Tame my Dragon

So I saw this clip today after a long time and found it so hilarious that I decided to dedicate a whole blog to it.. laugh

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I like very little from the SNL line up,
But this Line up has a couple of highlights,
And the humour increased with the looking glass skit laugh
I still can't stop laughing mate.. specially how Hagrid says.. "Noooope"... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
And the other lads going to beat their bludgers laugh
Hahaha.. this was brilliant.. hey do you have any other Harry Potter skits?
No mate only a lame Harry potter joke my kids told me roll eyes

Q. How do you know Harry Potter is fantasy ?
A. It contains a Ginger kid with two friends.

hole giggle

I'll search for some tomorrow maybe.. right now I gotta hit the sack.. yawn sleep

See ya'all.. have a nice weekend!

Oh boys...laugh

That felt like something boys would be giggling about near the bike shed laugh

But yeah, it was funny grin
hi Incus
I'm going to throw my toys out the cot. I is not for viewing in South Africa.crying
What would you know about bike sheds wink

Do tell.
Non, absolutely nothing snooty

I went to an all-girls convent school grin
Hi (!_!)
I love Harry Potter n so love Hagrid lol

N sweet dreams, there, Inc n am ready for sleeping, soon, too (~_~) after a busy day And snuggle under my fleece...you GOT to have a fleece blanket, Inc

Nonsmoker I just don't get the joke
confused lol
When she finishes her bath, let her know I said come on by. laugh
It's funny what some people find hilarious!
Molly.. sweetheart.. never associate giggling with us men please.. scold

We may smirk from time to time but most laugh in an obnoxiously loud manner over such things.. professor

Glad you liked it.. hug
Cat.. man that's rough.. I almost wanna download the clip and whatsapp/email it to you or something.. but I don't want to get you into trouble since its obviously not allowed to view there.. angel
Hey SPCTR.. wave

I'm actually a huge fan of HP too.. that's why I enjoy related skits as well.. laugh

Oh and I actually do have a fleece blanket.. absolutely love it!! grin
Ken.. will do my man.. although I think Nonsmoker is next in line.. so you'll have to wait your turn.. laugh
Seagrit.. yea I actually agree.. tongue

You'd really need to be Irish or be from another country with red-heads to get that joke laugh

Basically it is because ginger hair is historically the least liked . ( Biff, don't kill me! help )
Hey we don't have redheads here and I still got the joke.. snooty

Hi Incu, the powers that be say video not available in my country, I feel traumatised and a victim of apartheid, but will take your word for it that its funny...thank you.....thank you very muchcheers
It's weird that we can watch it here, but SA and Spain can't.

It's probably only funny to Harry Potter heads anyway
Whats a Harry Potter?, is it something like Starbucks?
Hi Professor M.. I would never have thought the youtube video would not play in certain countries. That's puzzling.. confused

Anyhoo thanks for taking my word on the funny video.. cheers
Normally I can find a blocked video by just looking for the version available for my country but that one is BLOCKED.

Ever used proxy servers/portals amigos? dunno
fuffy: "why so many players??"(meet us in the forums)

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