A quick note

During this year of 2018, I will be moving out of California to another city, another state, as I really have no reason to remain in California anymore.

I will also be hosting a few videos on youtube at times, sometimes alone, sometimes with a co-host. Some of my stories will also appear on youtube with either illustrations, simple animation, acted out scenes, skits, narrated or all of these features. They will be stories, skits that I never posted on CS.

I'm not making the move right away. I still have some time and some things to get done here in California, before I can leave and start into my new ventures. But, when the time arrives for all this, I may not have much time to be on CS, or I may no longer be on here at all, just depends on how busy I get, as my time will be spent writing, promoting and planning ways to present my stories, videos of others and videos of my own. However, I will invite all of you to come view and comment on my works at that time, if you so wish.

So many of you on CS, I consider great and very much appreciated friends, and rather than write to every one of you privately to inform you of this coming move, I thought I'd tell all of you with this blog.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year to all my friends, and to all who have read and/or commented on my blogs, past and present.

Please don't confuse this with or consider it a "Farewell Blog." It is not. I just thought I'd tell you about some changes and projects I'm looking forward to. For now, I will still be here on CS for a while, until I get a few more things done in California. But then again, one never knows. Sometimes things can move along sooner than expected.

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A song to accompany this blog:

"Oh Very Young" by Cat Stevens

Oh very young, what will you leave us this time
You're only dancing on this earth for a short while
And though your dreams may toss and turn you now

They will vanish away like your daddy's best jeans
denim blue, fading up to the sky
And though you want him to last forever
You know he never will
You know he never will
And the patches make the goodbye harder still

Oh very young, what will you leave us this time
There'll never be a better chance to change your mind
And if you want this world to see better days

Will you carry the words of love with you
Will you ride the great white bird into heaven
And though you want to last forever
You know you never will
You know you never will
And the goodbye makes the journey harder still

Will you carry the word of love with you
Will you ride, will you ride, will you ride
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh very young, what will you leave us this time
You're only dancing on this earth for a short while
Oh very young, what will you leave us this time
I'll keep tuned!


Best wishes on your move.
Must be something in the air.
A number of folks are talking 'bout moving on/new ventures in '18.

Thank you Mic,

I worked in TV, video, theatre, advertising in the past. And I've had friends who worked with me back then, and since they've been after me to do some new things.

I was keeping company and assisting my parents these past years, and I loved my time with them, but now that they passed away last year, I will move on from California as I've thought of doing for some time, and get into my video projects.

Thanks for the comment. I hope when the time comes, you will hopefully find my stories, skits on video, interesting or entertaining. beer

Sometimes moving to another place is therapeutic...all the best to you in 2018...wine
Just as California legalises recreational marijuana.

With your wacky writing style Rob I would have thought now would be the perfect time to be Californicating.

Good luck with all your plans pal. beer
Best of luck in your future endeavours, Rob wine
Will keep following you Robert and wishing you all the best handshake hug wave Jenny
Good Luck Robert!
And May The Force Of Writing Skills Be With You.

confused Boy! I Just Hope That He Is Not Moving Near Me.

Good LUCK cheering
Too funny, Angel rolling on the floor laughing
Just don't move East until the bad weather is gone cold

Best of luck in your move, wherever you decide to go to cheering
Angel just move closer to Rob he needs more than never
before...yu lucky gal hahahah.

Rob good luck in everything
Hi Rob wave . Time for a cool change ( LRB). You are welcome to the sunshine state Florida.

I think you should stay with us here on CS blogs so we will know what you are up to and to let us know what you are doing on youtube so we will be able to follow you.

Good luck in life and hope 2018 offers you the best. handshake
Loulou/ MimiArt/ Hatelies

I just don't want him too close! Him and Johnny, is a handful. Very needy People! .conversing

Robert will always be borrowing something! Wanting Your WiFi password, needing a ride every damn were.....conversing

Hey! But, Bless His Soul Anyway......hug

But! Just Not Near Me........rolling on the floor laughing
Robert, may the sun shine where ever you go. Good luck in your move.
Angel please
sharing is caring thy bible say love your neighbours
as you love youself..hug
Hi Loulou,

exactly as you say. It will be therapeutic, help to get my mind feeling better, to make a move with new surroundings and such.

Thanks for the nice comment. wine

Sometimes a fresh start is needed...best of luck...wine
Hey hey Non,

What? California says Recreational pot is legal? But what if I don't go camping much, or biking much, or such recreational things, is It still legal for people who work all the time or who are couch potatoes and do sh*t all day?" doh laugh

I've heard that work, Californication before. Oh now I remember. That lady that invited me up to her place for coffee at night, and then wouldn't take NO for an answer. I remember, the next morning she was labeling a video on her phone as "Californication."

