Now that I have retired and only work one day a week I am a People Greeter, yes this job started off as greeting people when they enter the store now we check receipts of customers when they are leaving the store.

Times have changed for sure there was this time when people could be trusted and now it is where all eyes are on you with cameras in store and now you get checked leaving the store.

You come across three kind of people, one are honest and don't care if you check there receipt and the second get upset with you cause you make them think they are stealing, and the third is just stealing.

It has come to a sad time that a few can make the rest of good people feel that the times has come to no trust no matter what.

Now it has also come to the time that you just can't really know who is honest and who is not, I don't know if it is the economy and people just don't have money or is it just people that times have changed.

This is a true story

A elderly lady was coming toward me and I was thinking what a lovely sweet looking elderly woman I just know is someone sweet loving grand mother, and as she came to me I asked can I see your receipt ? she hesitated for a moment and then gave me here receipt and I looked at it but not really looking at it cause she was so honestly looking and handed back the receipt and said to her Thank You.

She took a couple of steps away then turned back to me and said.....JACK a**.....

yes sometimes you don't catch a Thief but you get another nick name


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Agree with you Wen...shame, most of us people nowadays simply think of the has to in order to survive but in some places and for some people , hospitality, kindness, dignity, respect are still valued more over moneysigh
Ch, oh yes all that you said is more know as well as I do that money is not the rude of all evil, it is the LOVE of money is the rude of all evil. sad flower
What I find really rude is when I've overheard greeters welcome customers to a store that they never if ever respond to the particular greeter.
It's like they are in their own little bubble.
Well now that you are the " Greeter " or enforcer or whatever you like to be called now. I wonder if you ever think about that old Monty Python routine about the Spanish Inquisition. Ha Ha! no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! ! ! . . . . rolling on the floor laughing
Grouch, I don't know what you are really trying to say but if you feel good with it, so be it.

Thanks for your comment.
Bear, I can tell you for sure,, we see and hear it all laugh
wenever I'm sure you do and so have I heard .stuff that makes me say to myself.I didn't see or hear that.laugh
Bear,, oh yell thumbs up

You're right Wen.

Things have changed.

In a profit driven world, it's all about shrinking losses and of course raising revenues.

These documents will provide justice in job creations of receipt checkers.

42 billion lost every year from shoplifting.

On the other hand, the revenues of these stores specifically Wal-Mart alone, reaches the astronomical level of unheard heights that shoplifters are not even prosecuted. I heard this from my nephew who is employed as a shop lifting prevention team.

Now as the economy of any country gets worse, the higher the number of thieves become, for survival purposes.

In the US, we know welfare system is created to ensure good quality of life for all citizens. As a matter of fact there should be no one who needs to steal or starve to death.

We all know there are many of them who are in this situation to be abusing the system.

But going back to the changes that are happening, it's part of a culture that is evolving. Unstoppable changes. sad flower
Anytime that shoplifting occurs we the consumers suffer and then the prices go up.

I can recall back to the day when ground beef and chicken were cheap but through the years the cost of it went up.
Hi LJ wave what you just said is the truth, Wal Mart does not prosecute unless it runs up to a high amount, I know I have seen this with my own eyes. All people have the right to eat and I hope they do, but something is going wrong when they have to steal.

To be honest, I am really going with the thought of drug test to receive Welfare. We all know and see here, do you know what I mean handshake
Bear, you said the truth there thumbs up
I've been on both sides of that coin and thank goodness when my parents had a business that we never got robbed or nor did anyone attempt to shoplift.

If only we lived in a prefect but obviously we don't.
I've only ever shopped in one place where receipts were checked - Makro in SA - but everyone was checked, item by item. The queue to get out of the shop was longer than the queue to pay but it was across the board so we just sighed and waited.

