Can't believe I missed Kiss A Ginger Day

Actually I don't know if they celebrate it here, there aren't many gingers in the south of Spain, I may be the only one in my small town. But if they do celebrate it, I really missed an opportunity moping

Mind you there's a nasty bug going round. And in a world-wide poll on kissing the Spanish didn't come out near the top.

But still.


What do you get when you kiss a guy?
you get enough germs to catch pneumonia
after you do he'll never phone ya ...

Anyone old enough to recognize those lyrics - kiss

Comments (83)

I only share germs when I know somebody well enough to know what germs he'd be sharing with me snooty
You still ginger?
Haha you have a whole MONTH for snogging gingers at will, be kind laugh

I'd risk a germ or two. But the lurgy doing the rounds is pretty nasty, by all accounts. I've been hiding indoors.

Maybe dodged a bullet there. With any luck I'll still have some ginger left for next year *squints at a strand of hair nervously*
Ha Itchy I answered your question in my last comment. Not as ginger as it was. I'm rapidly going, um, blonde. Or white, in which case I will sue my Spanish builder, all his fault very mad
As long as the rugs match the curtains.
Pat, that's a good point. That which has faced 4 months now of sunshine must be sun-streaked, if it was white the collars and cuffs would be a perfect match.

I feel better now. hug

I have a marmalade (ginger) cat with swirls of colour, when he was a kitten my hair matched his darkest stripes, now I match his paler stripes

laugh laugh well good luck with the summons thumbs up
Well this blog was a bummer. Not even a consolatory belated cyber kiss. Huh.


You may need to join a naturist society to balance things out, or bleach it.
Would a lezzer kiss do?

My aim is to please and serve, bif. One kiss from a ginger coming up.


In your debt, at your service.
Effing internet - getting worse and worse. very mad
Pat, the next time someone expresses an interest in seeing both I'll explain the situation.
here's some vodka=flavored kisskiss laugh
Molly, hell yes, ta very much

Any germs I should know about? uh oh
Just bleach it. If it does not work out, you can always pretend to be Swedish.
Hello,wave Its no kiss anyone season here,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Between the flu, cold season and pneumonia , you don t know what you ll catchconfused
I'm pretty germ-free at the moment as I haven't been getting any foreign deposits lately moping
rolling on the floor laughing So you are a bit upset now because you did not get kissed?
Yeah that is a bummer.
Why don't you start this ginger day in Spain, I bet they would like this idea

dancing cheering applause wave hug
Tokyo, DOUBLE sparks! No wonder my internet has crashed 4 times in the last 10 minutes!

kiss kiss
5 times *sigh*

Crazy, damn the women are really stepping up to the plate! *hic*

1to1, but we can keep each other warm?

But sure. Air kisses it is kiss
Molly, in that case I'd like another grin
BC, they might suspect my agenda laugh
It's January Sales time

Here's 3 for the price of 1

lips lips lips
Molly, I love a good sale applause
So do I, Mimi cheering

I've banned myself from them for the rest of the month. I'd have to file bankruptcy otherwise laugh
FFS I haven't managed a comment yet without crashing

Taking the kisses I got off to dreamland with me daydream

Listen, listen, go kiss a ginger. Tell them sorry you're late but better late than never laugh
Too many ginges here to start.

I'll leave it to others

However, since Ed Sheeran became popular, gingers have risen in popularity

If I ever get to Ireland, best to come during no sale! grin I don't trust myself! laugh
Less of the 'if' , more of the 'when' professor
rolling on the floor laughing

'When' I've convinced Art to bring me to Ireland and then hop over to Spain!

To be able to do that, he'd need to come out of retirement and take up 2 jobs! My poor Arty.....comfort
Retirement is boring anyway grin
Ooohhhh no. Arty keep himself busy...and his hands busy wink

I mean, he fixes things around his house and other people's house grin
My dad was never as busy as when he retired either
Do ginger bread Men/Women count dunno

Only on nibble a ginger day grin
That's crumby laugh hug
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