A quick note

During this year of 2018, I will be moving out of California to another city, another state, as I really have no reason to remain in California anymore.

I will also be hosting a few videos on youtube at times, sometimes alone, sometimes with a co-host. Some of my stories will also appear on youtube with either illustrations, simple animation, acted out scenes, skits, narrated or all of these features. They will be stories, skits that I never posted on CS.

I'm not making the move right away. I still have some time and some things to get done here in California, before I can leave and start into my new ventures. But, when the time arrives for all this, I may not have much time to be on CS, or I may no longer be on here at all, just depends on how busy I get, as my time will be spent writing, promoting and planning ways to present my stories, videos of others and videos of my own. However, I will invite all of you to come view and comment on my works at that time, if you so wish.

So many of you on CS, I consider great and very much appreciated friends, and rather than write to every one of you privately to inform you of this coming move, I thought I'd tell all of you with this blog.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year to all my friends, and to all who have read and/or commented on my blogs, past and present.

Please don't confuse this with or consider it a "Farewell Blog." It is not. I just thought I'd tell you about some changes and projects I'm looking forward to. For now, I will still be here on CS for a while, until I get a few more things done in California. But then again, one never knows. Sometimes things can move along sooner than expected.

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Hey there my friend Jim, wave

I'm not leaving just yet. I still have some unfinished business concerns to settle here in California before I go.

But, the time is coming soon enough.

I'll be sure to let you know, if I'm ever down Florida way.

May your New Year be a great one! cheers
Hi Rob
Just trying to get dome blogs before that a**hole hoping to get the blogs going again. Won't be representative without you there.
Good to hear it's not a "Farewell Blog.". Here are enough fakes around and most of us know you are 'real'. Eish. I hope you arelaugh thumbs up
Happy New Year to you Rbrt wave wave

And best of luck in your new state/home to be and your project/job

cheers hug
Hi Cat,

It seems the blogs had a quite a "Hi-Jack" or "Take-Over" of page one during the night.

Thanks for the note, and let's hope that one person "two hour marathon" of blogs has calmed down, leaving the rest of us enough room for our blogs, err for at least one day? doh

Have a great fun day! beer
Hey Lukeon, head banger

Good to see you again. Nope, no farewells here, just a note to let friends know of changes coming to me and relocation.

Right now, I'm putting my finger in my nose. So, yup, I'm real. What the heck? I found something in my nose. Hope it's not those nickels and dimes that I used to save in there as a kid. laugh

Just kidding. Have a fun day, and thanks for the good words. cheers
Hello Titsy,

I haven't seen you for some time. Nice to see you again.

What a great wonderful smile you have. Anywhere you smile, will surely make everyone's day brighter and better.

Thank you for the kind wishes and positive words.
I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! party
Robwave Its sometimes good to move just to get a different perspective/experience in our lives. I have done it quite abit laugh But I wish you all good things to enter your life, and good luck with your new job!applause grin
I will still be reading your stories and hope you stay here but understand if you dont..wave
Hi my friend Lilith,

Thank you very much for the good words of encouragement and wishes.

I've been wanting to move for some time, but I had priorities here, so I couldn't just drop everything and move.

Now, I have nothing to keep me here, and I so much want a new atmosphere, scenery and just experience new things and a new place. I know where it is I'm going to, and I think it will be more beneficial, enjoyable and comforting for me to go there. I also think, any of us, we really don't know how many years we've been granted, and so we have to try and do the things we've always wanted to do, before our time is up.

Thanks again. If for some reason, I am not on here, after I move, then you can always watch me and whatever stories or skits or things I present on youtube, and maybe another site too.

Happy New Year, and may your everydays be bright and fun. hug
Your welcome Robhug I hope you find the peace you seek. I will be looking for your stories in the future!
Take care of yourself, and yes you are right, we can choose to get out there and find what we seek, takes courage and strength and I see you have that already.
Good Luck wave
Oh and also, stay away from those gas stations and try to eat better laugh grin
LOL Lilith,

No! That's Johnny who eats that Service Station food. He claims then hamburgers and them hot dogs that have been on the rolling heating bin for a month or two, are delicious... err maybe a little stale, but delicious all the same.

I don't know how delicious that food is. I tried giving a service station hamburger to one of my dogs. He took it and buried it. laugh

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