Now that I have retired and only work one day a week I am a People Greeter, yes this job started off as greeting people when they enter the store now we check receipts of customers when they are leaving the store.

Times have changed for sure there was this time when people could be trusted and now it is where all eyes are on you with cameras in store and now you get checked leaving the store.

You come across three kind of people, one are honest and don't care if you check there receipt and the second get upset with you cause you make them think they are stealing, and the third is just stealing.

It has come to a sad time that a few can make the rest of good people feel that the times has come to no trust no matter what.

Now it has also come to the time that you just can't really know who is honest and who is not, I don't know if it is the economy and people just don't have money or is it just people that times have changed.

This is a true story

A elderly lady was coming toward me and I was thinking what a lovely sweet looking elderly woman I just know is someone sweet loving grand mother, and as she came to me I asked can I see your receipt ? she hesitated for a moment and then gave me here receipt and I looked at it but not really looking at it cause she was so honestly looking and handed back the receipt and said to her Thank You.

She took a couple of steps away then turned back to me and said.....JACK a**.....

yes sometimes you don't catch a Thief but you get another nick name


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As I was heading out to the entrance of a store the other day a greeter wanted to check someone's receipt and that person had a total meltdown.

Obviously it's become a society of bad people who will rob someone blind if given the chance.

People want what they want regardless.
Hi Bear, yes we get cussed out and some even have come to almost fights, but I don't never let it get that far the first sign of a problem I just say thank you and let them go on there merry way. not worth dying over cause you never know people these day in time.
Yes it's a pretty scary world out there anymore.

In my area especially at night there are a few businesses who have to have police officers come into their stores in case there is a problem with shoppers and such.
Yes here we use to have a Denny's open 24 hours, on the weekend they would have to have police there cause of the drunks that come in after bar would close. And our Huddle House closes at 12 at night so they don't have the problem.
Sometimes the innocent looking ones are the culprit .
But they charge at the bulldog .
Hi Stringman, yes we are not to ask for receipts if everything is bagged but only for items not bagged, and yes they can refuse to show you there receipt if they want. my point is how angry people can be for asking them, and also how some are polite. it takes all kind I guess.

Thanks for sharing video thumbs up
The greeters do check for a receipt only if something isn't bagged and usually if it's electronic items they do that with.
Hi Ann, yes they will and sometimes work in pairs so one will try to distract you.
Yes bear only items not bagged, I try to use common sense sometimes when they come out with items like water I don't ask cause it is something that can't be bagged and I just feel if the cashier didn't caych it it is ok.
When we were working at a building site, going to the hardware store a lot, the guy there was taking it too seriously. So I nicknamed him the enforcer, and it became a game to see if we could get away before he checked. We were buying on account and definitely not stealing anything, just getting a laugh...
Hi Pat wave We have a couple who take it real serious also, I have seen them almost running up to customers and they have been threated buy customers and even reported to management. don't make sense to me it is not worth all that to me, let them go..

laugh did he ever catch you
Yeah, he usually got to check everything out. He must have seen it was a game, we'd be rushing to get bags of concrete on the truck, then quickly drive away laughing as he approached. Once I referred to him with another staff member as the Enforcer, they had no idea who I was talking about.
the honest people don't want the greeter to check their receipt because they are honest and you do it because you feel it is your duty like a wearing a badge of honor for the store you work for thats why you get cussed one likes being subjected to being criminal when all they have done is spend money in the store besides all that they have security cameras.devil doh
Plavitrol, yes lets all be angry. thanks for you comment handshake
Pat, yes at first I thought he might have been a over weight man in a chase with you, or maybe following you with sirens and lights laugh
Hi Mystic, I agree that is why we changed from being greeters to checking receipts. I personaly don't agree with it and most of the time just use commonsense so there is no problem. But I do understand why people get upset cause you are right they just spent a lot of money that day and a lot during all there visits.

I guess it is just a no win situation you think handshake
If you wanted to check my receipt,
Id ask for you to first prove why you thought I had robbed something.
If you had no reason to believe I did then go play with your night stick.

Sounds like you love the illusion of the bit of power your corporate masters gave you.
Nazi bullshit.
Just doing my job idiocy.
Sad that you live in an Orwellian surveillance society where everyone else is under suspicion by you and you by them.

And speaking of Orwellian "People Greeter" shouldn't it be called Grand inquisitor or something.
Double speak at its best.

Ver are Zee papers roll eyes
Hi Non wave no Non if you read back in comments you will see where company changed us to that, and also said I do not agree, and even said I use common sense and don't check all that I am suppose to. I am also on camera. I would prefer you blame company and not me personally for what my job demands of me, trust me it is not me it is what they want and I take no pleasure in it. handshake

I guess this is what the world has come to. you think cheers
From what I've been hearing is that several Sam's club stores who are Walmart's sister stores are being shut down pretty much all over.So it appears that they won't be checking receipts as once was the case.
that's very awkward job you have there but you're doing OK by being nice to the customershug

There are security cameras all over the store? if so, do they really have a need to check receipt? Many people will find it offensive and they won't come back to shop again. I haven't encountered any checker here in Jordan, I go from Mall to mall and big stores here but the moment I paid and they bagged my purchases, I'm free to go...would sometimes ask to double bagged my heavy purchases...and baggers here also take your stuffs to the car if you need help, when I have a lot, I;m grateful for that...but also, I try to make their day by giving them a little something for being helpfulgrin
Bear, yes fro what I understand they are shutting down a lot of Sam's stores, but also heard they are going to change them over to stores like Amozon for mostly online orders, and the people there can re apply for a job there, but you and I know they will not need as many as they had in Sam's.

