Things To Do In 2018

This time of the year some of us undertake to do certain things in the New Year in order to improve our lives. I’m one of those. I have a few things I want to do this new year. hmmm

While trying to live a ‘decent’ life I have deprived myself of a hell of a lot of fun and I intend to set that straight during this coming year. I’m fed up with the old kind of ‘fun’ I’ve been having. It is time to break free from my restraints and to have some real fun for a change.dancing

During 2018 I want to start smoking again, drink more than ever before, cheat on my girlfriend, get a very young candy girl, take a prostitute to bed, get actively involved into politics, and I’m going to rip off somebody big time.devil

But that is enough for starters. There are a few more things I want to do but I’ll leave that for 2019. Rome was not build in one day, not even in one year.grin

I can only hope that I’ll do better than other years. I cannot recall ever keeping to a single ‘new year’s resolution’ and I have no serious intentions of keeping these. Something tells me that I’d be spending the new year having the same old 'boring fun' as before.rolling on the floor laughing
cats meow cats meow

And I wish all of you a very prosperous new year!wave

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Aw, noble ambitions. Just to think, at one point your ambition was just to get a girlfriend and now you have one, you are flying high.

You should keep the politics one though laugh
Guess what, Catfoot?!?!? My Arty wants to do the same thing too! Shall I send him over on a one-way ticket?? laugh
Hi Biff,
Just for the record, I don't have a girlfriend anymore. Without asking, she finally informed me that she'd be returning to the UK when she retires. We decided to tone it down somewhat but to remain friends.

We are still as thick as ever but now it is with 'no strings attached'. It is not quite the type of relationship I prefer but I'll ride it out until something better shows up.

I think she is a fool but that is her prerogative and I'm still not prepared to convince her otherwise.doh
Hi Mimi
Now does he?

Send him around, I don't have much experience in this field and I can do with some tuition. I hope he can teach me a few new things.grin
The UK is soggy, dreary, but very safe and comforting in its bureaucratic solidity and relatively low crime rate, with people grumbling comfortably about very small things and the gossip round the water cooler at work is that someone knows someone who worked with someone whose aunt had their car broken into shock shock SHOCK

SA is a little more bracing. I can understand her decision, whether I think it the right one or not, and I'm sorry from your point of view comfort

And I still think you should launch yourself into the political arena, although you might need to lay off the prostitute plan if you do laugh just stick to the groupies, we have it on the best authority you can do anything you want when you have power.
Hi Biff
I think that by now she is used to the conditions around here. The real motive for going back is her son and I cannot fault her for that. I do believe that If I try to convince her otherwise she may change her mind but that will probably involve a few promises that I'm not prepared to make. If she stays it will have to be because she wants to stay, not because I nagged convinced her to. But it's still a long time until she retires and either of us may still change our minds.
I suppose I could add visiting a few strip joints to my list.laugh
First and foremost, Happy New Year 2018 Cstfoot
Secondly, I do sincerely hope u keep those new year resolutions of yours lol
Thirdly, if any one of them comes to pass, let us know here lol..esp. the part with the prostitute

I have no new year reaolutions for 2018...just go with the tide...if it washes me ashore, that to me means I must remain my good ole self. If it doesn't wash me ashore, that means I'll be the devil self, work hard, party hard and wild and enjoy life....rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Titsy
Thank you and all the same to you. And it is great to see you on my blog after a very long absence.

Noooo! I cannot tell you about that. I'm very shyblushing
laugh hug
Hi Catfoot wave Sorry to hear about you and your lady friend and hope the best for you.

My past New Year resolutions never worked out for me cause of lack of effort on my part laugh

This Year I am just going to focus on family, and try to have a life of peace and drama free. this might be the most challenging resolution I have ever made.

Have a great 2018 my friend cheers
never make these resoloutions don't believe in them so just wishing you a happy new year hope you keep up these good blogs I enjoy anyway good luck with the love life as well
If I make them, I keep them.

