Therefore I am

The original* is philosophical not specific, I know that, borrowing the words not the thoughts for this blog.

If I think I am happy, I am surely happy? I think.

but ....

If I think I am sane, am I sane?

They do say only the mad think they are sane. uh oh Split the difference. I’ll accept interestingly eccentric, albeit financially challenged. grin

If I think I am the most drop-dead gorgeous creature on CS, well, I am free to think that, but what others think does have to play a part. laugh

So how much does what others think I am, affect what I am? If I value someone’s opinion, and suddenly find out they think I am an idiot, does their opinion still have value? confused

My builders thought I was rich and gullible, and to be fleeced of every possible cent. very mad My daughter thinks I am going through a midlife crisis, starting with the books I’ve written, especially the Clarissa ones, now with moving abroad, and wishes I would settle down and take up crochet. Talking of Clarissa, a younger friend of mine now thinks I am deliberately torturing him by refusing to become his domme until he is submissive enough. Dyeing my hair green and getting purple and blue slashes tattooed on my face, well, I didn't, but so far as I can see no-one reads long paragraphs. I have a friend who thinks I am in denial about being old and need to start with the blue rinses already. Actually, more than one. uh oh

I think they’re all wrong.

(There are some who see me the way I want to see myself - even some who see me as braver, cleverer, more talented, more capable than I am. hug There are the special few who, whatever they think, support and help me on my way.)

I think I’m right, therefore I am.


*Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am".

Comments (43)

JJ I'm as mad as the next person snooty
Maya, when I was younger my mother liked to say 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'

Another I like is 'criticism should be constructive not destructive'


Do as you would be done by
Be done by as you did
Pat, darlin', I have always been soulful and profound, most of the time I hide it under an umbrella of giddy girlish playfulness flirty

Oh dear, you just threw up. doh

Tough titties grin

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