False alarm

Hawaii was in frenzy about a missile heading their way.

Thank God, it was a false alarm. Imagine the chaos they experienced. Must have been a nerve wracking one.

I'd hate to be on that part of the world yet 50 percent of my relatives live there.

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wonder what Idiot caused that one!

Imperator_Rex on Twitter: "Did the rabidly Democrat State of Hawaii just deliberately set off a false missile alert to embarrass Trump? They keep changing stories
Hello Lyndsy wave

Wow must have been one heck of a scare for those people.
It's scary enough if it's just a storm.
Very sick people doing very sick things.
That would be very scary indeed, I had not heard of this happening yet................wave wave wave
It's not very clear C as to how it started but my cousins called us here in the mainland frantically and they don't want to live there anymore if they can help it.
Hawaii ‘ballistic missile threat’ alert to phones was false alarm, officials say
Hawaiians were thrown into a panic Saturday morning after an emergency alert was sent warning them to "seek immediate shelter" from a ballistic missile threat. But emergency officials took at least 20 minutes to relay it was a false alarm, with the governor's office later clarifying it was caused when someone pushed the wrong button.

The lapse led to an uproar over how such an error — with potentially dangerous consequences — could occur during a time of high international tensions with North Korea.

An alert in all caps was first sent to cellphones across the archipelago shortly after 8 a.m. local time (1 p.m. ET), saying, "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."

At 8:20 a.m., the state's Emergency Management Agency followed up in a tweet: "NO missile threat to Hawaii." A similar alert was sent to cellphones about 38 minutes after the first.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, who also tweeted "there is no incoming missile to Hawaii," questioned how the mistake happened and why it took so long before it was corrected, adding that it triggered feelings of terror unnecessarily in a state with more than 1.4 million people.
Specter, yes, imagine being in Guam and the islands of Hawaii. How terrifying to be awaiting the day that It's going to happen. sad flower
Jenny, yes scary. hug
John I myself was terrified and thank heavens, it's not real. But those minutes were like hell.sad flower
C that's quite a possibility.

If that's the case, you think there's some kind of punishment involved?

Imagine, what if there were serious repercussions like heart attack?frustrated
Just the thought of a missile is heart wenching . Thank God all is well . when God says no , nothing could stop his powers .
we are living in dangerous times. luckily it was a faults alarm.
Anlee, yes to that.

There's no excuse for such a mistake John.
you are right LJ. don't they have those type of buttons covered so there won't be an accidental push of a button?
Generally I dont like conspiracy theories, but the explanation for the false alarm is fishy to me.

We have been told it was a shift change and somebody pressed the wrong button. In my opinion, there would be more than one mechanism in place to prevent false alarms, which would require confirmation. Even if it is just like all our computers, if you wanted to reset them to factory settings, you would have to confirm it is your intention more than once.

I think we're going to hear it was a missile test or something like that, But either way it demonstrates a complete absence of preparedness, which is not good for those seeking to do harm to know about.
Exactly after all, this thing is not a matter of joke.

There's no reason how it could've happened.

Did you read Conrad's post?
Trump was out golfing during alert. Most golfing president in history. Probably doesnt care about Hawaii anyway,
I mean look what he said about Haiti.sigh
Poor Lyndsy, you must have crying inside n out thinking of the mulitple family members fearing their lives in their neighboring state. Thank God it was a short time. Even tho it was only just short time, I bet they're never be the same again n will wake up every day with fear in their hearts for a considerable amount of time.
My heart goes out to you n your family n Hawaii residents. I send prayers to you all.
Pat for the life of me, how can this ever happen.

And if you think about it this mechanism that needs to be pushed and confirmed yes this should not be a mistake it could have never happened that is the difficult part to understand so now imagine expecting the unexpected and then they will think it's false alarm again.

I mean I'm glad it isn't for real. Still this is wrong.
Raphael this isn't about what Trump is doing while it happened. It's the fact that it has NO reason or justice why it happened.

As for Trump I don't want to think that he's NOT doing what's right.
Specter I almost panicked myself and my children didn't even know what to say.sad flower
Every thing in today's world that is happening is false.People are all stressed due to such things & the mental agony they experience is really sad.
Raph is disseminating his usual Fake-News!
Guess after nine years being an Apprentice of Dude and all,he is quite adept at it!
Heck,he still blames GWB!rolling on the floor laughing

One or all of those Guys are in Deep Doodoo!

