The King Of The Jungle

This blog is a figment of my imagination and it refers in its entirety to life in the jungle. Any parallels or similarities to other arenas or characters, no matter how vague, are probably either subconscious, deliberate or pure coincidence.dancing

It is said that this happened at the time when there was no king in the jungle; it was ruled by gods who often turned a blind eye to the lesser sins of the animals in order to promote harmony but those stepping out of line big time were simply exterminated. You know how gods operate. Just Poof! And they were no more. Most were happy and lived in peace but some of the bigger apes felt that the gods were not consistent and that they applied double standards.doh

But then Hyena wanted to be king of the jungle and in his quest for the crown, he started bullying the other animals into admitting that he, Hyena, was king of the jungle. He had big bad Wolf (the same one that terrorized Red Riding Hood) as an ally to enforce his claim to the throne. Those who thought different were subdued by mauling them until they agreed that Hyena was King of the Jungle.bowing

One day Hyena and his lieutenant walked into a clearing in the jungle to find a lot of animals gathered there. And he thought: 'How fortunate to have such a large audience to view a demonstration of my supremacy.' He was at the point of grabbing Monkey to force him into reaffirming his loyalties in front of all the witnesses when he saw Lion sleeping under a tree. He sneaked up to the sleeping Lion, kicked him in the face and barked: “Who is the king of this jungle?” shock

Lion woke up startled with a bleeding nose, grabbed Hyena in his mighty jaws and gave him a thorough mauling. Wolf still tried to interfere but Lion just shoved him aside before going back to sleep. The other animals, tired of the bullying, goaded hyena into further humiliation. yay

Hyena gathered himself off the ground with a lot of groaning and limped away tail between the legs and when he was at a safe distance he looked back over his shoulder and said to Lion: “You know, there was no need to resort to violence just because you did not know the answer to my question.”laugh

When they were out of earshot Hyena looked at Wolf and told him what a shit ally he was for not helping when he was in trouble. Wolf looked at him perplexed and said: “But Your Majesty, you were laughing so much, I thought you were winning.”
rolling on the floor laughing

When I observe all the mini-power plays and the continuous tugging at each other to obtain a better position in the pecking order, it amuses me every time. And it is so funny how the fun of one clan can be an annoyance to another clan.mumbling

There are so many lessons we can learn from this BS story but I think the most important is that sleeping lions are best left in that condition. These large felines like their naps and can be really unpleasant when disturbed. professor
cats meow cats meow

And enjoy this wonderful day.wave

Important Notice
No animals were hurt during the production of this blog because Lion wore his rubber teeth that day. It is said that hyena is still hunting that elusive crown.frog

Comments (122)

But - but - lions don't live in the jungle? confused

Actually I rather like hyenas, they have a quite sophisticated matriarchal social system laugh

Oh RIGHT I got it you are joining the trend of telling stories rather than posting blogs doh

Tell you what, I'll get another coffee and then try another run at it when my brain has jumped to life. coffee
Hi Biff
Actually this happened on the African Savanna but I changed the story because every time I see or hear the word 'Savanna' I want to open my fridge.laugh

I see you are also coffee driven. Until I have my cuppa coffee in the morning you can get nothing out of me.laugh
There was very recently a little cartoon film about a rat which bullied all the other creatures and stole from them. The film became the Must Watch film and I watched it recently.

What a lot of rubbish. Your story was better. handshake
There are not many animals I'm truly scared of. Oh, I'll keep my distance but rats I'm scared of. No, I don't jump on a chair when I see one but rats are intelligent and fearless. And very tough. We have rats as big as cats prowling Cape Town station. The will attack even humans if cornered. And the carry rabies.
...just on the side, talking about animals and fear....

I have the deepest respeckt for Moose.....uh oh and that despite the fackt that I`ve been hunting and shooting quite a few during the years....

...the thing is, they have found a way to get back at people.... they stand in the middle of the road when you least expeckt it, often arround corners at night-time....and it`s amasing how much damage they are able to provide in just a blink of an eye....devil

...scary creatures....

cool wine
Tell the Queen to give him a few whacks...laugh cheers
We have such an majestic animal here. The Kudu. It is a large antelope and you dare not wound him because then you have to go look for him. He'll run off and come back another way and wait next to his own track. If you don't see him in good time, he'll kill you.
Hi Lukie
No King hence no Queen. But a few whacks with a heavy stick will do no harm.laugh
...should have added that it`s when you come driving in a car the problems start....laugh

,but yes, I`ve heard about the koodo.... great animales!cheers
Morning To Me! Bob.

This reminds me of a movie that I watched two nights ago! A good movie too.

