Our great president takes things up a notch....

this time coming as close as ever to calling it as it is. While qualified- educated -solvent- vetted applicants for US citizenship exist in Haiti (worked there-I know it) and in almost all of dark Africa (I know west Africa), he knows that if he doesn't succeed in his honorable and just (especially to applicants who patiently apply and obey rules) work to reconfigure US immigration policies, mostly by just enforcing existing law, the USA will one day resemble Germany. Female German friends talk of how they now have large dogs for protection just for walking at night in their OWN TOWNS! Sure, even though these places really are mostly s...holes, ---decaying in infrastructure, definitions of corruption, rarely stabily governed, etc., he should better use his words. His use of scatological terms, especially when referring to non whites, may expend his base, but is unnecessary and unhelpful. He should simply say that immigration policies should reflect workforce needs primarily, and other factors much less. He's quite capable of such talk, but often gets taken up in moments, especially if the venue engenders emotional issues close to his heart, and deep love for the USA. Biased media and liberal pols now have learned this, and can push buttons, to their perceived benefit. V-A.

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I question if Trump actually said what he is quoted as saying. The source is a democrat aide who was NOT in the meeting but was briefed on it later. Like so many other things that later turn out to be totally false, this could easily be another.
Unnamed Aide told Anonymous who passed it on to A Source.

Good point, C. Well, as with some fields of science, there's plenty of fake on many main stream media products. I think the Donald actually could have said such thing, again, in the context of a frontal lobe release/executive function emotional moment, when he feels dissed himself, or that his beloved USA is being taken advantage of. He's already making long needed positive changes, not the least of which is affecting the biased media a bit. They aren't used to such challenges. I would only hope for someone to help him tone some of it down. And that when folks on the right are interviewed by the left biased media snow flakes, who have a tendency to interrupt far more than needed, and always with the goal of introducing bias, that a new response would ensue. Viz. "you have an unhelpful tendency to interrupt in ways that could bias our talk for viewers/listeners. If you do so again, this interview is over". Let 'em suck on that for a bit. A-V.
Simply don't know what to believe anymore.
I do know that there are a "few" who are working very hard to get rid of Trump................wave wave wave

If some people are working very hard to get rid of Trump, do you think we can prompt them to work a little harder ! ! ! . . . . rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I also believe that most of the people are sick and tired of all this doing.
Now it is Ivanka's turn it seems wave wave wave Jenny

Pretty sad that some have to use lies and deceipt to try to accomplish this...........none of this is doing America much good is it?
wave wave wave
At the moment there are no hard facts ( smoking gun ) to link Trump to the Russian collusion thing, however, the circumstantial evidence is so overwhelming that I really do believe that there is something to it. With all the people around him guilty of this do you really think that a person like Donald Trump would not know of this?

I also do not know if there is evidence that will compromise clandestine operations if revealed, or they are just waiting to tighten the noose for an airtight case. Just look at how Watergate unfolded and how it picked up steam towards the end. I do think we might be in for a shock in 2018.
Frankly I just wish that all this would stop the gossip etc. true or not.
I went shopping this morning in the stores and at my family doctor, people talk about nothing else.
Everyone is sick of it all.
How much longer is this going to go on, so far, one year already.

wave wave wave Jenny

It is a Russian mind control plot in which they force Trump to say and Tweet things he does not remember.
Conrad73•9 hrs ago•Lonesome Town Zurich, Zrich Switzerland
I question if Trump actually said what he is quoted as saying. The source is a democrat aide who was NOT in the meeting but was briefed on it later. Like so many other things that later turn out to be totally false, this could easily be another.
Unnamed Aide told Anonymous who passed it on to A Source.

Okay Ken what if? What would you say to this what Conrad send?
wave wave wave Jenny
Wellll....He got 'Rocket Man' talking to S. Korea after implying he can turn him & his shithole into Trinitite.

Maybe a bit of straight talk will inspire certain locales to upgrade from 'shithole'? dunno


Think 'bout it y'all.
If those places were so freakin' great (aka NOT shitholes) folks wouldn't be running over each other getting their @sses the hell outta 'em, now would they?
No. Of course they wouldn't!
Orange Julius didn't tell 'em anything they didn't already know.

As ever, Micman has it straight. Personally, I think our great President should have staff vet much of what he impulsively wants to tweet. Not to stop him. But to educate him on attendant related issues. He's stubborn, but a quick learner---both not all bad traits. With such vetting, there's opportunity for him to learn geography, cultures, governments, economics, trade, and so on. But there are HUGE upsides to his brash style, not least of which is giving liberal Washington and world swampsters the green runs, and perhaps causing them to respond unwisely. Same with the left biased media. Sure it could all bring about wins for the left in upcoming elections, except for a few points. Topping the list are the bright economic and job pictures, regulation reforms, common sense updates in long broken immigration policy, posturing on trade for negotiation strength, and getting dictators and other crumbs to see that there's a new sheriff in town, so unlike fake red line milk toast plants like affirmative action BHO. As long as he can keep us out of war, these pluses will accrue, and he'll be a shoe in for four more prosperous, America first (or at least no Obama last) years. A-V.
No sense in worrying about it anymore. Traitor Trump has branded himself as an incompetent Potus and disgraceful racist . America has been damaged by him. Putin is LMAO!
On the bright side, maybe he coined a new word! Trumphole!
All, the dynamics behind the knee jerk, compulsive need of many on the ueberleft to overuse the terms Racist, Fascist, Homophobe, and others are easy to decipher. But first, engage with these folks on the topic, and see how shallow is their understanding of the concepts themselves, especially in terms of history, the dialectic, and principles of political science. Setting aside the relatively small percentage of these folks who are wealthy, often as trust fund babies, most live (government-welfare) check to check, a fact which in no small way can generate dependency envy at deep levels. Often, this contributes to the enormous self loathing/guilt if white, or more complicated processes if a minority. Sadly, in the latter case, the question of latent genuine reverse racism must be raised, as with the reparations mindset. Into the mix enter typical repeated failures to effectively climb the economic ladder, which incidentally, brings about similar negativity toward out free market systems, and a leaning to socialism, or worse. The biases of some media and government education also come on board here. Pandering wealthy democrat pols stoke all these fires. Yep, here it is----not at all rocket science. Fun to watch in the many forms, though. A-V.
Raphael you're so uptight
A POTUS? Using crude language?!

I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you! shock

In the vid...JFK royally chews some USAF General @ss.
General, 'Huh....huh...It was obviously...'
Then JFK finishes the sentence for him...'%=×*#'
rolling on the floor laughing

Sure would've hated to be that 'silly bastard' in the pic!

The continuing saga...

We now know what happened to the 'silly bastard'...cold
To his credit, JFK didn't use the phrase, 'Alaskan shithole'.
very mad


The difference between then & now?

The POTUS didn't measure every word spoken in the Oval Office for fear that a hack politician would wring a couple news cycles of publicity outta a conversation.

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