Killer flu - a warning

In 1918 Spanish flu swept the world, killing an estimated 50 million people.

100 years later, Aussie flu (as it is called except in the US) is knocking people down like ninepins. Some aren’t getting up.

We live in an age where exaggeration is rife, everything is the biggest and the best and the worst, so when people say this is the next Spanish flu, well, take everything said with a pinch of salt. Whatever you call it, it is a type A influenza, H3N2, bad news.

This isn’t usual flu. It isn’t even man flu. It’s worse.

In the US it has become the most widespread in 12 years, affecting all but 2 states (as at 2 days ago) and has officially been declared an epidemic. It has been spreading in the UK and Europe for a bit longer, and the mutating virus is becoming more serious.

H3N2 flu has been around since late 2017 but it won't go away and is spreading worldwide. Some doctors are treating with antibiotics, others say it is mutating so fast that antibiotics won’t help.

Don’t tough it out. Those with bad cases couldn't go out if they wanted to, they are too weak, but keep warm, take plenty of liquids, treat the symptoms and don’t push yourself. This one is bad.

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Good morning Biff! wave

Well.... I´ve been in contact with the "virus" many times and haven´t got it. In fact, I haven´t had the flu for years- applause

I have such a strong anti-virus that nothing will attack me! Not even a man! laugh
I usually get the 'feel bad or miserable' symtoms in the afternoon. After a good sleep my cold or whatever is gone with the wind. Hope it stays that way.laugh Take carebouquet
Yep, people have died. wow

It seems to be a bad one - kiddo was sick for over a week with high fever and asked to go to bed early every night. Himself was sick as well and he said it's quite painful - Nurofen helped both of them.

I have no idea why I didn't catch it yet. confused

We both got the flu injection - himself in Ireland and I got it in Germany - would be interesting if these 2 countries used different strains in their vaccine?

Hope you're feeling better soon. wave
Am worrying for my Arty...... blues
Hey, Daniela, keep strong laugh

I haven't had flu since I was 11 and don't have it now but a friend does have it and is completely struck down, weak as a kitten. So I looked it up and found all the above info, golly. Statistically at least some of us on CS will get it.

uh oh
Luke, that's the usual, and luckily you guys are in summer, not in this unusually cold winter, you should duck any issues yay
KN, phew, glad the German vaccine has kicked in and meant you could be a full-time nurse!

It is spreading, though, and so many of us are used to swine flu and bird flu etc etc which for most is a couple of days of sniffles, then bouncing back, that it can be ignored in the early stages. Lots of babying ourselves, people grin Perfect excuse to take to your bed with hot chocolate and a good book for a day or two ...
Mimi, keep him indoors on skype to you and safely out of harm's way ... hug
It seems to be more than just the sniffles, himself was in pain and feeling dreadful and the kiddo simply looked terrible. blues

Tbh, I don't think I'll take 1 or 2 days in bed with a book of this stuff if I can avoid it. help
KN, yes, this one is WAY worse

What I meant was keep a careful eye on symptoms, don't just shrug off the first signs as just another cold!
You're right - normally himself would have gone to bed and rest until it gets better. A GP on the radio gave recommendations what to take and I got it in the pharmacy for himself. It did work for him.

If someone gets really weak or high fever, I would send them to the doctor. conversing
KN, what were the recommendations? Buddy is refusing to go to the doctor.
wave boffin

Influenza A sub type H3N2

Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 (A/H3N2) is a subtype of viruses that causesinfluenza (flu). H3N2 Viruses can infect birds and mammals. In birds, humans, andpigs, the virus has mutated into many strains. H3N2 is increasingly abundant inseasonal influenza.


H3N2 is a subtype of the viral genus Influenza virus A, which is an important cause ofhuman influenza. Its name derives from the forms of the two kinds of proteins on the surface of its coat, hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). By reassortment, H3N2 exchanges genes for internal proteins with other influenza subtypes.

