Still lonely but I keep on looking for my right woman

Hi there! :)

I'm relatively new to this site. I haven't had many positive experiences here so far, I'm afraid to say, as I've mostly communicated with women who were actually scammers and their sole interest was in trying to lure me into sending them money. I find that really sad and disgusting.

Anyway, I'm not deterred by this and I just carry on searching. I'm positive that the new year must definitely have something good for me in store :)

Loneliness is a terrible feeling. I don't know how you women handle it, but for us men it's awful, at least it is for me. I wasn't made to be alone, I just need to find that decent, trustworthy, caring female that will make my life complete and meaningful.

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts with me. I'll love to know more about you.

Wishing you all a great and merry Christmas! buddies christmas happy

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Welcome to the blogs applause

Good luck in your search handshake

And Merry Christmas!! dancingsanta
Thanks, Mimiart :)

Merry Christmas to you too!
Welcome to the blog land. If you could cook ? Do laundry, clean house , iron clothes ,bake , know how to manage money then there is only one thing a woman could show off with , find something to do that you like or love doing music maybe ? That is my passion .
Xavier, yes loneliness is creepy if you let it. Try to alleviate it by having some friends. Talk to them and have a hobby. I hope you swell too much because it is not a good thing.

But being on here, I hope will change your position and find happiness. Just be patient.

Meantime have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.wave

And welcome to the blogs.cheers handshake
Sorry for the typo Xavier, should have been "don't dwell in it too much."
Good luck, and when you send messages to women, mention something they've included in their profile so they know you're not sending a hundred messages a day - if they can talk intelligently about their profile and yours, chances are they aren't scammers.

Hola Xavier..wave I understand the feeling comfort

Do you fancy meeting for a drink ? No strings attached. I'm no scammer.
Lots of scammers here but you can tell by the way they write...hang in there...Seasons greetings to you...



LouLou applause

giggle smoking wine

Playing games with scammers can wind away a few boring hours!
Hello XAVIERELX Welcome to the blogs.
Yeah lonelyness is not easy to bare anytime of the year, not just now.
Have you tried to connect on the European site on CS?

May your Chrismas not be lonely and may the New Year bring you what you wish for teddybear

wave wave wave

Thanks for the

Here is a smoking...and


I hope you have a great Christmas dude, beer
And welcome to the blogs handshake
Banter with the scammers for fun and to practice flirting. Then, when you are more broken in and confident, you will be primed for the real deal.
Get on 'er there, Buddy !_! What you waitin for ? A woman to come to you ? That ain't gonna happen lol
"Listen To Her...Above Me"

"She Should Practice What She Preaches"

"But I Wont Say"

"Anything Else".....................detective
Pardon my bad manners and for skipping right past your blog topic.Welcome to the blogs part of CS.

Just have lots of patience and she will come along.
Welcome to the blogs and wishing you luck in your search. wave

Read someone's profile and contact and interact only with women you can relate to. You are not obliged to respond/correspond with anyone that contact you on here. conversing
Seasons greetings rolling on the floor laughing
Happy Holidays dear..

i feel your pain o being lonely..

i have been too for a long while but i never give up no matter what.. there are good people out there its just keep at it there will be disappointments along the way but be strong.. scammers are all over i have met up on quite a few but never been caught.. sometimes u feel like giving up but dont because of a few bad apples amongst the bunches .. because if i could have founded someone worth the wait then you can also be bless loneliness is not bad thing but just a setback for the good ad decent people who wants to have something meaningful in their life.. hope this new year will bring you Great happiness and fullfilment.cheers
CHS applause applause applause

Thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback and the good wishes, folks :)

Likewise, i wish you all a Merry Christmas!

dancingsanta cheers
And BTW Xavierelx Thank you and I wish you a very Merry Christmas to you and yours :)
the seasons greeting was rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing to funnylaugh
Hi there,
I read your open letter and indeed you are right that there is a lot of scam around. Also people who are feeling bored and are not serious at all. But though I am a man i can still see you are a goodlooking man and for sure there will be some serious ladies who will show interest in you.
I had some dates myself so its possible to meet serious ladies. Unfortunate for me I met a lady who decided to go back to her home country..... But just telling you this to let you know thats really possible.
Have some patience and it will come.
Greetings from Amsterdam Tulip
Disappointment blogs to line One or Two...start conversing.
Do not expect anything. Make it happen!!! applause

Welcome to the blogs!!!! I wish you a lucky and fabulous 2018 cheers
Cha-cha please assist wen in line two,also distressed
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