How to Win Pens and Influence Beetles

Emily’s bottom draw was full of pens. Not her pens, other people’s pens - her colleague’s pens. She calculated that over the the course of the last six months she had pilfered on average at least five pens from each of her fellow office workers at a cost to the company $131.80 in added stationary. Emily was very good at math.

But this business overspend wouldn’t attract any more attention than the theft that eroded the company coffers in the first place, because not only was Emily very good at math, she was also perfectly faceless. Nature had bestowed upon the young woman an impenetrable cloak of invisibility. She is even ignored by Lecherous Larry the dirty old salesman who’d been caught “seeing to himself” after the last office party when he thought everyone to drunk to notice. Old Larry leered at every woman in the office in shamefully wicked ways, but not at our Emily. No, nobody noticed Emily,not even Larry the lech.

Alejandro patrols the glass case that sits on the back corner of Emily’s desk with masculine authority, his prodigious spur a warning to any that might consider entering his domain that this rhinoceros beetle is a dynastid not to be reckoned with. The fluorescent lights of the office offer a glorious sheen to his already magnificent black armor making him appear magical. Emily thought him magical.

She often thought what it might be like if Alejandro were the size of a small car, the size of a volkswagen beetle. She would make a saddle and harness and fly Alejandro to all of the wonderful places in the world she had heard her female co-workers talk about. Santorini, Saint Barts, Tuscany, Venice…..she would see them all. Even lecherous Larry would notice her then, wouldn’t he?

But for now Emily would steal their pens, imagine being asked in the morning how her night had been,wonder of places she would never see and pretend she too was ogled by Larry.

Emily and Alejandro would fly in her dreams.

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Emily seems perfectly comfortable in her world, without the attention.

I think I would be too.

You're a talented writer Tokyo....not that I have experience in that field....but your stories captivate the audience....their imagination.
Hey Berry - Emily has a little bit of her colleagues in the draw. And in her dreams not only does she go to places her workmates go, she does it on a the back of a beetle. Emily wins in her mind. I guess we all compensate at some time.
There is an Emily in every office.

I would prefer to be overlooked by Larry myself

I hope her dreams don't end.


I hope nobody is left without a dream that needs one..
I kind of enjoyed that.

Wish I was invisible at times but unfortunately I have a face that reminds everybody of a bicycle pedal. Especially if i go to a bar.thumbs up cheers
Luke, always remember, one cannot cycle a bicycle without a pedal professor

Poor depressed and repressed little Emily,
I wonder if she likes the pink floyd song that shares her name. I expect she does and probably hears it constantly in her mind .
More importantly I ask when I contemplate her demeanor will her compulsion extend beyond pens.
Or has it already dunno

Oh what a tangled web indeed TR. wine
Hi Moll, thanks that makes me feel a whole lot better...laugh
Nice story Tokyo, hope you do not mind I add a couple of lines to your wonderful story....

Catherine was a freelance manager from their foreign headhunters office, she had noticed Emily and used to think about her from time to time, Catherine was expecting to offer her an opportunity for a better job as soon as there was any available position in her files, but she knew Emily had zero interest in moving her life and family away to any other country even if we offered her a CEO vacant. She was overqualified for the job she had been doing but ...location was an issue.

One day when Catherine was sent to check Emily´s office back again, she met Alejandro in the dark smoking area, she initiated a conversation with him keeping in mind the idea of letting him know why he should consider Emily as the perfect person to become General Manager of his new company, Catherine had read the news as soon as he arrived to town, he was very graphic and explicit about those qualities his personnel should have. Catherine had a chicken heart...yeah yeah one of those people who want to help others just because! kind of naive that Catherine, but let´s get back to Emily.

Alejandro was so blind, arrogant and confident, he wanted to recruit his personnel by his own...
Catherine was very busy at her time, she had a deadline over her shoulders, need to fullfill her own job and this office wasn´t listed as a priority for her bosses.

Catherine said to herself, ahh Emily if you only knew how many icepicks I´ve collected after been collected pens for years probably would stop doing that.

Catherine got back to her job and forgot about Emily, her pens, Alejandro and his arrogance. She wanted to change the world and had a partner to accomplish that mission (or that she thought) but her partner was a dreamer and from time to time experienced fire works in his head, kind of mad his partner was lol! but she was sure he was the perfect one, wasn´t been her partner if he wasn´t that way. No for nothing she had her own bottom draw full of pens and icepicks....

....well if her partner never come back, she can always could change her job, spending her time with whiskeys & stories, no way she won´t use those ice picks and pens she paid so much for.... ahhh that freking Catherine, she was a dreamer too.

Alejandro is a big good wolf. I´m sure he would find the way but if the doesn´t, there is always the chance of an indecent proposal....what could mean a million dollars if we are taling about love heart wings
Hi Luke - Just pretend you're invisible. It will be a bit weird, but then what's weird anymore.

Non - I have a suspicion Emily will up the ante steadily, accumulating all manner of workmates personal items until she has some kind of office shrine at home. I think she will also obsessively build on her beetle collection.
cach - Ha. I've never had anyone write their own next chapter. I have a suspicion you would be a hoot to get drunk with one Sunday afternoon.
I´m a witch TokyoRouge, a good one, or that´s who I decided to be grin

.....don´t miss that chance to visit Pakistan joy
I always put pens in my hand bag when I am given one to sign. Not deliberately, but absent minded. Some I run and return, some they come looking for, some I have.

As long as Emily doesn't long to be noticed by Larry, I don't see a problem there.

But will Alejandro notice her?

Invisibility is not a bad thing. I like to have a cloak, if you are weaving them please.laugh

I'm only weaving my magic at the moment. Would you like some of that?
MrRick77: "A PUPPY"(meet us in the puzzles)

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