Sour Grapes

I think I had much more than my fair share of bad mouthing here on CS. It is so regular that I have grown accustomed to it and I feel neglected when it sometimes lapses for a while. There is a saying in Show Biz that there is no such thing as bad publicity and I agree. So keep it coming, I need it and I thrive on it.grin

And then I cannot for the life of me see why the comments on another person’s blog should disturb some people. If such comments were slandering other bloggers, it would have been a different thing, but it seems that some people just don’t like to see other people having a bit of fun on the blogs. Do they feel excluded? No need, climb in and join the fun. It is for

So allow me to clarify my view on it. No, comments on my blog is not that important to me but I sure do enjoy and appreciate them. applause

But then I guess some people don’t need other people to comment on their blogs while they can do it themselves. Just sour grapes and the pot calling the kettle black Methinks that some people are so desperate for attention that they comment to themselves just to bring their dead blogs back hoping for a few more comments. laugh

It is the same with those arseholes who make shitty remarks on third party blogs to discredit another member. And when there had been no previous interaction between the two, it becomes even more baffling. Why would you insult somebody you don’t know? Is it memory flashes from a previous life or just more sour grapes? Or can it be both? confused

Methinks these are spineless cowards who have learned a long time ago that this neutered tomcat still has nails and teeth and that it is much safer to keep at a safe distance when slinging their shit; explaining the reluctance to bring it to my blog where I can retaliate. Sissies! That is what they are. tongue

In conclusion, I would have thought that somebody who knows all and has seen all would have the wisdom to keep his trap closed sometimes. Even a fool can be mistaken for wise as long as he keeps his mouth closed. mumbling
cats meow cats meow

And enjoy this weekend.wave

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Dont like shitty people full stop either Cat.

Morning to ya hun wave
Hi Dee
For some reason I attract them like a turd attracts flies. laugh

Maybe I must brush my teeth more often.grin
Even in sign language this happens
Consider it this way
If you bad mouth me
I am important

Let them talk
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words may never hurt me .

Or maybe just start ignoring em hun.

For ur own peace of mind ..not worth it

Hi Annlee.
I could say that tall trees catch the most wind but I wont for next I'll be a narcissist again.rolling on the floor laughing
Nooooo! I cannot do that. Just now they stop altogether.laugh

I just wish they had to balls to bring it to me instead of hiding behind another blogger knowing that I don't like to retaliate properly on another blog.doh

Lol..i hear what ur saying.
Would be nice if those people were upfront and didnt talk in riddles and just say whats on their mind.

Envy is green .
It's too funny. When I first came here, I was new to blogging and few people read or responded to my blogs. I had a look at my first few blogs the other day. Some of the very same people who welcomed me to CS started fighting with me a few weeks later when I started getting a bit more attention.

They even accused me of stepping up my own blogs so it can look as if it was visited by more people. laugh

I was raw those days; inexperienced and did not know how to deal with the nastiness. I learned a lot since then and I have some respect for them because they brought it to me. Rude yes, but they had balls enough to take me on and they made a good job of it. At one stage I almost left. hole

But now that I ready for them they hide behind other bloggers.mumbling

Hey! Good old Dedovix was the second person to comment on any blog of mine. Oh, then he was still somebody else. Sometimes weird, sometimes funny, some times anything but never harmed a fly. I always read his blogs.thumbs up
Yes, envy is green but these a**hole have broad yellow stripes. I also envy some people, but then I strive to get to their level. I don't try to pull them down to me.doh
You're the dude!!! Tell it like it is!!!! wine
Enjoy your weekend, Catfoot applause hug
These are some things that we as humans cannot stop
The sea
The wind from blowing
The sun from shining
The rain from falling
We cannot give life

Whatever is for you
No one could stop it .

Always remember , you win some
You lose some
hi Scoob
i try very hard not to be 'the dude'. All I want is to blog in peace but apparently that is asking for too much. So second best is to confront these trolls but they won't come to the party either. I had a similar blog up not too long ago and it also yielded zilch.

So what remains? I suppose I can hire a hitman but they will just reincarnate. also a topic on its ownlaugh
Hi Cat,

Hi Mimi
I'm trying some serious fishing here on CS but they won't bite. Maybe I must try some other bait, laugh

Going hunting tonight and I hope for better luck.devil

Yes, I'll enjoy the weekend and you do the same. thumbs up

That's why I only read the blog most of the time. I don't want to waste my time to worry about what others think of me. I say something silly or crazy and it ends there. I hardly check the reply unless I am online.

My mother in law taught me long ago, only fruitful trees attract lightening. So you must be fruitful.comfort bouquet
f*ck Off You Boring Old Twat???? rolling on the floor laughing

(only joking!)
Hi Annlee
My , my! But are we we philosophical today. What do I have to fear with such winged words.thumbs up

but I still want to kick some a**.laugh
Hi Lukie,
I don't know if you can remember but you were the first one to warn me that this will happen. I was so naive those days I did not believe you. I mean there were just nice guys around.and why would anybody be nasty. dunno

Not with me, never!rolling on the floor laughing
Anyone who gets s*xual kicks from seeing an animal choking on its own blood....(old blog)...!! just a hillbilly absolutely no reason Cat to take such comments to heart...

