Hope Namaron is okay driving a truck in this horrible weather

Let us hear from you Nam, the news about the weather is very bad ...............

wave wave wave Jenny

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16 views yet no replies showing concerns, that's sad...
that being said, its understandable why.. what can I say but the dudes a pure head wrecker hole

Nevertheless... roll eyes

come to think of it I haven't seen him on here for a while.
I've not been here for a few days, so I wouldn't know and even though I'm kind of not talking to him but if you're really concerned about him String, I'll email him elsewhere if you want?

Put your mind at ease comfort
no, you don't have to do that itchy. likely he has the flue or something.wave
Eh confused

So you're not that worried a tall dunno
no, just wondering where he is . might just be taking a break.dunno
Taking a break, I doubt that very much...
but i mailed him all the same, to ease my own mind more so than yours ... hopefully I'll get a reply wishing i never did wink
I mailed him too we will wait and see.
"Lets hope"..........

............"that the man"

"Known as Namaron"...............

.................."is safe and well"

"And that he gets a laugh".............

................."from this"
I could be wrong but I'm sure he said he'd retired from long-distance driving a while back

Still no-one else has mentioned it so I probably am wrong. I live in a world of my own, you know.

Nam is a good guy and would be here on the blogs if he was in town.
The roads are very very bad and he is driving a big rig...........
Yes he has talked about stopping but not yet .................

wave wave wave Jenny
A good guy eh" i think its more likely it would take a good guy to be able to tolerate him ...yet some of us do well" each to their own reasons as to why they do.

Night now jenny I'm fcuked and my bed is calling sleep
Hope he's ok...
Hello Jenny,hug and you too Itchyhug I was wondering earlier today about Nam s where abouts,confused
Hope all is well with him.
Hi Jenny,

I was wondering days ago, I hope he'll be back here soon
It takes all kinds to make a world Itchy, we never will be able tio like everyone, nor will everyone like us.
It is just the way it is.

He is for sure not a "Slimeball" he will say it like it is

thumbsup: thumbs up thumbs up : Jenny
I wouldn't worry about him on the road, he's a professional. In fact if I had to travel in a blizzard I would feel safer in the cab of his truck than in a limo.
ooby no matter if you are the best driver, it might be the other guy.
You don't always have control over icy roads, have been there myself.
I have seen how people cut of trucks iijits and now we got the ones who are texting or on the phone.

Ran across this article a few moments where it talks about different states which had experienced power outages and such because of snow.

Thank you bear woman we have no idea where he possible could be now.
Not at home that is for sure or he would have been to the blogs for sure

wave wave wave ....................Jenny
Jenny, I was at the gym for three hours and I am only logged on just now.

I was wondering about him, too.

I hope you are okay brother. Midwest Road is so bad right now and also the East Coast. Please be careful.

Get back with us when you read this.

Thanks Jenny.hug
British Columbia I saw a picture of a big vehicle pileup which was caused by a semi.There were other non-commercialized vehicles involved too.
What a mess that was.

I learned long ago that regardless on how much a semi weighs they still have issues dealing with icy roads and snow. I've seen them jacknife too.

Black ice can also be dangerous too.
Lyn and bear yes that is all we see very bad accidents on the roads
Pile ups of many cars and semi's
I really feel for those truckers as no matter how bad the roads are they have no choice but to keep going.
They say please don't drive unless you have no choice.
well these truckers have no choice.

I have been in some white outs where you could not see where the road was. all was white.
Talk about scary and no where could you leave the road or stop

wave wave wave
Nam, thinking about you. Hope your alright. art
Nam, my friend,

wherever you are, I hope your health is good, and you are safe and doing well.

I and many of us miss you on the blogs. Hope you return very soon.

Wishing you the best, always.
British, one minute we're killing each other next, we're the best of chum mates ever...
that's just the way it is with me and Nam, so don't take what i say TOO much to heart... there's a lot about that man I respect and admire but I won't lie, there were times I could of taken me broom to him too.. lol

Unfortunately I've had no reply in my private mail from him but I'm sure if something happened to him his son would reply to me, just as he once did before.... we had fallen out "again" so maybe i'm the last one he would reply to so hopefully, that's the reason why no reply.

wave 1to1
Our brother , maybe he will be somebody's husband one day if he desires that . I pray that God is guidance is upon you and all is well , we miss you even though some
This touch screen phones . even though some of you would have differences
thumbs up
Crap, thought there was some news on Nam sigh
I myself have not heard a word from him, I'm away in the morning and for awhile.. hopefully when i return he'll be back as well, I clicked into Bears link so maybe it could be shortage of power or something like that.

Good night British, and see you around wine


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