How would we know if anyone of us has gone to the great beyond, who would let us know?

If I disappear from the blogs you would not know if I left for good, just gone for awhile, or if I died.

Itchy was telling that if something would happen to Nam, his son would let her know, that is good to know
This brought the thought to me of who else would let us know when it was you who left us for good?
In my case no one would let you know as my hubby, as inteligent as he is, would not know how to let you know if I excaped this planet and traded it in for a better place.
He knows how to turn the computer on and off, how to email and Google and he tells me, that is all he wants to know. .............And that is that rolling on the floor laughing

Perhaps I should not care ................I can be such a sentimental slob at times..............crying
Other times I can be hard as stay on my good side.........rolling on the floor laughing


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I'd think it depends largely on whether if you chat with fellow bloggers off the blogs/forums?

You'd most likely know if you're friends on FB or other social media outlets.

Well, if you don't have all that.....I guess nobody would ever know....sad flower
Good point mimi well I don't go too FB, or twiter or whatever.
Truth be known I was planning to disappear for awhile again.
Hubby does not like it when I am on the computer that much.
He sleeps a lot so I "sneak" out than.

When someone says; ?Hey I am leaving" We often see it as that person wants to know
who cares if he stays or goes right?

cheering banana dancing wave

I was thinking, if I should disappear into the great beyond. Who is going to let ME know? dunno
Robert I will ask when I am in heaven, if you have arrived yet..............will that work?

cheering wave banana applause
Hi dear,
I would say that if you abandon this planet to a better place,then no need to recontact this planet again!
I suggest that you enjoy the new place,you probably will find more variety of good companions at the new place!
REgards and wishes that the abandonment be smooth and easy ,this is the question,once the passage is over you dont need to remember this planet any more for im sure any other place will be much better!
Best wishes in a nice trip!THere will be new space ,new time and different dimensions!
wave kiss
Somehow you missed the point that I was trying to make about how others would know where I was
Lol, I might not care but my friends might
Rest asured I have made my reservation some time ago my place is ready.
In my Fathers house are many mansions, so I have already a home too

wave wave wave
The simple truth is, nobody would know.
Unless you are in contact with members outside of here, you would just slip away.
I am sure members have moved on without us being aware of it in the past, and will again in the future.
Britishcolumbiam . why worry about
Let's try this again , these touchscreen phones ,lol .
Why worry about death , when there is so much yi live for .
Mind you I understand what you are saying , forget about that and lose no sleep over it .
What is to be , must be .
Live , laugh , take each day as it comes .
And somehow news fines it way .
There is no point wasting time thinking about things that we do not have a solution for .
Hi BC, just thinking about the members that have passed.

Some people are in contact on Facebook - one member that passed away was on Facebook and connected to others and word spread when one of the children posted the sad news on their account.

In another case, people knew that one member was seriously ill and when he stopped posting, one member that was in personal contact with him and knew his name, googled the obituaries in his area and came across his name.

I think if you are not in contact like mentioned before with others it could happen that no one knows. If you are, people might check with you especially if they know if you were sick. handshake
There are a few who have left for ages, and come back long after I'd assumed they'd shuffled off this mortal coil. Most of the time we wouldn't know. Had they taken the huff? Fallen in love? Just been too busy?

I very much hope my death would be reported on a blog, i'd like to think there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth, sackcloth and ashes, lots of tears and some maudlin postings of Queen's 'who wants to live forever?' but the reality is that the few people I know in real life wouldn't bother to let CS know.


Equally the few I know in real life can count on me for a RIP blog and therefore probably would leave instructions not to let me know
laugh @ Biff

I will write your fecking obituary roll eyes

Although knowing you, you would want to write it yourself, in case I didn't say enough good things about you tongue
There would be Biff, but I hope you'll be knocking around for a long time to come. hug

I think sharing grief is a normal human reaction and the way to share this on CS, would be a blog. handshake
Nah, I'll trust you with it. Really you could just say Biff has pegged it, and then let the comments say it all, no?

The way I feel today, you could be doing it sooner than you think.

I reached for the cough syrup in the wee hours (for about the 10th time) and instead knocked it to the floor. Crash, smash, the smell of syrupy cherries filled the room, good GRIEF.
I would like to think I could write a more eloquent blog than 'Biff has pegged it' snooty

Bummer on the cough syrup. I hate cleaning up sticky messes mumbling

Go for the whiskey option. I hate whiskey myself, but a hot whiskey with cloves and lemon works wonders
Aw KN I'm in no particular hurry, a year or two more would be fine laugh

BC does make a good point, though, we should consider having an email contact so our families can let a CS member know. We're an odd dysfunctional sort of family, but we are a family.
Molly, I left the sticky mess to the morning laugh

I shall prepare a thermos of hot whisky for tonight. Sounds disgusting but hey, I'll try anything at this point.

