2017/18 CS BAFs Results

Ladies and gentleman. It's with great pleasure I give to you the results of the 2017/18 CS BAFs. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's awards.

And the winners are...

1.The Simmo. Overall contributor of the year.


2.Most argumentative member

. Freedom of Speech

3.Member you'd most like to shake some sense into.


4.Member most likely 2018’s CS jail bird.

One2note and Freedom Of speech

5.Member most likely to have multiple profiles.


6.Member you’d most like to meet.

Pat, biff and mapmaker

7.Member you’d most like to shag.

usha123 ,chef148, Dedovix, crazyheart, seriously and May,

8.Member most likely to run a country.

Jac the Gripper

9.Member you’d like to get drunk with.

10.Blogger of the year.

Biff and catfoot

11.Member who's always right.
As expected, everyone's right.

pat, bogart, molly, KN, Ken19, Ogedeo, sense and..,cachuci, luke, ashlander and ogdedo

12.Member most likely to be mad.


13.Member who should post more.

Zman and Lukon

14.Member whose posts you always read.

Devodix, Bogart, and cachuchi

15.Nicest member.

Lookin and mimi

16.Coolest member.


17.Best thread maker.

TokyoRogue and kaybee

18.Best taste in music.

ChesneyChrist and nonsmoker

19.Sexiest female.

usha123 and berry

20.Sexiest male.


21.Troll of the year. 

Old Blue

Comments (52)

OMG this is so unexpected.. thank you so much all of you.. teddybear
Should i drop my undies now or what?grin
Dedo.. first make sure you're wearing a pair mate.. professor

Good idea laugh
Dedo ,
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo laugh
Come on Non don't be selfish mate.. maybe the pure women of CS would like a night of frivolity... angel
What..my undies are almost clean uh oh
If "almost" then just flip them inside out right before the show..

Before you say it.. Yea I've done this before.. laugh
Ok Dedo,
I'm ready


Lol @ snookums laugh

smitten @ berry

teddybear @ molly

doh comfort @ tokyo rogue

grin drinking
Hi Tokyo,
I was very surprised when somebody whispered in my ear that I got a sort of an award especially in view that I was AWOL from February to late in November.

I cannot speak for Biff but as far as I am concerned my part of the award belongs to the readers. Without them it would not have been worthwhile blogging and all this go with a little pang of sorrow because some of the best bloggers on this site get the least attention. But thanks to everybody just the same.

i had a good giggle when I looked at the other awards. I think it is very reflective If I had voted there would not have been much deviation from that list.
cats meow
wine Congrats to all winner.

Thanks for putting this together TR. wave

I'm waiting with bated breathe for all the acceptance speeches popcorn

(alternatively nude photos are welcome). grin
Congratulations everyone! applause

Thanks TokyoRogue for doing this and taking all the responsibility, although several of us liked and supported the idea. hug
I'm so tttouched crying thank you thank you I want to thank my parents and my first dog and my neighbours and my crying (inaudible)

Don't worry, I'm not getting carried away grin

In reality - the most prolific bloggers are Jarred, then Track, then Nam, and Cat is in the top 10 overall whoop whoop

And Usha is still the most favourited person on CS, and in the top 5 for the most likes, wow

Most comments on a blog - the top 3 (if you ignore the farcical religious ones where hundreds of comments were clocked up by a few nutters and I do wish the mods would take those down) still Nam and Z and Crazy.

The nominations are a bit of fun, also very much the opinion of the moment, and some of those opinions weren't recorded anyway confused a few feelings have been hurt which is a shame because I'm sure that was never the intention.

Thanks Tokyo and enjoy your trip. wave
KN, I presume the only naked pics you want are of the men
I'll just delete the ones I took after my shower this morning so snooty

I am lucky to have, so far, met 2 of the 3 bloggers who people most want to meet
yay Pat, be careful, be very careful. ..I have you in my sights now devil

As Biff said, there are plenty of good bloggers who either got nominated and didn't make the final cut, or who didn't get nominated. But all are of equal importance here wine
Hi n good morning :)
Congratulaions to all

cheering banana cheering
Congrats to everyone.