Seasonal H3N2 flu

Seasonal influenza kills an estimated 36,000 people in the United States each year. Flu vaccines are based on predicting which "mutants" of H1N1, H3N2, H1N2, andinfluenza B will proliferate in the next season. Separate vaccines are developed for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in preparation for their annual epidemics. In the tropics, influenza shows no clear seasonality. In the past ten years, H3N2 has tended to dominate in prevalence over H1N1, H1N2, and influenza B. Measured resistance to the standard antiviral drugs amantadine and rimantadine in H3N2 has increased from 1% in 1994 to 12% in 2003 to 91% in 2005.

Seasonal H3N2 flu is a human flu from H3N2 that is slightly different from one of the previous year's flu season H3N2 variants. Seasonal influenza viruses flow out of overlapping epidemics in East Asia and Southeast Asia, then trickle around the globe before dying off. Identifying the source of the viruses allows global health officials to better predict which viruses are most likely to cause the most disease over the next year. An analysis of 13,000 samples of influenza A/H3N2 virus that were collected across six continents from 2002 to 2007 by the WHO's Global Influenza Surveillance Network showed the newly emerging strains of H3N2 appeared in East and Southeast Asian countries about six to 9 months earlier than anywhere else. The strains generally reached Australia and New Zealand next, followed by North America and Europe. The new variants typically reached South America after an additional six to 9 months, the group reported.
- Wikipedia
See also -
Recent report from U.S. Center For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)...

Ah ah ah aah Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Choooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! sleep
Donald Trump gets the best flu,
Hi Biff, that flu has hit here too.
But luckily I, nor any of my family, have been struck down by it.
I only got the flu once in my life. It is horrible.You want to die you are so sick.
That is why it annoys me when people who have a cold say they have the flu! There is absolutely no comparison.
Hi Biff
It is the Aliens transport trying to exterminate us. The Anunaki said they were coming back.professor
run for the hills.
Mick, thanks for all the data uh oh

I shoulda done my homework better ... but even those calm and measured reports are saying it is not good news for the populace at large.
Non! *emerges cautiously from behind sofa* gesundheit! blimey!
I want to know why nurses these days wear boring trousers and long shirt type things. My taxes would be better spent on some decent lingerie!professor
And Non I think you'll find he gets the bigliest scold

Baig, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to look like Melania for just a day or two. Anyone, really, who lives in the world of the beautiful. Wouldn't want her life, though, not even for a day or two. uh oh
Molly, agreed, a few aches and pains and feeling crap simply doesn't cut it, true flu is terrifying.

Once I faked it at boarding school because kids were being sent home which seemed like a good idea. I was put in the san for 2 days with the sick kids and really did get it, ye gods. Thought I would die. Wanted to die. And yes I was sent home but by then I didn't care, too busy dying ...
Cat, they failed in 1918 and they shall fail now. snooty

We shall fight them on the beaches etc etc

Apparently you guys, by contrast, are being whacked with a fairly horrible gastro, or is that confined to Natal? Safest probably to shoot anyone from Natal, if so.
B, the lingerie is there, and if you have reached the point where you lose the will to live, they open a few buttons. It's drastic, but is saving lives.
A friend and his wife just left here about ten minutes ago. He's in a terrible condition. Working stomach, heavy perspiring, fever etc.I told him to go and see a quack. I did not connect it to the thing in the Republic of Natalia but now I wonder...

I hope it is not contagious.hole
Cat, exceptionally contagious, and keeps returning wow

Good luck, sunshine. Hope your immune system is in tiptop condition comfort
Good afternoon all....
Is this still about flu or are you girls just after beefcake?

Flu wise, Contacts and family have this dreaded flu, my sister has been to the doctor who said antibiotics wont work due the the vast amount of strains this virus has.

Ive had a cold now and again but we are experiencing sun zero temperatures at night and cold foggy days, very unusual for my neck of the woods.

