I put a blog on the other day that I thought would bring a lot of laughter and just have fun and enjoy but instead all I seen was fussing on another blog and decided to take my blog off cause it did not seem to be the right time for it.

My blog was called...WHAT A UGLY BABY...just a little about it. I remember when my son was born I asked the doctor.. is it true when a baby is born you slap it on the bottom to make it breath, he said no that is just a myth we slap them on the bottom to slap the ugly out of them...oh I see now that explains a lot now.

One day while I was visiting my mother was curious and asked my mother and asked her to be honest....was I a ugly baby...I remember her hesitating and held her head down and said....yes you was and we would not even show you in public for 2 years....then I asked her if the Doctor slapped me on the bottom and she said I don't remember and yes that explained a lot to me I was not slapped on the bottom.

That is just part of the blog laugh

My point today is have we lost the laughter on here CS Blogs, are we now so much into self and Country that we can't laugh at our self and life in general.

I would so much rather laugh with my brother and sister than be at odds with them handshake

Life is what you make it cheers

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And just for the record; you're still uglytongue
rolling on the floor laughing cheers
Catfoot rolling on the floor laughing ..that is why I kept saying that explains a lot. My mother was real honest even hid me 2 years from public. I had a lot more to say on this blog I hated to delete it but to much fussing.
hhhhmmm eh catfoot you had always recorded

wen I used to watch ugly peagants but your no
near the winner of those competitions..
Hi Hatelies wave I never win anything glad not this pageant laugh

It has been known for a long time Catfoot puts up fake pics..he might have won laugh
I was a pretty baby. Here is the evidence.blushing

Taken on January 3rd 1953 about six weeks before my 1st birthday.
Catfoot, so you are saying you know for a fact the Doctor slapped the ugly out of you. confused
I don't know. i never asked my mother and it;s too late now.

I wonder if my father will know. I'll be seeing him tomorrow. grin
I have a (childless) friend who dreads being shown new babies. Her attitude is, what would you say if someone proudly presented an adult with crossed unfocused eyes, flushed cheeks, drool running out their mouth and a strong suspect smell wafting from the nappy region, and asked for compliments?

She does try but has before now had to go with 'oh, what a lovely - um - lovely - er - pair of bootees!'
catfoot that pic is too big for that age
tell your neighbour to borrow you another one
Catfoot, yes ask and do as I did ask him to be honest. also be sure to ask him if you was slapped on the bottom, might explain a lot to you laugh
Hi Hate,
I promise you that is a pic of me. I have the original here with me and the date is written on the back.

Actually. we were twins but when we were six months old a goat ate us both so my mother raised the goat.professor
Hi Biff laugh I wished I had not took the blog down now, I had another part that said...what has always amazed me was when people say... oh he looks just like his father or mother....WHAT...the baby has no hair no teeth skin all wrinkled and just lays there crying with eyes all closed. but yet they look just like the father or mother rolling on the floor laughing
@ Hatelies,, I told you he is known for putting up fake pics rolling on the floor laughing
I have another taken few days earlier on Christmas day but it is in the house with my sister and they're sleeping already. It is 11 PM here.
they just say that not to say all the things that you just said.

I mean, what do you tell the parents of a newborn baby? laugh

Oh Mrs Brown, you have a beautiful daughter?grin
but cat
hahahaha jesus a goat ate you
with your other goat sister or for her she is not
a goat ...
ya its just a few hours to morning you shall post it here
that xmas foto .wow
According to my baby pictures I was not slapped hard enough. laugh looked like a little doll later on but was just big fat cheecks and round eyes with no hair when I started out.
wen why do you think he fakes fotoz
he doesn't believe in himself thats why he borrows
pictures or he is covering up for some reasons we must
not know
hi Hate.
Hmm, I'd be busy tomorrow, my father is coming out but I'll post it some time through the day.
Catfoot, yes I understand people will lie when it comes to a new born baby..I just hope they get slapped laugh
How do Wen wave
If it were true the doc's first slap helps with improving ugly mugs, what a pity such a tactic couldn't last through out life.. I'd have a lot more Meet ups around here roll eyes

Not for coffee, but for slapping grin

Might I add... you'd be coffee wink
Hi ekself, at least you got slapped it seems to have worked you turned out great hug
So What! You Was A Ugly Baby.....hug
hahahah catfoot excuses again
when your father comes out he slaps or he
bans from posting ..
its okay any time you will fix your mess we shall see
who you were/are
roll eyes Oh! Please. That Is Not Catfoot, Baby Picture.
Hi itchy wave yes I believe the slap is not going to keep you forever but would be nice laugh

That is why cosmetics and hair dye companies make a fortune help

you are a natural beauty. and bet you was slapped when baby. hug
Hi Angel my love, wave do you like me now.

I was born under a head of cabbage Wen, so no doctors around only farmers ....so rather than slap me you might say he ploughed me instead laugh

wave Angel
Itchy laugh whatever it worked hug
head banger Come! And Let Me Slap You Around A Couple Of Times.

thumbs up You Will Be Damn Good Looking!
I agree, it certainly worked!thumbs up
Angel, laugh yes I think I would like that, do I get to slap you too. moping
Catfoot, yes I agree, best offer I have had all night laugh


Slapping Is For Ugly People. Remember?!.....rolling on the floor laughing
Angel, yes it is only for babies, but still like the slapping each other come on we never know if it will work and less we try laugh

Don't be talking to me Wen scold

I'm bust here doing swats to achieve a high tucked up bum like the one Fluffy foot has in his baby picture elephant

Wonder does he still have it roll eyes
Itchy, laugh I understand and will respect you no matter what handshake

His pic, remember he has been know to put up fake pics

i'm the cute one being held by the ugly one.LOL!!!

Bear, the ugly one looks like ya man that sings " la bamba" ..
"PLAY NOW: Puzzle"(meet us in the games)

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