Heres a speech for those tongue tied typeslaugh

Nice work TRhandshake
Let me make my speech short and sweet and send my agent with it.

"Sorry folks, I have run out of body tape to lift and hold my boobs in place to come and accept this great honour in person. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for your undying lust, and I do understand; what's life without hopes, dreams and fantasies. So all of you can keep dreaming of shagging Usha, or live long and prosper. laugh

Congratulations to all my fellow winners. Hope no one is disheartened by not winning. ( Keep in mind this is just bullshitting, having a laugh blog awards. At least I think so) Blogging should never be about winning awards. Blogging should be rewarding to oneself. If it is rewarding to you keep on blogging. You are all winners if you don't give up what's rewarding to you, even if you are not awarded for it.
Thank you!
.........tongue .........
Are you thinking that grown adults are at school with the way you're humiliatig the people on here?
Snugglies to Usha and Jazz!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks for my two nominations and to Pat and Cachuchi for nominating me.

It truly is an honour just to be nominated blah blah blah roll eyes

Im here practising my gracious loser face and clap blues moping

I never am a fan of exclusion
But im also a fan of fun.
Congrats to all the winners.

To the losers...meet me in the seperate bar where we will b*tch n moan about all the winners and what a shit job Pat did at hosting the ceremony.
How Tokyo was arrested for getting drunk.and beligerant.

How Incu and Berry were cautioned for an unbridled moment of passion in the ladies toilets.
How one2note and freedom of speech were arguing about who was really the biggest dickhead of the year.

How snooks looked on from her cornr of the room in disdain at how everyone was behaving so badly and cudnt wait to rush home to create a thread abt it.

Ive left loads out..sorry....i guess i do love exclusion after all. Lol
Dee you promised you wouldn't tell.. blues

Oh well.. I guess there's no such thing as bad press.. grin
@ Dee....laugh

These "awards" were all intended for shits and giggles and not to be taken seriously by anyone.

I've always been against "lists".....they can be more divisive than anything else which is why I withdrew my nominations as they upset a couple of people who had been excluded.

Cheers Tokyo.....I hope you get a shag in on your travels.

There's only one thing left to say: to all my fellow nominees and the ones who didn't make it ~

Berry.. May I have this dance? bouquet

Thats a snug lil arsre BS. Would love to see the owners face.laugh bouquet
You may Incu....banana kiss
All for special effects Luke....laugh teddybear
Isn't it just, Luke!

Re. the face, sometimes the imagination can be better than the reality wink
Well then lets get it started! banana

Will a little Leonard Cohen do to start things? dancing
I would very much like that Incu.....kiss
@Incu and Berry.

Bom chickka bow wow or watever way its sung is coming to mind.
wow wow

Ah i know Berry.

I know to me im the sexiest female...male of a friday ngt.
Im the one i want to shake the most.
The one i want to meet the most (inspired by cats personalities blog).

I also believe i belong the most in jail..preferably handcuffed to a few CS males.

I also could run a country ..as ive said before....into the ground.

You see once ur happy in ur own skin...lists or awards dont break the seal.

Enjoy yer dance ye two hot individuals.
@ Incu.

I dont believe u could ever have bad press
Too true Dee....cheers
Here we go... smitten

laugh Incu

You will definitely slide off that bike sometime laugh
Dee.. that "Bom chickka bow wow" actually reminded me of 80's porn music but hey.. we were caught in the ladies toilet so I guess we had that coming.. laugh

Regarding the bad press.. you are such a sweetheart.. but in all fairness it would be reeeeallly good press for me if it were reported that I was caught with Berry.. bad news for her though.. laugh
Molls.. guess I should have my full riding gear on then.. uh oh

I'm not afraid of falling.. I fear for the safety of my passenger more than my own.. wink
Its a FIX..........a FIX i say....

Nicest member.......MOI......rolling on the floor laughing
What the hell happened here???

Who`s gonna clean the bras and knickers of the floor ,take out the empty bottles ???professor

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