Freudian Interpretation of Dreams

a) Hypermnesic Dreams
Hypermnesic dreams are those dreams where the dreamer dreams of something that he or she has not experienced in real life and later to amazement finds that it exists.
A musical composer dreams of a musical composition and later to his astonishment finds that such a composition exists.
In hypermnesic dreams the intuitionary power of the dream borders on the psychic and transcends the normal realm of the senses.

b) Stimuli Reciprocal Dreams
Stimuli reciprocal dreams occur when the dreamer is in contact with an external object and it stimulates a dream in the dreamer.
A dreamer who was sleeping with a hot water bottle under his neck had a dream of being caught on fire.

c) Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic dreams occur as dream symbols and point out to a reality that will occur in the future.
Let’s take the Old Testament of the Bible and the dream interpretation that occurred to Joseph. Joseph was incarcerated by the Pharaoh for a crime that he did not commit. The Pharaoh had a dream where saw seven bovine creatures and seven stout grains of corn and then he saw seven famished bovine creatures eating them up. Joseph interpreted this dream as the occurrence of famine in Egypt and the need to store grain. Joseph for his power of dream interpretation was promoted to the ranks of a minister.

d) Somatic Dreams
Somatic dreams occur from the stimulus of the body and they point out to the coming forth of major illness.
A dreamer dreams of falling unconscious all the time. It later on happened in the life of the dreamer that he became afflicted with Epilepsy.

Hallucinatory Dreams
Hallucinatory dreams take place when the dream symbols become exaggerated and out of place with a happening reality.
Once I dreamed of a painting though I could never draw. I saw whole group of agitated people standing on the hull of a ship and they were all blind and crying out. The ship was floating on a sea of eyes. Hallucinatory dreams can also have symbolic connotations.

Libidinal Dreams
Libidinal dreams are s*xual in nature and they show the manifestation of s*xual desires.
I had a dream where I had collection of tame elephants in the terrace of my house. In the dream, it was night and a Wild Elephant came up to me and it was very disturbed. I pacified it and took it to the herd of elephants which I grew. The Wild Elephant is an expression of my chaotic and untamed libido and the dream was an explanation that I was taming it and sublimating it through writing that is literature.

Therapeutic Dreams
Therapeutic dreams are self healing dreams and they point out to the cathartic cleansing of the EGO.
I had a lover who ditched me and who later died in an accident. I became extremely grieved and tried dreaming of her but luck failed me. And then I had a marvelous dream. I dreamed that I was sitting beside her stroking, fondling and kissing her and talking affectionately to her.

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Just remember you have been reading the works of a man who said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."
You forgot to define "wet dreams" which are the best dreams that you can have, fact!
Even if I were alive, I couldn't help you. Freud's favorite saying. Aa-V-A.
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