Biggest Weirdo on CS for the past year

... and since I created this blog , my name should not be mentioned .or im deleting your post grin

So, who, in your opinion is the biggest weirdo, Male or Female ...and of cause, why?

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This is too many weirdos on here but I´ll go for Lookin and Snookumsprofessor
okay, they are pretty weird hmmm
Me,its my nature and I will " represent" on behalf of USA.Thank You.rolling on the floor laughing
Dedovix,it takes one,the know one.cheers lips
laugh * to
oh hell,it takes one,to bone one.devil
laugh Ash....clever way of describing yourself and your how I would describe you. :)
P.S. there are no. Shemales here are there.I am strictly female.No or about it.dancing
Johnny, that was " disclosure".rolling on the floor laughing
Something tells me,the next requirements going to be,
Prove it,show me your boobs. scold rolling on the floor laughing

Without naming names.thumbs up
With her 8 idiotic questions aday...and for repeatably repeating herself...Snooks...

Out and out weird....Mr Malaga....
just gonna take notes and Imagine myself being slapped and screaming like a be-atch while in bed with the Woman who wins. popcorn

PS I vote for Molly. daydream
Hi Ded, its a pity that the prize of Biggest Weirdo is limited to the blogs. I would nominate our President if the scope was open...laugh
Luke, I'm wondering how many bloggers drew in sharp gasps and were about to explode with rage when they suddenly realized oops, different president laugh

Ded, how long is a piece of string? You're weird in a fun way *poof* *deleted* and some are weird in not nice ways and some are plain creepy.

You could always try for 'most normal person' - no, that wouldn't work either, there'd be no comments. confused

Okay, I'll go with Pat as his comments are so often totally off the wall and unexpected. He's fun-weird.
The biggest weirdo of CS is a female, she is smart and fascinating, eccentric, breaks all the rules in a good way and you never know what to expect from her ´because she´ll surprise you all the time.
She is Lady Ash.

Of course she is not the only one, this site is full not only of weirdos but also of delusional, mentally lost and stupid people, those do not deserve be refered as weirdos least not for me, ok ok ok among others as the very few normal, stunning, talented, etc etc etc grin
Hi Biff,
This is my first appearance on CS in 2018 so a very happy new year to you.

My #1 contender has left us so I guess that disqualifies him but there are plenty standing around to take his place. The best successor, unfortunately, is American (no, I'm talking about a blogger) and I don't want to start an invasion. there is another one whose not currently blogging - I think he may be suspended as I get the occasional piece of hate mail from him but as I have not seen him on the blogs since my return, I will have to exclude him too. I guess that leaves me with one of my own nation (no, not Lukeonlaugh )

by the way, I like Pat; I don't think he's weird, just intentionally off the ball sometimes.He's kind of fun.
What the flog... what a weird blog...
Well I'm not sure about being the biggest weirdo, but I guess I've got a fair-sized slug...
Nabit very mad
Who could be weirder than this.

Shirtless with visible moobs, playing guitar with boxing gloves. laugh

Now delete my comment.tongue

Ps. You are not wierd, just funny.cheers
I think we’re all in good company
Sorry Ded,
I don't know why on earth I addressed my comment to Biff. I was not even drunk, must have been a mind slip. Maybe you can just tippex her name and write yours there. I already did my side.
okay , seems its unanimous grin
"Biggest Weirdo on CS for the past year"

If this question limited to bloggers then I would say the weirdest are the two or three that post several blogs every day and all the blogs posted are crap!

If this is a general question I would say the weirdest people are those that show a photo, then, get in a huff with someone and delete their photos. How pathetic is that?
I find those funny, Sol.

As I do those who come in as a different profile name and expect us not to notice.

I wouldn't call them weirdos though.

Anyway, sometimes I prefer so-called weirdos to some of the others.

I don't know about the question. As Eve said to Adam, "Gee, that's a hard one."

Who would be the biggest weirdo? Hmm, I'm trying to think, but nothing is happening. confused
Robot 787, "I'm trying to think, but nothing is happening."...... Shit for brains?
this is toughlaugh

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