Coveinientializm A Post-Post Modern Philosophy

In Convenietntializm anything is everything and everything goes with nothing. Convenientializm moves from the postmodern Binary divide of terms to a Binary fusion. For example: Hu/wo/man neither privileges nor marginalizes man or woman. Next I would like to address phenomenological ontology. Ontology describes a state of being. In convenientializm being is always in processual ontology. Being is a becoming of Un-being. Gratify the ID, Deify the Ego and Subvert the Super Ego. Next term that I introduce is Rapturation of Being. Rapturation of being is an experiential existence of a being in mytho-poetic-subjectivity. The self is realized through passion, o*gasm and celebration. Next term is -demo-geo-crasy. All the nations become a United Nations. Nations should indulge in constructive, democratic dialogues rather than authoritarian discourses. Then there is the Philosophy of Utilorasy derived from Utility and people. Money should be free from ownership of competent capability to a democracy of possession. There is only one class of people Bourgeolariat derived from Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.
Lammycool: "My Top 10 Female Voices"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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