Would You Date Yourself ?

We all have a list of "must-haves" for our future partner, some could have a long list, some have a short list and mostly the order is from the most important ones down to optional ones.

Now that I've thought about it, I've just realized that I don't really have a listdoh My past relationships were with men who are completely different from each other and the relationships also greatly differ from each other.

But let me try...my "must-haves" are...

manly, as in physically fit, wears himself well
confident, as in can take a decision and not a pushover
honest, as in what I see is what I get
sexy, as in great in bed
with good job and can afford to take me to nice places for dinner ( though I don't mind going dutch)
caring, as in knows how to make me feel loved when I feel like going nuts
faithful, as in only me and only me
thoughtful, as in full of little surprises that would brighten my day and night
( I'm sleepy and tired so this list could get revised when I'm wide awake)

funny ( I'm used to serious and grumpy men so it's optional)
house-trained ( good cook, can do laundry and pick up mess)

I'm sure I can come up with few other things later.

But now that I have my "must-haves" and standards, let me check just how many of them I can live up to
nerd giggle

I think I can live up to almost half of them so hell yeah I think I'm worth a try and date myself if I'm somebody elseyay

Stressful Thursday here...hope you all having a nice day/night heart wings

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Hi Ch wave you ask a hard question grasshopper, I really don't know how I can answer need time to think on that one laugh

Hope you are well and happy hug
I guess that is why I am by myself most of the time. I enjoy my own company. But, another voice to exchange thoughts with would be nice.grin grin
All. Not only would I date, commit to and marry myself, but I'd have no hesitation stepping into the o*gasm alone in Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper", setting the controls to "high", and the timer to "hours". And when I stepped out again, I'd still look pretty neat and tidy, unlike he did. 'Cuz that's the kind of guy I am. V-A.
Some nights I am better at teleporting women to my bed than on other nights. I think part of the problem is I try to bring them here while they are working or otherwise not receptive. But sometimes I luck upon one who is at night in her time zone, at home alone and wishing she was with someone. Four or five of those have been succesful maybe. Then maybe not, LoL. Whatever I have had zero success at popping them back home in time to wake up for work. In fact 3 or 4 never did vanish and have now found jobs locally as movie ushers, pancake house waitresses, etc. Their English has become good enough so they pass. Then sometimes I wonder if they are real or just an imagination working overtime. This evening I ordered pancakes from one (call her Irvana) I had teleported here last year. The pancakes seem real, the charge shows up on my debit card, and she still has an attitude over vanishing in her bed in Finland and appearing in mine in the US. But at least it is not a homicidal attitude. I understand I am not her favorite person, but then I wonder, is she real? If not, are the other customers in the Pancake House placing food orders from her equally imaginary? Did I even go to the Pancake House, or am I still in the sleep tank on your space ship?
Hi Crazyh wave
It would be depending on the mood of the other ME. grin
How's it going, CH ? wave

Would I date myself ? Hmmmm
I would yes :)
My main ' must have ' and the first
Important need of mine is that he has to tough,
as in must be a good fighter.
Must NOT have a cell phone.
(If I be start b be serious with my main man (someday,
maybe...we'll talk lol), we will toss everything
except FB).
He must NOT wear sneakers in public, ever !_! Only
shoes, or boots, anything but sneakers.
(Unless forced to lol)
Must be hot n passionate ' only ' behind closed,
(but, if it does happen at spur of the moment at
the right place n time , so be it :P).
Other personal things too, but the ones above
are these most imprtant.

I would love to date myself lol ooo ooo
love conversing

I have to ask, why?
Hello Tokyo wave

Everyone lives in different worlds, different cultures.
In our world, we grew up with this tradition. :)

Does it seem peculiar that I need it from my
main Squeeze ?

I meant to say...
He must be hot n passionate behind ' doors* '.
1_SPCTR - Hi.

I guess it's just most people I know don't like violence and would prefer to avoid it. If you live in a culture where it's an important attribute to have, I'd be interested to know how or under what conditions it's used or called upon.

Of course if you're using "fighter" as in a persons ability to combat life's difficulties, that I understand.
Whatever counts, Tokyo
Realistically, you got to be ready for anything.
Hi CH. wave
Haven't seen you on for a few days,
so must be keeping busy there, girl.

In response to this from Tokyo

" 1_SPCTR - Hi.

I guess it's just most people I know don't like violence and would prefer to avoid it. If you live in a culture where it's an important attribute to have, I'd be interested to know how or under what conditions it's used or called upon. "

These are the other ' personal ' needs I didn't
forgot to mention after Tokyo replied lol:

I did not the word ' voilence ' in my ' must haves '
N I don't have a violent nature n don't get or
receive bringing or getting violence in my
life n neither will my main squeeze.
He have to be assertive NOT aggressive
He must show respect n not show his
fighting ability, or show off.

That should sum it up lol

Ttyl, girl :)
Hell yes. As long as our moods were in synch, which they should be unless the male hormones threw them off track - that could be a bit disastrous.

No bloody way.
Nope ! Not even I can deal with my shit laugh

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