Call....." Hong Skull Island"

Many people died on this Island! Because many Big Animals/ Creatures, killed them. But at the same time. The creatures was fighting against Honk/ gorilla, to be the king of the island........comfort
Hi Cat, you have a knack for writing stories ..ever thought of writing a novel ?dunno
Hi Viking,
If you want to write your car off for the insurance, drive in to a kudu but make sure your airbags are working.laugh

No! He does not.....moping
Hi Angel,
Maybe I must become a script writer. Nah, better not, I don't want George Lucas and the likes to get upset with me as well.rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Angel! What does he not Do?dunno
Hi Lamhe,
It sounds too much like work. I explained it to somebody just a day or two ago. I'm too lazy for things like that.

Besides, I never know when to stop. My acknowledgements will run two chapters and the book itself will come in at least four volumes. laugh

It is one of the things I admire of the movie industry; the way they can cram a 500 page novel into 2 hours.grin
I meant to ask that very same question.laugh
Hi Catfoot, I always thought the Lion was the King of the Jungle till I heard this story, it goes something like this.

The Lion one day was roaming the Jungle and every Animal he came up to he would Roar and ask who is the King of the Jungle, and all the Animals in fear would say you are Mr Lion.

Well when he came up to the Elephant and caught him in a really bad mood, he gave out a Roar and said who is the King of the Jungle, well the Elephant took is trunk and picked up the Lion and started beating him on the ground and then throwed him up against the Mountain.

Then Lion got up and shook him self back together and then said. Gee Mr Elephant you didn't have to get so upset I was just asking. laugh

So now I am confused, who is the King confused

He doesn't do anything!.....rolling on the floor laughing
Hell! He can't even answer his other blog so far.
Lion hell! Just don't wake me from my nap . . . . . sleep
I know several Kings. Don King among others and the there also was a King named Martin Luther. Then there was Tarzan who was King of the Apes. Ah, and King Kong. Plenty of Kings around so I cannot tell you who is King of the Jungle. Maybe we should put a dolphin or whale in that job.laugh
I kinda guess the Lions & Hyenas on CS are toothless and rather harmless. rollers
I'm retired and I do things at a pedestrian pace these days. laugh

But just for the record, I think all the comments on my other blog were responded to unless something came in while I was busy here grin
Hi Grouchy,
I won't dream of itsleep
laugh cheers
Lovely story once again...
Im already picturing two in my minds eye of who the Lion Hyena and indeed the wolf and Monkey are..
But they shall remain my mind.

Afternoon Cat
I have found some vicious animals on CS; It is only in the jungle where they are harmless. Jungle Justice seems to be a good way to keep the animals in line. After all, it is only in the jungle where a scavenger will kick a predator in the face ,sleeping or awake.rolling on the floor laughing
There are vicious animals on CS alright, but they can't really bite you. wink
Okay! Bob
Talk later, I am on my way out
Hi Dee,
So kind of you to decorate my blog with your presence. flirty

I wish I had the imagination to fill the characters with human attributes. You must tell me about it some time. I just hope there are no English Royals involved. They are so sensitive about it. grin

This is just another event that took place in the jungle. A few comments earlier Wen also contributed another interesting story that also took place here. I wonder if it was the same lion. laugh
Nice, Catman. But recall that the PC snowflake ueber liberals just about pee their pantalones when they see other people use certain censured words. Jungle is one. Savannah is preferred---better than S..thole too, no? A-Aa-V.
Duck-feather jackets! That is the secret. laugh
Bye Angelwave
Enjoy your day.
Savanna was not going to work here. I drank the lot while writing this blog.laugh

That word is banned here in Africa. We call it a long drop.rolling on the floor laughing
You can google itgrin
@ Cat
Why thank you blushing

There are so many to choose from Cat.
So many Lions many Hyenas etc.

Its why ive always preferred to stay out of the jungle and to be quite content with my little dog.

The bite doesnt hurt as much from him
uh oh
Hi Dee,
My previous cat ( I cannot keep one where I live now) had the habit to attack my foot when I tapped it to the rhythm of music. I don't know what he thought about it..And he hurt me sometimes.laugh
@ Cat.

Maybe he just wasnt "feeling" the music Cat.
Cats r funny like that...they will let u know very quick how they r feeling.

But the funny part is that it was not moodiness. It was a game to him. He would stalk my foot as if it was a bird and when he came into striking distance he would take a flying leap at my foot; slamming his nails into me, biting and mauling with his hind feet. Often accompanied by grunting. It was too crazy to watch.laugh
And then suddenly he would let go and run away to hide behind the doorjamb to start it all over again.doh
Now theres a Cat with multiple personality disorder!!

I see where u got the idea for ur blog from last week

Dont like cats myself...havnt met one i liked yet anyways.
I love animals. Before I sold my house I kept three dogs, a cat, a parrot and a fish. A cat is a must really. We have lots of mice around and I don't like using poison or setting traps. Cats keep them away and when they get stubborn they end up being eaten.
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