this is what you have to swear to in a court of law, but there is no law with this in life. One thing that has been put in my life from a young age was to be truthful, and I can say I have done my best to do this.

I remember when I was still in school and believe me I hated school I was a mean little rascal I was always skipping or I slept or I was in detention or smoking in the restroom yes all of this is very true laugh

when I was wrong at anything I always said yes I was wrong but if I was right I would argue you down cause I knew the truth was in me. I remember my mother once told me she seen the dean of schools woman as they where in the salon getting there hair done and started talking about me and the dean said if he ever said he didn't do it he didn't do it. you know I think even though I did so much wrong in school my mother was the proudest about me being honest and telling the truth.

I said all of this to say this......isn't it nice to be able to say something to someone and they can take it to the bank...

Just something to think about

Comments (31)

My parents taught me and my older siblings to tell the truth regardless of the consequences.My two adult sons were raised the same way as children.

I've heard people say that whenever someone opens their mouth they are lying.
I found that to be totally a lot of nonsense in content.
This is interesting that you bring this up. Over here it is: Do you swear to tell the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth?

But when you try to tell the whole truth some fancy lawyer shuts you up and demand a simple 'yes' or a 'no'. Sometimes it is just not possible to tell the whole truth with just a 'yes' or a 'no'.

It is a crazy world we live in.doh
Hi bear, I have heard that statement before myself. and some cases it is almost true some can lie so much you don't know what to believe. but on the other hand a person can be judged by there character that they are a truthful person.

thanks for your comment,, I get you handshake
Catfoot, that is a very valid point you make sometimes when just having to say yes or no all of the truth might not come out, I am glad you said this, but that is in the court of law what about life we are not under the fear of Purgery. only under the conviction of our faith. Good point Catfoot
Hi bear, I have heard that statement before myself. and some cases it is almost true some can lie so much you don't know what to believe. but on the other hand a person can be judged by there character that they are a truthful person.

thanks for your comment,, I get you

Hello Wen,handshake Being honest, and truthful, Good Blog topic, thumbs up These days that's becoming rare,doh I figure I m honest with people, and expect the same in return, but find honesty,with somepeople gets lost in a world of lies, and drama,doh And when someone makes a mistake,its always some one elses fault.
And some of my family wonders why I have a select group of friends.
As I was saying honesty, is rather rare these days, I sure miss the days when a man word was something you could put faith in,yay
Hi 1 my good friend wave I see where you are coming from and what you say is true. with all my faults my mother was proud that she raised me to tell the truth. it also makes a son feel proud there parents believe in them thumbs up
Hi Wen,

I might hide things that I know would hurt people I care about but I'm all for honesty. I'm raising my son to be honest and very open to me, always reassure him that no matter what happened, right or wrong, as long as he's honest about it, I'm on his side
Opps that was wenever's post to me.rolling on the floor laughing

I'm trying to read/type cook supper all at once and it's not working all that well.laugh grin
Hi CH, wave I know what your are saying we do tell sometimes a what we call a white lie and don't know why it is called that, but I don't like to hurt people and if I do this it is in my heart that I am saying this to up lift them not to hurt, some people needs to be up lifted but on the other hand I don't want my little white lie lead to any difficult in there life either. But I do also hate that a lie is a lie God help me with that one,,, do you know what I am saying. hug hug
Bear,, we are on the same page. thumbs up
wenever Some people tell white lies just to save face.

Regardless to me I consider it still lying.
Wen applause

I gotta say I wasn't always being truthful....

I lie to my Arty all the time, assuring him that I won't force him to eat anything he doesn't want to....devil

Boy oh boy! Wait till he sees the menu and the exotic dishes I've lined up for him to explore and experience when he gets here in April!! yay

I bet it'd be like a 'Discovery Channel' for him!!! rolling on the floor laughing
Bear,, oh yes a lie is a lie, but as I said in my comment to CH go back and read. even in a little lie I am convicted of it and feel bad. but I don't like to hurt a person that might need that little uplifting and me myself will have to answer for that I guess one day.

But yes a lie is a lie. handshake
wenever it just seems to me whenever I try to be totally tactful someone chooses to take something I say the wrong way.I suppose some people can be so hard to get along with at times.
Hi Mimi wave lol laugh wow I can just picture all of this in my mind now. just tell Art to fasten seat belt and enjoy the ride I know he is in for a trip. laugh

Have you ever seen the tv show here in the states called ,,,, Bizzar foods with Andrew Zimmerman...if not you need to watch him.

I am sure he will get old of eating cupcakes all the time even though no one make a better one than you applause hug
When you are in court you are bound by law to tell the truth ( possible exception layers ) but in life, there is no perjury charge attached to lying. Just listen to someone you know is lying and swearing to tell the truth!

PS: Just listen to Donald Trump lie through his teeth and then insist he is telling the truth even though fact-checking says otherwise.
Bear, sometimes people only hear what they want to hear,, can't please everyone and yet it hurts that people can take something wrong and turn it into something hateful. no one winds dunno
Yes, Andrew Zimmern. Art follows his 'gourmet adventures'!! laugh

I've asked Art to watch the segment where Andrew Zimmern tried a durian in Malaysia!! I can't wait for my Arty to sample his first durian!! applause

P.S I'll have a bucket nearby, just in case wink rolling on the floor laughing
The court judges and lawyers don't allow anyone else to lie cause they couldn't stand the competition.giggle giggle
Grouch,, yes just as I said there is no purgury law in life just I guess your conviction. some people can lie very well, but they are the ones to answer for that.

thank you for your comment good point cheers
Most of the time you can spot the person who is lying. The only nice thing about it is that most people are not very good at it. It is the ones that are that give you the problems.
Mimi laugh yes have a bucket. he has settled down a little now but I still love watching him. I do love to see all the different cultures and what we hate that is what sustains there life,, tell Art I have only seen a couple of things he couldn't eat but he tried and said one time ...that was a mistake....laugh

I am not going to say the two things,, might spoil your plans rolling on the floor laughing
Bear, that could be a valid point also thumbs up
MImi rolling on the floor laughing he has always says he will at least take to bites just to say he really gave it a try, but I have seen a couple times he couldn't laugh I tell you I really like this guy and is show,, but my feeling right now is poor Art what have you got him into rolling on the floor laughing
Grouch, you are right on with what you said, I knew a woman who lied so much and believed it even though we knew the truth was not in her. I often wondered if she could help herself.. I always hope the truth will come forth and settle all the issues that are at hand. handshake

I just purchased a nice ocean front property in Idaho. And I know the person who sold it to me was being very honest, she kept telling me, "I'm the most honest Realtor ever, believe me!" confused
Hi Rob,, you know I only want the best for you and this is why I am saying this.

She could be a good friend but do me a favor and check this property out before buying. Something is telling me she might want you to pay for the pumping system to get the ocean to your property. I am not sure but I believe you should check out first dunno

Just don't give up on Florida yet. laugh
Your mother should read this , she would knock you over , lol
Hi Ann,. laugh do yo really think she would. laugh now you got me wondering if you are going to show her just give me heads up if you do. hug

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