Best movies for the year 2017.

Which Hollywood and Bollywood movies would you consider as the best to have come out or watched in the year 2017?

Movies watched or have come out in the year 2018 can also be added.

For lovers of movies,

My favorite ones, up to now, are,

1. Victoria and Abdul (BBC movies).

2. Mark Felt (Hollywood).

3. Bajirao Mastani (Bollywood).

4. Bahubhali I & II, the beginning & the conclusion.(Bollywood).


Comments (22)

Sharknado 5 Global Swarming conversing
Thst sounds like a potential Oscar winner, Non conversing
Do not think so Molly ....Films are not books....but I´m not sure anymore, it all could be no real ....Who is the Director by the way?dunno
How about what were your best "moves" for the year? I was working beautifully on a lass in Bali earlier this year that was worthy of an award. *woof*
The acclaimed director, Anthony Ferrante. Also known for hid blockbuster, Boo.
of course it doesn't hold the Imagination as much as the original Sharknado and faces some aggressive competition from the octoshark franchise. But hey it has sharks in feckin tornadoes wow
And waterspouts heart wings
I've never seen fewer films than in the last year. I'd say I only went to the cinema 3 times.

The last one was The Last Jedi. Fabulous scenery.
In any case .... reality overcomes fiction.
I Must watch that Molly thumbs up

.................... I´m late for Tea wave
Perhaps you mean to say
"Truth is stranger than Fiction" dunno
dont forget to add a door mouse to the pot wink
@Non: Perhaps, I should have said "Truth is stranger than Fiction", yeap! bowing I'll freeze that sentence immediately !

Oh! no! I won´t forget, thank you ....

....late I´ll drink Posca instead of Tea, you are more than welcome to come buddies
So I just watched Toxic Shark. Its ten times better than Sharknado professor
I know its hard to believe but you all should watch this movie head banger
A good film out now is...ladybird...

@ TokyoRogue, your profile says that you are on this site specifically to annoy bloggers through your comments to them , your obvious personality disorder and character disturbance would definitely feel glad to hear that your last comment on this specific blog definitely annoyed me and therefore, deleted and removed this from my it. I would be doing the same to all of your comments that may find unhealthy, abnormal aimed at causing upset to other users for whatever reason and, in the end, would be reported for it. barf
The great showman
test comment
Wonderwoman, your profile is all-encompassing laugh
I hope to see 3 Billboards; The Post and Darkest Hour

It's just I get lazy these cold winter nights and I don't feel like leaving my warm home to go to the cinema uh oh
Wayofbaloon: "kisses"(meet us in the poems)

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