I'm completely puzzled by your store's policy, though. Surely shoplifters wouldn't put what they had lifted into the trolley or shopping bag, surely it would be tucked into a pocket or a hidden bag? confused

I'd be irritated to be stopped, I think, although if the person was pleasant about it I'd try not to be rude. I do get irritated when I am stopped at airport security again and again and again - over the last 4 or 5 years I've flown probably 30 times and been sent for pat down about 28 times, my cabin luggage checked about 12 times, oh yeah and my cigarettes confiscated once but that was customs not security very mad

I guess I must look like an international terrorist. sigh

One guy in Scotland complained to the traffic cop who was ticketing him for speeding as cars zipped past them. 'Why me? Why not them? Not fair!'
'You ever go fishing?' the traffic cop asked him and he nodded, surprised.
'You catch all the fish?'
Hi Jackass Wen
Just shows that people are not always as kind as they appear to be. Not even old ladies.

I can imagine the surprise on your face.laugh
It is fairly common here so we are kind of used to it. They even check the stuff in the bags at some shops. There was a time when they demanded us to open our hand bags so they can have a look inside. Luckily that didn't last long as people got very upset about that.
Hi Biff. Yes some get irritated but I stay nice and just get them out in a hurry. I try to look at the expression on there face if I think there is going to be trouble I let them go on out, it just not worth the problem

Thanks for your comment. handshake
Catfoot. laugh yes never would have expected this from this elderly woman. I was shocked had nothing to respond. rolling on the floor laughing
Ekself. wave no we don't check in bags some will say the receipt is in one of the bags and I want touch the bags I let them get it. At one point they was wanting us to look into personal bags and women pocket bags but there was a lot of protest about that. I could just not do that. doh
"I Wont Go To Wal Mart"

"For That Exact Reason Wenny"

"There i Was...At The Check Out"

"Right In Front Of The Guy..... Who Checks Receipts"...(10 Feet Away)

"He Can See Me There....(We Made Eye Contact)..... Paying For What I Was Getting"

"Then............ When Im Leaving?'

"He Has To Look At My Receipt????!!!"

(Frig That!!!)....................detective
Nam,. I understand that was petty on his part. We have a couple who really take this to different level. It kinda makes it harder on us who try to just do our job with respect.
"Dont Get Me Wrong Here Wenny"

"I Know They Are Just Doing There Job"

"But I Dont Need To Be Giving The Look...As If Im A Conniving Thief..................................................................And His Look Is?"

"Im Going to Check You Out...You Look Suspicous!!"

("Of Course...If All The World")

("Was Full Of Wennys?")

"It Would Be......... A Drastic Improvement.................................detective
Nam. laugh thanks. You know they stopped having greeters at one point but I guess they thought they was loosing to much money by theft. But having greeters really don't make any difference I guess it is just to let people know they are going to be checked. I will be glad when they stop having greeters again.
A Walmart store in my area.Prior to closing time it seems some teens walked inside and set some pants on fire.There was an off duty police officer who caught and took them in custody.
Let me guess, You work for Wamart
@ just4you, Yes I do I am retired and still just work one day with Wal Mart now. There has been another development now they have stopped people greeters again so we are no longer checking receipts of customers. I am glad of this, but to keep in mind they have done this before and have started it back. dunno
Hello Wen
Sometimes we have to open our handbags.
I don't mind, I have nothing to hide
Those who object just have guilty consciences.
The often cause a scene to give a partner a chance to leave undetected.
Hi Bea wave you are right most don't mind you looking at receipts and so on, but some get very angry and feel offended at you checking them out. I am just glad we stopped it for now, and yes they will work in pairs just as you said. handshake
Sorry wenever didn't mean to bring this topic back up but I didn't wish to hijack your newest blog topic.

This past week I decided to approach a Walmart lady greeter cause I was curious.

I asked her how many incoming/outcoming customers ever took the time and courtesy to ever stop and wish her a good day too and said Thank You to her?

She responded to me that not many people even smile back to her they just keep walking on.
I haven't read everyone's comments, but I did read that you said you only check receipts of those items not bagged.

I have an issue with this and I got angry at the person asking for a receipt, although know it wasn't her fault, it was just her job.

As a business owner, when you are costing out your goods, you add the cost of the carry out bag into every single item in the store. If the bag costs you 1¢, chances are the store will add 5¢ into their cost and pass it along to the consumer accordingly. Every. Single. Item.

