Whoops. I forgot about these 8.

Yesterday when I added the 41 photos to my webpage,

I neglected to add 8 others. doh

I'll blame it on doing it from the library here in FL, rather from the comfort of my own home. roll eyes

Nonetheless, I just got done adding them now. cool

Seven of them are of deer. So, if you don't like deer, there's no need to go to the website to see these new 8 photos. :no:

6 of those deer photos are of one group of 3 deer; a big buck, a small doe and a little doe, that was most likely a fawn earlier this year.

Indeed, I am posting 2 of the deer photos (large doe alone and the 3 other deer together) below and also one of a European Starling perched in a tree.

I hope you enjoy them. peace


Comments (2)

A very cute deer family. smile
Thanks Maya. I thought so too. That's why I added 6 photos of them to my website.
zodi22: "zodi comparability"(meet us in the quizzes)

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