphosa, who is no friend of Zuma or the Guptas, is said to be more moderate and has promised to take on corruption. But then Zuma also said that and look what we got.doh

There are no jubilations in the streets as was the case in Zimbabwe but we are holding our breaths in quiet optimism. We are not expecting miracles overnight but rather hope that our new president will improve our image and restore some credibility overseas.hmmm

And we are speculating about the future of Jacob Zuma. Just like Mugabe, he also tried to get his wife (one of the six) in power to protect him. Will he now, at last, be held accountable for his deeds in the past? We don’t know but if the new president and The ANC don’t interfere, he is going to have big problems. Cyril Ramaphosa has no love for Jacob Zuma but we don’t know what they may be up to in order to preserve unity within the ANC.dunno

All in all, everybody appears to be fairly happy with getting Ramaphosa as our leader and we’re all hoping that he will live up to expectations. grin
cats meow cats meow

I won't be here tomorrow so I make use of this opportunity to wish you all a merry Xmas.wave

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Selamat Hari Natal ( Merry Christmas in Malay! ) to you, Catfoot hug

At least our new president has only one wife and we’re going to save the expense of five additional presidential residences. In Africa the husband and his wives do lot live together as a happy family as is the case with the Mormons.
Hi Mimi
And a merry Xmas to you too.santa waving
Cat, I dealt with Ramaphosa on a business level back in the day. A clever and financially astute President could be a very good thing for the country, and hopefully he doesn't go about changing tax laws to protect the wealthy, screw the middle income, and ignore the poor - but hey, anything, anyone, has to be better than Zuma Zupta!

Have a great Christmas weekend Cat hug
I shall go over there and become his wife no. 2 if it means getting a presidential residence and a share of ill-gotten gains idea
I still want to see if he's going to step down gracefully. And I hope Ramaphosa has adequate protection around him.
hi Molly,
Ah, there is going to be some technical difficulties.

Zuma is a Zulu and Ramaphosa is a Xhosa. Traditionally the Xhosa don't take more than one wife. However, they do have several mistresses, lovers and girlfriends etc but our constitution do not provide for any privileges to the such.

To organize such privileges we'd have to change the constitution and that will require a two thirds majority. No elected government in the history of SA could yet muster that.

but if you can think of a viable way to facilitate the changing of the constitution, I'd be more than happy to use what little influence I have to accommodate your desires.grin
lol! sounds more like tribes against eachother than political-parties...

cool wine
Hi Viking,
Not really. they are both members of the ANC although the Zulus largely support Inkatha (IFF). Not a lot of ethnic problems to my knowledge. It is the politics that causes friction.
oki, best wishes for the comming election, and have a peacefull Xmas!cheers
thanks Viking,
And the very same to you.
Hi Cat,
I'm going to miss Zuma. Most times when he opened his mouth the Rand lost value and with that knowledge I made quite a bit of cashlaugh

A happy Xmas to you too.handshake

Oh yes, one more thing. Ramaphosa is Venda.
Cat, I've been practicing my Xhosa so he won t be able to resist.
I am as comfortable in a speakeasy as a state banquet, so i think legislative changes will have to be made to accomodate me wink
@ Molly,

A prerequisite for title of 'wife' is that you have to have an a** as big as a truck. I wish you luck....laugh
Feck that, Luke mumbling

He can stick with his one wife. I'm not growing my arse for any man snooty

hi Luke,
Thank you and the same to you,

And thanks for the info regarding Ramaphosa. Now why did I believe he was Xhosa?doh
I suppose you heard the bad news. But your Xhosa lessons will not be wasted because i heard him speaking Xhosa.

At this stage I cannot tell you if the Venda takes multiple wives but I'll let you know as soon as I have confirmation.

In the meanwhile it may be prudent to follow luke's advice. Don't be prissy about a big fat a**; there is too much at stake here.
Now Cat... listen properly professor

Mag jou fees seisoen bevange wees wine hug
Wow, what a speech!

en die selfde vir jou, mooi ding!hug
Maybe he goes?

Sorry about the quality.
rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Luke,
Methinks that's the only way he'd stay out of jail but I doubt it if many countries will grant him asylum. He'd have to look at countries like Zimbabwe or Zambia and the likes. And even then they may send him back under guard.grin

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