One of these three guys will have to take the heat for this:
Will they say why it was done? I doubt it.
This is a State warning system not federal
It was probably a computer hack from outside the US. Any system that can send out state wide cell phone messages has to have a computer connection, several actually. It has been known for decades phone computer security has holes in it. The phone computer operating systems are no up to the standard of modern SCADA systems.

That said, if they can hack out a false alert, they can probably turn it off too so that not a peep of warning will get out, as we did to the Soviet Air Defense system in the first hour of the first Gulf War. Hopefully a team is hard at work doing forensic analysis to figure out where the weakness is.

Of course everyone realizes N Korea would never take out Hawaii and just stop there. Suicide. No their launch would have a 100 targets (at least) with probably a 1,000 ICBMs doing a virtually simultaneous launch all going in different directions. Anything that could be used to hit back or aid doing so would be the target. Pearl Harbor is only one target. Guam only a second. I think living anywhere near the West Coast of North America that day would be a bad idea. Likewise living near the Panama Canal would also probably be a poor choice.

The good news is they don't have nearly enough warheads yet to do anything more than wave their flag and make noise. Give them a year or two. The production rate of PU in breeder reactors is an easy calculation. So is the enrichment process for U. Past history of warhead production during the cold war also allows the calculation.

Other good news is they are still using clumsy liquid fuel rockets that use chemicals that can't be stored pre loaded and it takes a few hours (maybe 12 - 20) to fill a rocket with those volatile chemicals. What we should fear is the day they get something like a solid fueled MX what can be stored or placed on a truck or railroad launcher fully loaded and kept that way for years capable of being launched in only moments. Once they figure out how look for those babies to roll off their assembly line like Ford used to produce cars.

Won't even discuss the small tactical stuff we will probably see in their arsenal within the next decade.
LJ---I have family there, and via many visits, got to know the place, cultures and peoples. The level of education there makes Mississippi government schools look like Oxford or Harvard. Lots of these mistakes occur all the time in "I never know ---da kine---ya got beef Land", but usually are hidden from larger media outlets, presumably to protect the dummies. A-V.
We had a similar false alarm from someone pushing an automated button after 9-11. Must have been one of those ignorant corn pones from Maine, you know something like Darryl and his other brother Darryl from Vermont Today. Except the Maine ones are arrogant. laugh
Maybe they could get some immigrant Haitians, bring more quality people into the mix.
Hi LJ,

Saw this on our news last night. What kind of people are these freaks that start rumours like that. We saw the actual messages on Facebook. Pathetic. bouquet
Ridiculous SR....from listening to the new today, it could have been much worse.

Hi Lindsy,
Another stupid question; Will NK really be that stupid to attack the USA? Surely they must realize the consequences. Or are we dealing with a madman here? Sitting out here in Africa, far away from the action, we don't always realize how serious things are.
Katana, yes indeed.
What is so funny Conrad is that he always inject Trump's lack of concern on everything wrong that happens.

For once, I wish he'd sympathize to the right people who in this case are the victims of such a selfish act instead of Trump.

He should grow up. You hear that Raphael?frustrated
Ken, nice to see you. been a while.

I don't know if we can really count on the fact that their equipment are not capable of reaching the islands.

I would think that being so aggressive like that means he can really hurt us.

Think of how Pearl Harbor had been hit while all our members of the force were drinking thinking there was no war.sad flower
AA I lived in Hawaii before settled in the mainland. As far as the education is concerned, they are up to a high level now, I'd hope. Well anyways, educated or not there is no excuse why they would be subjected to such a horrible experience.

Thanks for your input AA.wave
Luke, it is horrible. Just think about what they went through for long agonizing hours of 45 minutes to confirm that it is false. Terrible.sad flower
Thanks for the post John and Conrad.wave
Johnny, it is not a joke. I want to know if they can trace back the culprit who started it all and if there is some kind of punishment for causing such a mess.wave
Cat, I was thinking of the same thing and even blog about it. It is to me, a very suicidal move on his part (Kim) to be so boldly pushing that kind of move towards the US unless there is a ready back up country that would join him. In this case I am not sure if Russia and or China would give that support. Only then, can I surmise that he has a chance. Otherwise yes, we can call him a madman.wave
indoreman: "After a good tidy up"(meet us in the puzzles)

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