Have a nice day....grin
hi Usha,
I don't really mind these arseholes. There is enough place for all of us here to comfortably ignore those you don't like. So why don't they do it. My guess is that they don't have a good real life and now try to look big and strong in the cyber world. Perhaps one should feel sorry for them.
Hi Scoob
Won't you please tell me where Off lives. Everybody have been f*ck Off and I also want to f*ck Off but I cannot find her home.laugh
Hi Jazz,
Thanks for the heads up but don't worry, it is like water on a duck's back. I just like to get my own back on them sometimes.. Just to tell them that I'm still basking in their attention. laugh
Slightly sour grapes, Catman, perhaps. But some make excellent wines. It's rare for the detractors you mention to display personal courage, integrity or erudition, as we all know. Studies of school bullies, such as they are, done by liberal university faculty, and so must be viewed with scrutiny, seem to show these character flaws begin early, and oddly, often extent to the family. Our girls were bullied, with grave consequences. School officials talked a good line, but did little. We later learned that in many cases, low life, trashy parents were actually proud of the bullying. There's even a bumper sticker, saying "My kid beat up your honor student". Sort of thing I'd expect to find on CS troll back bumpers, assuming they have the means to own a vehicle. A-V.

Yes I do remember, and things won't change.laugh

You will however discover that 'Off' is 'On' and 'Positive' is actually 'Negative' , when you research themlaugh

Laugh at them Cat, not worth a second thought...laugh handshake cheers
Hi Vier,
As usually a very educated and well-thought comment.thumbs up

Another strange thing about bullies in real life is that they become very docile when confronted by somebody who'd give them a go. As we see now. Here they have an excellent opportunity to stand tall but they won't. But you can bet your bottom dollar that they will soon be back on another blog.doh
Hi Luke
Oh I do! laugh I'm certainly not crying while playing out this blog.rolling on the floor laughing
A long time ago someone on the blogs said:

Who is the greater fool?
The one who argues with the fool or the one who is the fool?

Catfoot, you are a delight!

You never have a bad word for anyone - it's a pleasure to read your bullshit, (sorry!) blogs and you can never have too many ladies... rolling on the floor laughing
hi Luke
I have given that up long time ago. You have a much better chance, though still infinitely small, to win an argument with your wife or girlfriend.laugh
In fifth grade, Catman, a bully named Robert B. waited each day to bully me as I arrived on the new (for me--first years in Catholic school, till too costly for parents) government school playgroung. After about a week, I beat him up good, and he never bothered me again. Same approach for all my years, although discretion is warranted here, as with all approaches to life. Probably would think hard about it with a twelve stone rugger. But such fellows tend not to bully. V-A.
Hi Scoob,
Can a man ever have too many women around him?laugh

Bullshit blogs? Ah, you see, it is the force of habit. I grow my own mushrooms and I tend to treat my readers the same as I treat my mushrooms.

Oh no, don't put words in my mouth. I'm not saying the the readers are mushrooms. I just treat them the same.

Actually it is easy to grow mushrooms. I keep them in the dark and I feed them on bullshit.laugh
Cat.. Darn.. I think I really missed something here.. oh well.. you seem to have it under control my friend..

Do let me know if you want to kick some a** around here.. boxing

Ann you said this;Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words may never hurt me .

But Ann some words do hurt depending on how they are meant.
thumbs up
That true. Most those giants have small hearts. In sharp contrast with bullies and trolls, they have nothing to prove.

But interestingly, a troll we had here who found it necessary to leave, probably to start over, is back and if his intentions were to turn over a new page, he had failed very quickly. He is just his old self again. Enough to make anybody blue and old before your time.grin
Hi Incus,
It happens all the time. Sometimes so subtle that only few will catch on and other times bold as a mountain Just read the blogs laugh
Ah live and let live i say.

If it gets too much i would private message someone so that i could tell them straight what i want them to know and discuss it one on one.
Otherwise i will say what i have to say on here...or else i ignore or am ignored whichever the case maybe.

Its harder to read some plps intentions than others as some are not very clear..but tome usually sorts that out for you too.

I dont know u very well myself but u appear to me very welcomimg..u always are nice to plp and i love ur quick wit and sense of humour.

Plus ur easy on the eye!! With eyes and a smirky grin that just wont quit!!

Just saying

hi Bear,
Words can only hurt if we give it the power.

During the Boer War the English dubbed us as Boers (farmers) which was meant to be derogatory. We embraced the word and made it our own and it lost it's power. Even today, almost 120 year later we are proud of Boers.

I wish those population groups who are being called derogatory names would accept the word and embrace it as we did. That is the only way to break the power of a derogatory name.

Words only have the power we give it.

You can call me anything as long as it is not an ambulance.laugh
That is the dynamics of forums (and here - also - blogs). smile

People join such places with different intentions. Some are good, some are bad.

I know that there is a lot going on in PM-s on forums, that some people are very different from what they show online, that there's a lot of jealousy and envy...

I think it's better to stay away from all that - as much as one can. smile

I prefer to be reserved - not too nice or too close to anyone. It's safer that way. I don't want to be dragged into the quarrels of people I will probably never get to know in person.

The other day I noticed one person following me from one thread to the other, commenting my posts in a not so pleasant way, trying to provoke some reaction. Although I ignored the person, it didn't help. So, I took a break from the site for a few days and it's OK now - for now. laugh

If you are around - you will attract some attention - sooner or later. Some can be good - meeting nice people that can become friends, but some will not be so good. This happens everywhere where there are many people around.

I play a game called 'PetCity' on Facebook and I used to be a member of many groups made by the players of the game. There were almost absolutely no men there, only women, mostly 40+ and still - it was the same: nice and friendly people who helped each other, but also a lot of envy, quarrels, backstabbing, gossiping, VANITY, etc. In the end I left all those groups and continued playing just for myself.

I think that this site - being a dating site - not only forums and blogs - is even worse, because many people see each other as a competition, since people generally want to meet someone here, right? There's nothing worse than gaining too much attention from the opposite sex in public on the site like this one. laugh

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