Horrible experience.

Maybe I am wrong on this one , therefore I need you to inform me and I am hoping someone out there in blog land would have an answer. Some of my relatives came to visit from abroad. I personally don't not like driving even though I was told on many occasions that my driving is good , never had an accident , God forbid . On the road so often since they came . I decided yesterday we would take a trip traveling by taxi , on our journey a conversation started by my goodly visitor and we started chatting not loudly but the driver was playing this new soca video, , you know our carnival season has started with party after party , which the visitors nor me have absolutely no interest, so the music is playing and we are chatting, to my amazement the driver started shouting at us for talking in his taxi and he said we were disturbing his music. I try to explain to him that he is doing a service that we are paying him for , therefore we could talk , long story short it did not end well . My question is . Do passengers have rights or is the driver ? This had me very disturbed I do not want to travel again . I told him to place a sign Absolutely No Talking ,paying or not . Then the public would have a choice to choose who they want to travel with. The argument got more heated than I thought. Do the traveling public have right as to talk in a taxi where you are paying for your service ? .

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Hi Annlee
It's a hard one. Technically you are the customer but it does not always work like that. On a ship,train,plane or bus you have to obey the orders of the captain or whoever is in charge of that transportation or you may find yourself restrained and arrested. I can well imagine that to extend to any vehicles transporting passengers.dunno
However, I think he was petty. If he wants to offer movies he should provide earphones to those who wish to watch movies.
Hi AnnLee
The last thing I would do is to make the taxi driver feel disturbed. We might have the right to chat but at the same time we also have a responsibility. cowboy
Hello Annlee, wave You and your visitor chatting is what people do, it, I doubt interfered with the driver s task of driving. I ve never heard of such a thing as No Talking in a taxi ,confused , and then again, his taxi, his rules dunno Maybe that driver should realize being rude, and shouting at passengers (customers) will lead to him having no riders in his taxi.
Unfortunately you got a driver ,who had an a bad attitude, remember ,there are a lot of drivers out there , who realize you re paying his wages, and are very friendly, and helpful. You have a Good One,
I spoke to a police officer regarding that incident and his advice to me . He said go and make an official report and you could write for us to charge him for obscene language , or I could put him before the court privately , the office literally begged me to do it , he said one must know there rights . I guess the traveling public have the rights . I thanked him and I said let someone else lead , because I know as the old people say . Cat love to eat butter and that is putting it nicely for me . He will do it again and this time who knows it could be a plain clothes officer .
I also made some inquiries I sent an email to one of our taxi associations.

the reply came a little while ago.

It said that the driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers and is in overall charge of every passenger on the taxi. His word is law.


He also has a responsibility towards the passengers to see that they are safe and comfortable during the journey. That includes being able to talk to each other.

So yes, your driver appears to be wrong. In this country in any way.
Hi Ann, I think he was just rude, period.
If we were disturbing the driver, then he should put on the radio instead of the video because he would be distracted as well.
1to1to1. You are very wise .
Weever I think so to .
Hi Annete,
Since you are renting a taxi,it's normally you who can talk and driver must be on his duty. It is general understanding but it really depends on where and with whom and also situational. But since he complains your talk for his music is bullshit.
Just looking at this blog and thinking about that driver .
It gave me the Shriver's he was not only rude .
It's like if he wanted to hit me , the way he reacted

I know he was talking like himself bullshit

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