Time to get weird again

Okay folks step right up.. . Dedo`s weird but sober

Which CS`rs do you think of when you`re constipated ...hmmm

Hey Mods,step out of the woodwork and join the fun laugh

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I've flushed away any ill-thought toward others and wiped any ill-feeling toward them. Their crappy attitudes float in the toilet bowl of history now, unable to bob around and torment me any more.
I think of yourself and Pat doing the biz.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I haven t given it too much thought as to what I m thinking about when I m constipated,confused But I ll keep it in mind for next time,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Come to think of it a fellow South African does tighten up my guts...laugh
I often wonder if my dog thinks I.m a perv or a deviant for bagging her shite laugh
Hi Non,

rolling on the floor laughing

Good onelaugh cheers
So... seems no one is ready to spill the beans ...laugh
Non, I must be a double-deviant so uh oh
Its true molly,
Have you ever seen the dogs give you funny looks when you scoop the poop.

Like the dog is weirded out by it..

okay you two... you can have my dog grin
Dedo, I'll only take your dog is you are attached to the leash wink
ummm okay... but i dont poop on the street ... uh oh
I'm never constipated, but if i were, Anleerose would do. tongue

Geeee..... I might get the diarrhea just.
never constipated??? woow, Im impressed laugh
Dedo, at least I wouldn't have to pick up yours as well laugh

BTW, I have a very healthy digestive system wink
As a community service...

Am not having any fun...yet lol am too tired n off to bed...good night :)

The only one I think of when i’m In that kinda shape is no one on CS lol

Nite all :)
Tokyo gross lol
Is that how people get type 2 diabetes?
Tosser!!! rolling on the floor laughing
Type 6
It's nearly lunchtime here, Pat, thanks for that wine
Well, without knowing what you're having for lunch, I cant make an accurate prediction of which type you might expect later on.
Oh, feck off, Pat!
ok ok, no need to yell. I was just being helpful.
Pat, helpful is only helpful if one requests help
this blog is getting weird uh oh
Nah not really. Take holding a door open for example, I dont wait for the person to ask. Same as when somebody falls off their skateboard and is unconscious, I dont wait till they wake up then offer to call the meatwagon.

So I'm guessing maybe type 3 or 4.
Dedo, it is all your fault mumbling
You only picked those because they mentioned sausage
So now I'm wondering, did you go back and check out all the different types, or did you memorise the entire chart?
Slightly off topic, but my dog - no constipation problems - likes to crap in the middle of the street, and likes it best when a car is coming and has to wait.

I sometimes wonder, as I wait patiently, baggie in hand, whether she thinks I am a perv or deviant, scooping up her poops

Crabs make me think of Bloodyawfull, there brain is full of SHIT and not the running kind , the SHIT that is hard that no matter what you do , a DR must be seen . Thank God I do not EAT CRABS .
I got constipated just thinking how your brain was full of Shit when you were driving so fast with your child or children in the car and you cause an accident that could have cost you so much .
Annleerose and bloodyawfull, in the corner professor
rolling on the floor laughing
Dedovix is h*rny.tongue
"PLAY NOW: Hex Mines"(meet us in the games)

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