I put a blog on the other day that I thought would bring a lot of laughter and just have fun and enjoy but instead all I seen was fussing on another blog and decided to take my blog off cause it did not seem to be the right time for it.

My blog was called...WHAT A UGLY BABY...just a little about it. I remember when my son was born I asked the doctor.. is it true when a baby is born you slap it on the bottom to make it breath, he said no that is just a myth we slap them on the bottom to slap the ugly out of them...oh I see now that explains a lot now.

One day while I was visiting my mother was curious and asked my mother and asked her to be honest....was I a ugly baby...I remember her hesitating and held her head down and said....yes you was and we would not even show you in public for 2 years....then I asked her if the Doctor slapped me on the bottom and she said I don't remember and yes that explained a lot to me I was not slapped on the bottom.

That is just part of the blog laugh

My point today is have we lost the laughter on here CS Blogs, are we now so much into self and Country that we can't laugh at our self and life in general.

I would so much rather laugh with my brother and sister than be at odds with them handshake

Life is what you make it cheers

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itchywitch that one is one my older brothers.laugh
Hi Bear,. I have no doubt you and brother were slapped when you was born. Very nice pic. thumbs up
Actually my parents should've been slapped.laugh laugh

...........................rolling on the floor laughing
Bear,. laugh
eh Bear, your the one that said he was ugly, not me .... i was just going along despite my own thought ya man in the picture was a fine thing .. give him my number why don't you wink
Itchywitch I would but he passed away last September of 2017 of cancer.

I was only joking about him being ugly.He was far from being ugly and had several women chasing him.
So he's the brother you thought had... .. died sad flower

itchywitch he's the one.thumbs up
itchywitch also found out that me and another of my older brothers who is still alive as well are the only ones left of my parents children.
When we are gone that's all she wrote.

It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about the other older brother who will hold a petty grudge til the day he's placed in his grave.No one wins but the both of us lose so so much.

Hi Wen..
I am the ugliest daughter in my family. I guess my doc didn't slap my butt enough. giggle
Hi Kal wave slapped or not I believe you turned out ok. handshake
You bettet make your mother answer that question I want to know the truth , lol
Hi Ann, she did answer. laugh

If you don't want the truth don't ask for the truth. rolling on the floor laughing
But Wen, if I got slapped more then I might be at least as pretty as Meg Ryan. blushing

hi Wen,
My old man just left. I told him about your theory and asked him about the slapping business. I cannot repeat here what he said but it amounted to a lot of blasphemy and even more s*xual expletives. Note that he does not normally swear or curse. I still don't know if I was slapped or not but I can tell you that he did not take kindly to our pastime. hole
laugh cheers
laugh laugh applause
At least you are on the right track wen, many guys on cs don't even know how to smile let alone laugh..laugh

handshake cheers
Hi Kal,. You need not to compare with anyone you hold your own. thumbs up
Hi Catfoot,. laugh well let's play it safe and not bring him into anything else like a post like this.

I am just going to assume you was slapped. cheers
Hi Mimi. wave Hope everything is going well with you. hug
Hi Luke. wave Thanks for your comment. thumbs up
wenever I want to say that I'm sorry that I hijacked your blog last night.A blogger asked me a question and I ran with it.

Now I'll probably read this on Google search engine.giggle
Wen, always post whatever you want whenever you eant.

Others have their own agendas , you have yours bouquet

P.S. I was slapped into blankness, judging from my pic grin
Bear,. No apology necessary. I like when blog's get off track if everyone is interested and find the subject pleasing to them. I have never mind my blog's going here or there.

Have a great day. handshake
Hi Molly. wave Thanks for your comment. When I posted my blog I just didn't feel good at the timing part of me wish I would have left it up and now I'm kinda glad I waited. handshake

Say you think you was slapped into blankness. laugh
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