I have been with Wal Mart for 14 years and have seen so many changes. not the place I started out with.
Hi CH hug the thing most people don't know is yes we have cameras but we don't have people just sitting in there watching them at least not in our store. security is out on the floor looking and mostly just go in to watch cameras when they have seen something to watch. but cameras is mostly used to present a case against someone. A lot of people don't know that there is no one watching cameras all the time, and we even have a person who will go on intercom and say scan section a or maybe b and so on when there is no section. this is to make customers think they are being watched.
Ch, and yes we do double bagging and will help you to take your items out to your car if need so, but no one is allowed to except any money from you it is a customer service.
It does not matter what your company changed, you chose to do what you do.
And They should change the title of the job description to fit its purpose.
You yourself have the option to say this not what I signed up for and walk. Or stay and Admit to your position.
Just because you decide to smile while you denigrate someones rights does not excuse it.

Look at your blog, you are blaming people who are standing up for their rights,
for being angry for expecting their rights to be respected. Its more your fault than it is theirs.

You mention that only the first type are honest. Are the second type not honest. dunno

I know you are a good guy Wen.
But hey good men can do horrendous things.
Many good people did nothing but their little jobs in The Third reich.

If you ask me you should be getting two wages ,
One for greeting on the way in.
And another for being a security guard on the way out.
Does your store have Security guards.

Like I said sucks that you are expected to do that part of the job. handshake cheers
Ah!!!! Wen joy

Old sweet ladies are full of surprises, I have always think when my time comes, I will better hide myself from society lol! consider yourself lucky my gentleman, it could have been worst lol!

I wish I would have one of my cakes filled with peanut butter and crunchy nuts, two big coffees in front of us and then we could have a long chat smile but we have not, so it´s ok. You are a kind man, keep doing your job following what your gentle heart tells you better do.

Hi Cach wave yes sweet elderly ladies will surprise you, I was so shocked I could not even have something to come back to say laugh

Love the peanut butter and nuts cake with coffee.

I tried to email you earlier. you had said one time about the story of your mother you would tell me and I was just emailing you to say yes I would really love to hear it, but I could not send for the restriction you have on emails.

I know that Meijer stores do have walk about human store security catching shoplifters.They dress just like a regular customer and just browse around.

One evening a guy tried to walk out with over thirty dollars worth of steaks but they caught him.
Hi Non, you know I am retired and I only work one day and would like to keep it there, I have been there for 14 years and at my age can't just go out and get something that will suit me and my retirement. Yes I will be the first to say this company has went to being real bad from when I started. for what I make in one day I would have to work more days to make this money and that defeats my purpose of retirement.

I believe you know me and to be a part of there logic is not really mine. as I have said I do not agree and I have to do what I believe is right for me and to leave would not be. My brother I do see what you are saying and if I was at a younger age this subject would have never came up if you know what I mean.

Thank you Non for your comment, I know you mean well I have not doubt about that cheers
Thank you Wen,

Nop, almost nobody can get through my filters lol! and no one for sure wants to know about my mother LOL!
I said: mothers, in general, not mine.

I´ll write to you so we could chat, as I said, you are a gentleman and a kind person, there is no reason we can´t talk about my theory of "mothers changing the world for better" LOL!

Now, think twice about what Non says, his passionate comment could be part of a memorable speech, definetely something you should think about my friend ....thumbs up

Bear, yes that is how it is in our store, they are dressed in plain cloths and walking the store. not sitting just watching cameras
HI Cach, I am glad Non said what he said you know I am a respecter of person and there comments. I always learn thing here when I am wrong I am wrong but when I am right I am right. I can handle the truth. I can always tell when someone is telling you something with respect and when they are not.

if you asked to check my receipt, I'd say, "No Problem!"
And after, I'd give you a few clear pastic bags of weed, to impress the cameras watching you. rolling on the floor laughing

At a restaurant one evening, I complained to the waitress, "Hey, this soup has little bugs in it."

She answered, "Ah, they gave you the more expensive soup, the one with proteins in it. I'll just have to increase your bill for them little extras." doh
Hi Rob, rolling on the floor laughing I can't even imagine what the expression on my face would be. but I do know this I would probably shit and fall back in it. you got me there laugh

you never said did you eat the soup rolling on the floor laughing

they charged me extra for that soup, so heck, I had to. I wasn't going to let them cheat me. It was a matter of principals. or something like that. grin
Rob, you go man eat that soup, I would have done the same thing but would have offered other people a taste grin
Hello Wen wave As for a Greeter checking my receipt , I don t mind at all. And for those who complain about it, should be told of the dollar value of the shoplifted items . I ve know a few workers ,at prominent businesses around town, the shoplifting stories, the desperation of some of those shoplifters, and the value of shoplifted material is unreal.doh Back to those receipts being checked, there is a reason for it, and for how little time it takes, whats the fuss about.
You have a Good day Budcheers
Hi 1 my friend wave that is the reason for this checking receipts even though I don't like it but there is a lot of theft going on in our large retail company. they are looking out for there profit and that is what company's are out for to make money not loose it.

But it doesn't matter to me I show my receipt got nothing to hide, but I also feel for those that are honest and feel that this company wants to make sure they are honest. some do get very angry about this and I just try to calm the situation.

Thanks for you comment cheers

Yes, it's part of the customer service but it does make me feel good that I give back a little for their kindness and I also consider than most of these people don't make that much from their hard work, a little bit of kindness will make them it does warm the heart to know you made someone's day even in a tiny waygrin
CH, I agree with what you say and like the part as making someone have a better day. But company policy frowns on this.

here at my store if you work off the clock you can get into as much trouble as not working on the clock.

CH it is money not heart anymore devil
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