Missing person

No that it worries me that much but does anyone notice we have been free of tutoring about the end of the world since last year?

Now, who ever owns Jerusalem, please return it to missing objects, The Pentagon's declared a worldwide hunt with a reward paid of McDonalds´ free coupons.

Peace on earth & Blogland applause

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You've just jinxed us. Expect the mother load of enlightenment now cometh.
Tokyo ...it seems CS is like "One Hundred Years of Solitude" for you, so many characters to keep in mind ... you are safe in my blog grin
You offer of sanctuary is accepted.
Maybe the world did end, but nobody informed us dunno
There's a blog about the Great Barrier Reef dying, so maybe the world is ending bit by bit.

I'd say its too early in the year for doomsday predictions to gain momentum, I cant see people happily yelling out- Happy New Year, we're all going to die!
who's missing? and when did the world ended? I wasn't informeddoh

Excellent brother Tokyo thumbs up

I´ll watch it before bed Non....not exactly what I have in mind but coming from you, I´ll take it wine

Ok Molly ...if the world ends and there is not a blog to inform us I will say the good guys win the war grin

Pat, no? you obviously wasn´t any of half a dozen NYC-Brother blogs viewers... priceless!
I keeps being disappointed when the world don't end
I will leave you with L C cool

Run CH ....call your Jerk lol! ....you sure need to update your files before saying bye to this world laugh
No-no-no stop it Track ....I don´t want it to finish yet ...ask me tomorrow, but no today lips
You move like a fish in the water Nonsmoker thks....cool
Cach, there have been numerous blogs telling us it was ending.

Maybe we should have taken more heed of them and gone to the top of the nearest mountain with our flask of coffee and sandwiches waiting for armageddon.
Good thing is we are not gonna need condoms Molly, giggle

I´ll need music, Track are you in?
Hi Cach,. Yes it seems we have survived another year and hope for another and another and another and so on

Life can be good. cheers
laugh love it.!!thumbs up
Well....I´m sorry, not sorry.

It´s called extra sensory perception.

Enjoy our "new" prophet. It seems he has so much to tell frustrated 12 Blogs in 6 hours ....not bad at all help

hug Wen+Track+Cat

Let´s embrace ourselves & buil a wall group hug Show must go on!
thank god the worlds not ending been in this bunker for 50 years whats macdonalds lol
CachuchiOP•9 hrs ago•unknown, Canarias Spain
Well....I´m sorry, not sorry.

It´s called extra sensory perception.

Enjoy our "new" prophet. It seems he has so much to tell frustrated 12 Blogs in 6 hours ....not bad at all help

I think it's called 'extra sensory misconception' or perhaps 'extra sensory deception'...either way we are all
@Thanks for your comment moose52 handshake

@Come back here Katte pls,

I wrote this blog yesterday, went to bed, when I woke up there were 12 blogs with all that BS I reffered as "missing". Spell was broken...once again grin

That´s MY ESP :) wave
Cachuchi wave grin I didnt know the Pentagon ate at McDonalds wow
Have you checked your twitter account lately Lilith?

New orders according to big boss hand´s size grin

rolling on the floor laughing No I dont use Twitter or any other form of media...just here grin laugh
Don't read those blogs anyway dunno

I only read blogs where I can add my own pompous contribution to the general pool snooty
I read almost everything Biff ....my interest is "people" grin and improve my lingo wink ......

I prefer to keep my opinions to myself most of the time in CS lol!

Each on their own wave cool
Oh aye but I've been here many long years now Cach and my interest in people has waned a bit.

In fact not sure why I'm here tonight uh oh

Time to go. 'Night wave
Sleep well Biff wave

In 2 weeks I´ll celebrate my first year here ....thinking about a party...not sure yet but If I do, you´ll receive an invitation peace
...no one is missing.... just been replaced.....uh oh

cool wine
Vik wave
.....Unforgettable, that's what some are LOL!
Love Skeeter Davis's music!

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her @ one of her performances!thumbs up
@GentleJim, welcome! I think is the first time you comment in any of my blogs wine

"meeting and talking with her @ one of her performances" that´s the best all fans dream applause

By the way CH thanks for the clip, didn´t know who Skeeter Davis was bouquet

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