My advice, start wearing a paper mask when out, it will help keep these nasty germs away, and you would look
Spanish flue is one of the best examples of exageration, every year is killing more people. There were no stadisticts, and exagerating is becoming also related to other interests. An example: the terrible doom, the bird flu was going to kill all of us, but somehow (like the 2000 computer issue) it did just make a hole in the finances of many health services. In Spain, it also made a terrible damage to those breeding chicken, the complete sector collapsed. When the pork flu came, several year lates, it was called pork flu everywhere, but in Spain, The pork farm sector is closely related with the provinces where an specific party has a majority, and newspapers and tv news were very careful about not relating the flue with pigs, pork, sousages, whatever.
In any case, the problem with flue this year is, that the vaccine made for treating the people with risk factors (pregnant women, elder people, inmunosupressed, etc.) is not effective, so that a bigger rate of deaths is lquite clear. But the flu is not worse for the people out of those sectors. Every year, the WHO decides the strains to be used for the vaccine, and this year they failed, and the strain hitting is one that was not foreseen.
Hello lovely Map reunion you should visit more often.

My poor blog has become entirely louche. Before we leave that topic though, I do feel Sorbo will be better than Goldblum when it comes to fighting germs, he looks more cuddly and cuddly, as Molly didn't actually say, is the trick here.

I went out an hour ago to fetch shower trays with a scarf fetchingly draped over nose and mouth. I think they thought for a moment I was holding the place up, though.
Hiya Biff, wave himself said the Nurofen for cold & flu helped (when they kicked in, he said it felt like a cold and the aches were suppressed). It also keeps down fever. 2 tablets 3 times a day when it's bad. It can be hard on the stomach though. conversing
Liam, agreed and I did say in my blog that we are constantly being hit with hyperbole.

However those stats Mick provided do show that this is an epidemic? And in reassuringly non-excitable format, too.

All I wanted to do with the blog was say that if you start coming down with a cold, there's a nasty around. Keep an eye on your symptoms. Even the cold isn't much fun, I don't usually get colds but this one sneaked in under the radar. The full-on flu is a dragon.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along cool

*cough cough*

*clutches ribs as they try to spring free of chest*

KN, will get more, it's the fever that leaves victims so completely wiped out, thank you!


I tried my first Spanish cough syrup last night, it is pure, solid, sugar. It even tastes grainy. Ew! And that was the pharmacist's recommended one, too.

Most of the adult cough sirups don't taste nice. (I do find Spanish and Italian sweets excessively sugary). Himself got a kiddy cough bottle from the health shop but it must have been a different variety than before - apparently it's yukky and someone doesn't want it. laugh

Last time I had a cold I tried the inhaling thing - salt & rosemary essential oils in hot water, worked pretty well to keep the sinuses from blocking. conversing
Hey, EB. Yep, it is a nasty one, and good advice. Get into the sawbones without delay more so if in the critical age ranges, and at the first sign of symptoms and signs. But typical antibiotics aren't for viruses. Currrent knowledge thinks they shouldn't be used for influenza, unless complicated by bacterial pneumonia, a really bad place to be, esp. if very young or old. A-V.
KN so far sniffles aren't a problem, but the inhaling is good, have done it in the past

There is, or was, a South African cough syrup called Choates Lettuce cough syrup which seemed to me to work miracles and tasted ok. I would quite cheerfully mug someone for a bottle of it now but never saw it in any other country.

Fortunately I still have a bottle of cherry brandy is my small selection of spirits. May not soothe the cough but half a glass and there is no pain laugh
Hey Vier, critical is over 65, under 10, or with asthma and complicating conditions, yeah?

The problem is that the opening symptoms are so mild, same as any other cold, and by the time you're on the floor crawling to the doctor has its own challenges ...

We'll all get through this. But statistically some on CS are going to get it, and a couple will get it badly.

uh oh
thumbs up
Non, I had to re-read all the comments to see what you were ahing about

I thought you were sticking out your tongue and saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh but you wouldn't have done that until I put on my nurse outfit, right?

So I had to re-read the whole thing laugh Bigly. Got it. Happy to help on the mot juste.
Cheers Biff. wine

Anyone can post up a bottle? conversing

Tried Biltong for the first time last Saturday - it's an hmmmm acquired taste. conversing
KN, hahaa!

Beef? game? ostrich?
dry? semi-dry?

yes it isn't to everyone's taste, it's quite strong and can be salty but beef semi-dry cut into slices so your jaws don't go into meltdown - mmmmmmm - daydream

Don't force yourself, though. Send the rest to me laugh
farhangee: "Help!!!"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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