So, when the stores brought in their mandate that you either had to purchase one of their re-usable bags, bring your own, or pay ANOTHER 5¢ for a bag, I strongly object. It's a money grab, plain and simple. Don't tell me it's about the environment, because if it truly was, they would not be selling Glad Bags and kitchen catchers anymore.

Frequently I will shop and forget my reusable bags, which are always bags with a competitor's advertising on it. A competitor that doesn't charge for bags. What happens when I don't have a bag with me? The items go directly back into the cart to be bagged at the car.

My feeling is, the stores have created this mess themselves, by being so damn greedy in regards to the bags, I have zero sympathy for their predicament. Yes, it makes it easier for people to shoplift, but the stores policies are at fault for that.

If I decide to shop in a store, they'd best supply me with a bag or accept that I'm going to be insulted and mad as heck as I walk out the store with my cart full of unbagged groceries if you ask me for a receipt.

The stores simply found a way to not only save themselves money by not offering free bags, by charging for the bags, they found a way to not just save money, but to make it twice on the same item.
Hi BW and Ladyimp wave Thank you for your comment it came at a good time. thumbs up

The store keeps changing, when I posted this blog we was checking receipts, then we stopped now we are back doing it and I hate it.

I am retired but still work here one day a week, I like to keep my foot in the door you just never know that I might need them one day and that one day does help me with my income.

I now have to make a decision, I am miserable there and am thinking about giving this one day up. I have been battling with this for a month or so. I am trying to look at the pros and cons, but the most that comes to me is I am just not happy with this job and I have been with the company for 14 years
BW, Ladyimp, you might have been another sign for me. Thank you

When it comes to working/ public. Sure! We are going to run into all kind of people.

The good, bad and the nasty altitude people!......hug
Quit Wen.
Do not be part of them...get good financial advice to protect what it´s yours after 14 years of your life giving them your time & blood and let the pigs do their shit if they want to, but not you.
I know, I´m getting my nose in your business but you already know my issues with "authority" sigh
(feel free to ignore this message pls)
Good luck Wen!
Hi Angel, Good to see you and yes you are right. Me personally have to make a decision, and really tired of being miserably but I do want to make the right decision for me.

Hi Cach, I have almost decided to quit but don't like to rush but I think I have thought about this enough.

Thank you for commenting and I do listen to what you say, it was just the other day when you said close your eyes and jump, and that is what I am thinking.

Thank you. hug
Awwwwwwww I´m gonna give you a hug one day that will break your back my friend!!! yay
That´s the attitude! Go for it Wen...keep the good but do not let them get you, never!
Cach, I am going to hold you to that hug laugh and right back to you.

Got to go now need to pick up my mother for Church,

I have encountered bag checkers only when the machine goes off when I enter and exit I think its because of my keys anyway I don't have a problem having my bag or receipt checked, back home all stores ask for receipts while leaving the store.Pain tbh but I guess shoplifting is a problem for these stores.
Sad that the store's execs have made your job into policing the public...a greeter is not supposed to ask people to look into their bags or ask for proof of purchase...

Costco does that here but I do not buy in bulk so never had to give in to their demands...thumbs up

The stores are losing money that is the main reason for this type of tactic...but we shoppers pay for shoplifters...prices do go up for this reason...let secret shoppers or security find the guilty and leave the general public alone...

Sometimes employees are stuck with lousy management decisions...and it can affect the workers and it's if your voice is not worthy regarding management decisions...the paying customers will revolt...boycotting is very effective...


wenever It's funny on how Meijer has greeters but they don't check receipts like Walmart does. The only time I remember a meijer greeter check a receipt is when the alarm goes off on their way out the door. Meijer has store security dressed up as customers who walk around the store to catch thieves.When my late mother worked for Meijer in my home state of Michigan she watched a film which showed customers who got caught walking out the door of Meijer with a upright vacuum between their legs under a long coat.My late mother told me that she had been in shock and awe of some of the things that thieves shoplifted.
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