So I had better think about what I want to do, and not make any loose promises hmmm
Hi Wen,
Don't worry about small details like that, my friend. What will be , will be and if she must return to her home digs, then so be it.

I hope you can keep your resolutions because i doubt it if I will keep mine.

Mind you, one of them seems to be a very attractive option.devil laugh

Hi JJ,
I grew up with people around me saying that they will have a good session drinking until the new year and then they'll stop for good. None of them ever did so I can only smile when it comes to 'new year's resolutions'. In my experience they are never kept.laugh
hi Molly,
You must be a great exception. (see my comment to JJ)laugh

Anyway, have a great year and may you keep to all your resolutions.thumbs up
Happy almost New Year.
Sorry to hear about ur relationship
Hope it works out for both of u in the end.

Hope I keep my two resolutions this coming year...if I do it a great one.
Hello Cat,wave From a very cold western Canada. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend.
As for New years resolutions, I m going to quit smoking ,again,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Actually my resolutions are a few little things I m going to do, that are long over due. I plan on getting out more, and meet some New people, time for some new friends. And speaking of friends, its time to loose , and forget ,some of my supposed friends, doh
Time for Out with the old, and in with the New, when it comes to some of the people in my life,yay
Happy New year to you Bud,cheers
Hi Deedee,
Thanks for the kind words but I'm not exactly shattered. I have known about the possibility from the very start and her news only confirmed what she previously said. And we're still (very good) friends.

If you wish to keep up to your new year's resolutions I hope they are more noble than mine.laugh
Hi 12121
Still battling with the tobacco crave? Don't worry, I still do as well. I don't see myself as given it up yet. I just see myself as not having smoked for about a year. At a previous occasion I gave it up for five years and started again. So you can understand my reluctance to say that I have stopped after only a year.doh

Anyway, in case I'm not back by then: Happy New Year!!
Catfoot your blog topic sounds daring.giggle
Hi Bear,
Daring? I'd call it reckless but don't worry, I won't get into any of it.laugh

.roll eyes So! Same Lie Every Year.
Hi Angel
Yep, and I add something new to the list every year.laugh

That's good to hear then hun hug

More Noble Cat...but certainly no where near as fun as urs lol
Ufff...I can't think that far away..roll eyes

Have a good one Cat! wine hug

Sorry to hear about your gf comfort
laugh So, you now wish to live indecently...very good! applause I hope that it all turns out for the best as living indecently is way more fun and interesting than just that boring old and staid stale life that most people strive for.
Long live indecency and debauchery!! cheering
Hi Deedee
Do I take that as approval to proceed as planned?laugh
Hi Daniela
Thanks for the good wishes and condolences. But it is no train smash. She has only confirmed something she said right at the onset. All that has changed is the final outcome.
Hi Katte
While it is very tempting I'd have to reconsider seriously. It may work out prohibitively expensive to change my lifestyle at this stage. For starters, I don't dress for such adventures and will have to replace my entire wardrobe.laugh
Happy 2018 ! Catfoot;

I found nothing new in my life even in the fllowing years, my sick cat has been in pet hospital for 10 days, so at the beginning of the new year , he will be back home and I will continue to feed him... handshake wine
Hi July,
Thank you and the same to you.
I hope your get gets better soon.
Happy New Year, Cat!!! cheering

heart wings heart beating
thank you KK
And all the same to you.
party hug
Catwave cheering your blog brought smiles on my face. Bless your heart on anything that you wish to do that you haven't done before. I hope you will be so happy with whatever you decide to do...

Happy New Year Cat..bouquet hug
hi lindsy
I'm glad you enjoyed it. A few years ago i did a similar blog and a few people took it very seriously. But then I guess the did not know me then.laugh
But a prosperous new year to you just the same.wave
Enjoy 2018 Cat - to health & happiness wine
Thank you KN
And I wish you all of the same.
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