Museaphor A New Species of a Metaphor

Museaphor is a new species for the Metaphor. It has got its inspiration from the Pataphor.
Now what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison between two things. For example: The Book is peacefully sleeping, meaning the Book has never been read. The Book is the reality on which the figurative description peacefully sleeping stands. The Book is the tenor of the metaphor and peacefully sleeping becomes the vehicle.
Now what is a Pataphor? A Pataphor is a new species of an extended metaphor and comes from Pataphysics of Alfred Jarry. A Pataphor can be explained as the creation of a secondary reality from an already created Metaphor. For example: Ice shattered my thoughts and she shattered the ice is a Pataphor. Here ice is used as a metaphor and is figurative in the first context but in the second it becomes an actual description of reality.
Museaphor has got its inspiration from Pataphor but unlike it, it is the process of creating a secondary metaphor from a primary one. For example: Politically Palestine is a volcano and so also her Palestine is also a volcano. In the first Metaphor, Palestine as a volcano describes a volatile political situation and the second Palestine describes her as being hot.

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