"Love" at first sight....

well, in my experience, it's quite rare, but does happen. Perhaps more so among previous generations, which had more patience/groundedness, and fewer life distractions, when life was slower. But the belief in this portal to committed relationships persists, and most often leads to woe and regret. As mom and grandma said, be patient, take your time, get to know someone before intimacy, and so on. Not exactly rocket science. A-V.

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...at young age it`s often love at any sight....grin we get more carefull as time goes bye....uh oh

cool wine
Lust at first sight
Fancy at first sight
Like at first sight


Love at first sight

@ Molly thumbs up
Mollie & Wen,
I cannot agree with you, Love at first sight is a reality and it is sustainable.professor

I fell in love with myself the very first time I looked in a mirror and every time since then whenever I looked in a mirror the feeling was renewed.love

You're going to think I'm vain but I'm not, I'm very modest.blushing

I'm not one of those guys who kiss themselves good night it the mirror. thumbs down

The mirror kisses me good night.idea
As always, Catman is spot on, and speaks for many of us. But what will I ever do with all those cracked mirrors? A-V.
i do not believe in love at first sight, to love is to know a heart and soul, eyes cannot do that.
@ Catfoot,, I believe you really think that rolling on the floor laughing
But what if you were lovers in a previous life and it isn't so much love at first sight as 'oh THERE you are'?

okay, calm down, I'm kidding

However inexplicable it is possible to have a kind of instant recognition and although I've never experienced love at first sight (sounds like a huge timesaver, though) I HAVE had an instant strong reaction to a couple of people over the years.

One was a new boss, charming, friendly, and I thought uh oh this one's trouble - and she was, but everyone else in the team was charmed, at least at first.

One was back in my teens, meeting the girl who has been my BFF ever since. I didn't even immediately like her, but I, well, recognized her. Puzzled me for a bit, then I dismissed it, only remembered that first reaction reading this blog.

And I looked at a photo once of someone I was unlikely ever to meet and had that same recognition - 'you are going to change my life'. Didn't know then, don't know now, whether for better or worse, but yup, it was true.

So I'm not sure I'd recognize the emotion as love but it would be fascinating if it happened daydream
I agree AV, it happens handshake

Impossible people aren't much believers in possibilities roll eyes

Thanks, all. Yes, it occurs, but rarely. My my main point is that so many believe so deeeeeeeeeeeply in it, and that magically the spirit world has taken efforts to make it happen, especially for them. I call it analogous to playing the lotto in bulk. I buy a cheap ticket weekly. State lottery, supposedly partially dedicated to state education, as in our state of Georgia, which has free tuition at state universities for kids with good grades, lotto funded. Now that we have a non liberal guvnor, matie, who won't promise such, yet merely piss it all away on public employee pensions, and other such welfare largess, it's happening here too. But I digress. As to the lotto, if my niggardly playing style should bring large winnings, great--more for my charities and volunteerism. If not, little is lost. And if "love at first site" should strike in my life, great as well. But I don't spend my life believing in it, or wishing on the lottery, at the expense of other paths to love and personal wealth. Sells a lot of lotto tickets and dime pulp romance novels for thee lonely, though.
It was love at first sight when I saw the father of my kids but for him, it was love after only many sights giggle
Molly & Viking in my case Your both right. At different times in my life I expierenced that emotional roller coaster of love at first sight. So many bittersweet moments that run through ones heart and soul. I would not trade those moments for anything as I think that's what makes us human. On the other hand, Molly is spot on! "But" If a relationship develops over time and the things you learn and share with one another could ultimately develope into a much deeper kind of love (in my case when it came to Mimi.) I again would not trade this for anything.sigh
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