Could it be? She taped our wild night of a savage love session? wow

Thanks for the fun and the good words, my friend. I wish you all the best, and lots of lady action. Yeah! head banger
Thank you, Mimi

Actually some work has already started on some of the videos. So, it should be fun. When I did television and skit acting before, it was always fun. The story telling, narrating is also fun.. the voice has to be an actor itself to make the story more entertaining.

I wish you the best in this year and every year. grin
BC Jenny,

I always like your fun blogs and your interesting, more serious ones too. Always great blogs from you.

Thanks for your good words. I hope my stories, videos, skits will make you smile, laugh and the more serious ones, you will find interesting.

Best wishes to you and all that you do, always.
thumbs up
Angelic one,

wherever I move, I gotta stop by your place on the way. Just to take you out to the 3 dollar buffet. You like that? Yup, I thought you would. And uh, don't be shy when you're around me. hug

No, I'm not much for the frigid women, err I mean frigid weather. However, when it's cold, it's a nice reason to cuddle with some nice lady to get warm. blushing

Only thing, last time I did that, the girl f*rted under the blanket we were cuddling under. Not cool at all. help

Thank you for the kind wishes.
I hope your year is all prosperous, joyous and bright. hug

nice to see you again.
Oh I don't need luck.. well, on second and third, fourth thought, maybe I do. uh oh

Your wishes and kind words are appreciated.
Hope your everydays are great!
Hey my friend Wen,

Thanks for the invite to Florida. Maybe I'll visit there someday.

On my videos, you'll be update on what's next and so on, or you can write to me on there too. And if it turns out less busy as I imagined, then I may keep my profile on CS, just to come back and say Hi every once in a while.

have a cool fun day, Wen.
head banger beer

when you say such things about me and Johnny, that's a sure sign that you REALLY like us. Of course, I know you like Johnny more than me, but that's okay. You still like us. You got a thing for us. grin rolling on the floor laughing

I thought you had said, "On the way out, don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine. Just keep on going, the heck out." doh just kidding.

I appreciate your good words and wishes.
May your life be filled with all things great and wonderful.hug
Yeah Angel,

sharing is caring.. you want some of this = wine

hey, hey, hey, don't drink the whole bottle drinking drinking drinking
I was just offering you a drink.. a swig of it. doh

Geesh, right away, she takes it all. uncertain

a fresh start, a change of scenery.. and so many other variables and things a move can bring, at this time in my life.

Thanks again. Always appreciate you being here. hug
All of my best to you in your new life .may you be filled with much peace and happiness where ever you decide to go teddybear
May your new venture be all you need... as you continue with your life's journey of discovery...growth and inevitable change...

& May Love...Peace & Light be with you Always...

& Be Blessed...

Congrats Robert...tear up your new town. grin Make sure you bring many condiments.


Aww gee Abby,

you're making me blush blushing and my hair is moist too.

Hmm, what the heck does my hair being moist have to do with anything? confused

Oh yeah, it rained today here. That's what it is.

Thanks for the positive wishes. And I wish you a prosperous happy everyday. dancing
Hello Soul Whisperer,

nice to see you here. I appreciate your kind words and wishes of enlightenment and hope.
Some changes are for the best, others are learning experiences, yet others are inevitable.

I see this as for the best for me.
In life, regardless of where we go or stay, everyday holds learning experiences.
Learning experiences that help us to grow within and perhaps for the better.

And so, we may as well reach out to do the things we wish to do while we can, before the inevitable comes to take us yet to our final world.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day, every day. tip hat
LOL Johnny,

Condiments? What? Am I going to just eat service station hamburgers, nachos, tacos, hot dogs and such things? pizza burger

Alright, well, I guess I could buy a box of mayonnaise, mustard, catch-up, hot sauce and other condiments to take with me, just in case needed. cool

Now that you mentioned condiments. Some real estate lady asked me if I would be interested in Condominiums. The first thing that came to my mind was, "Oh oh, I know what she's hinting at." I think she wants to invite up to her place for coffee, tea or her.

Thanks for the fun comment, Johnny. cheers
My apologies Elegs,

You got caught in between the Angel funnies comments. lol

THANK YOU ELEGS, for the good luck and the cheerleader!
I never knew you were a cheerleader.

Got any pics, video of you cheer leading? head banger

I always wish you the best in everything, everyday. hug

Hmm! Yeah Right.....conversing
Rob my friend!

I wish you the very best in life! I am glad I was part of it here on the blogs! You are a great guy!

If you decide to go to Florida, let me know! I go down there once in awhile!thumbs up
Aww Angel,

come here, you need a hug hug

Eh, sorry about my armpit odor.. but hey, hugs are nice anyways. grin

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