I am here because I am patiently waiting for schoolchildren with shining faces to turn up for English lessons. So far none, but Microsoft crashed during what would have been a class and is still off. I am now using Google Chrome. Anyone else on Microsoft Edge at the moment?
Microsoft Edge is the default browser on my laptop, but I never use it.

I tend to use Firefox, or alternatively Chrome, most of the time
Some CS'ers are from the same town, but not posting - not sure if someone would bother. I do have CS'ers on my Facebook page, people would hear if something happened to me.

Don't go yet Biff - try Nurofen tablets for cold & flu, himself said they helped a good bit when he had the flu. conversing
You guys are very funny thanks for making me laugh.
Yeah I see where you are heading with this.
Okay we will know from some and won't from others..............

I myself was not planning to push up daisy's yet.
As a matter of fact I want to keep living longer If for no other reason than letting my relatives wait longer for their inherintance. Joke, joke..........rolling on the floor laughing

Interesting BC...we are all (or most) very close friends to one is natural to want to know our friends are safe.

Bc wave When I die and meet my maker I am going to plead.....Please let me post just one more blog....laugh
When I go into the hereafter or where ever I should end up i hope it's a better place then it has been on this earth.
At the end of the day everyone wants to think they will be remembered.
CS is no different people come and go and CS keeps rumbling alone
There are plenty to fill the empty spaces

That is how I feel too Johnny, you get to like certain people and root for them when they are hurting and like
Nam, where is that guy? We want to know where and how he is because we care wave wave wave
plavitrol Yes can be replaced......
well been here about 15 years still remember the fun we had with some and yes still miss them.

Who remembers Summer and the Captain?

We had doctors and a few lawyers too, wave wave wave
hi BC
Oh, I'll inform everybody that I have died. I'm so used to it that I'll keep on typing long after rigor mortis has set in.laugh

but over and above that, I know where I will be going if there is an afterlife. I understand Uncle Jimmy has a special air-conditioned room there where all bloggers are sitting with 8 bit PCXTs fitted with 32k modems. From the latest reports there is only one PC for every hundred bloggers but these PC's are strictly rotated so everybody get an equal time every day, Sundays included. So be sure that I'll post a blog from time to time.

Actually, I'm very suspicious of these very short blogs or those only containing a photo or a video. They may well originate from there. We never know if the people are where they say they are.laugh
I guess unless u were in contact with someone privately u wouldnt know BC.

Are u taking a break?

Have u not thought about how i will cope without ur threads?

So selfish doh

Im kidding.

I hope u enjoy ur break if ur taking one.
I feel one coming on myself but chatting for me is too addictive laugh
Hello British, can't delay here for too long but just to let you know, I think you misunderstood me (possibly my fault for not explaining myself better) but I do not know for certain Nam's son WOULD let me know.

The last time his son was in touch with me only came about because he had checked his fathers (Nams) mail, obviously he had seen the many I had sent, so decided to open and read for all right reasons of course, he replied to me from Nams email, thats how I came to know about Nam being in a coma.

I've emailed Nam every day since and to date unfortunately still no reply, If he's taking a break from CS I honestly don't know "but I doubt that" but its no contact elsewhere and from his son either that has me thinking its all down to electricity, damaged lines/wires resulting in power shortage in some area's, possibly none.

Think about it... NOT hearing from the son is a good sign our Nam is well & alright....
so try not to worry too much little Jenny comfort hug

Now as for the rest, as in the spirit in the sky....roll eyes
I'm not going to die till the spring of 2025 but should I kick the bucket before my due date chats" is here, plus another sister is as well but since neither of both are very reliable to break the good or bad news, I've always got my very good reliable friend GG who I'm sure will let you know I'm out of here flying off to a better place...Only this time without the broom .... angel
If you arrive later than me, you will find me there, you will know Jenny. But someone said I am not going to heaven.laugh

hug bouquet
In the past 4 or 6 years there have been several instances of CS members dying and their accounts remaining as active until someone presents proof positive to the CS owners the account holder is dead. Loosely summed up the value of a web site is tied to how many registered users it has. There is no fiscal advantage in purging the membership roles of deceased or inactive members. The more members the web site can claim, the more money they can charge advertisers for the advertisements placed on the website and the more money that can be charged when the website name is sold.

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