The FISA memo

I can't wait for it to be completely exposed.

Let's see what's up in the air.

How disturbing and contemptible these activities are.

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John this is a defining moment for our political system.

A very explosive news John.

Raphael already claimed as a fraudulent act. I can't believe it.

Thanks for the post John.
No idea what the FISA is or means. Hope you have a good daybouquet
thanks, LJ this is the year of truth and the man in the white house will bring it to light.
Luke wave nice to see you, too.

It's Foreign intelligence surveillance act.

If you watch the video you'll find out about the corrupt practices of mostly the democrats during the election which continues until today.
If course John.

It's like a goldmine of the TRUTH.
Thank god I've got a life.
TR, of course you've got a life. Lol..

Why are you contemptible and always disdainful with my post. Stay out of it.

I care about politics and can't you respect that?

By the way your blogs show you've got a life.
Your travels in Asia is your life. I travel the world and that's more of a life than even yours and I don't brag about it.

I don't even post in here. I once blogged about my cruises and did the jealous group posted hateful comments about it? Truckloads.

So stay out of my post and concern yourself with your petty trips, will you?
John, it's such a big lie, l can't fathom how Mueller will even handle it.
Let' s see if I've got this straight.....

If we get Nuked, it'll be by;

Missiles built with technology given to China by Bill Clinton, funded by Iran with money Obama gave them, with warheads developed from Uranium sold to Russia by Hillary and refined by Iran into weapons-grade plutonium in Russian centrifuges bought with money Obama gave them.

And Trump's trying to undo this shit storm......but he's the Traitor.

OK, I GOT it.
'Barack HUSSEIN Obama (allegedly) retains legal counsel'...


Might it be that he sees the dominoes falling his way?

If there's really something to any of this - get it the hell out in the open.
Hew straight to the line & let the chips fall where they may.

BTW - There are several vids reporting this. I selected this one because of the reporter's enthusiastic & exhilarating delivery!

Mic, this is crazy.

Can't wait John.

There's a link posted on my thread discrediting a his speech last night.
Check it out John.
No problem! grin

B.J. Clinton will simply stroll over to the Attorney General's plane, talk 'bout their grandkids & everything will be just fine! handshake very happy


Oh. Wait.

Maybe that WON'T work so good this time 'round.
uh oh....hole

It is like a bomb Mic. He'll drop dead and didn't know what hit him.

I think it's better for them that way.
Q) Why do the Clintons stay married?


A) Spouses can't be forced to testify against one another.

There's a link posted on my thread discrediting a his speech last night.

fake news strikes again.

did you hear about the train that the Republicans were on . it crashed into a truck .
"Why...The Damned Clintons"

"Havnt Been Indicted?"

"Ill Never Understand".................detective
FEB. 1, '18 -

From the vid in the above roll eyes link - 'What the hell is going on here?!'

The Don should release the entire memo & shine the light of day on these cockroaches please


@ the meeting with Kelly - did the FBI 'negotiators' pass along an hour long loop of the Zapbruder film?
uh oh

Excerpt from the link in my comment above roll eyes

"As we reported last week, according to a high level FBI agent, the 50,000 missing FBI text messages which went 'missing' but were subsequently recovered, contained threats of violence aimed at President Trump.

"According to the official, the messages included 'frightening conversations' that went further than just harming Trump politically.

"The notion that the deep state would seek to physically harm Trump for his efforts to 'drain the swamp' is no far-flung conspiracy theory.

"During an appearance on CNN, counterterrorism analyst and former CIA agent Philip Mudd said on air 'the government’s gonna kill' Donald Trump because he disrespected the deep state."

Interesting stuff will be even more interesting if it matches up with the reality of things.

If should open a lot of eyes.

thumbs up
wow pointing Eyes. Opened.

The Don might as well release the memo, JS.
By now, it can't be any worse than what people are imagining it to be!

If he doesn't we'll be treated to years of books & films, each purporting to reveal the REAL truth.

Mic that's runny
"Holy Schmolly Mr cowboy

"You Look Like One Of Those Hombres"

"In A Motor Cycle Gang"

"Have You Gone Rougue?"

"Or What?"...........................detective
It's my new ensemble for celebrating my favorite High Holiday Mr. detective
That would be Groundhog Day, of course groundhog

Mic, sorry I was so busy with this new training we have at work and can't respond to you guys right away. But yes lol. They stay married to be safe. Ha ha ha.
That is a good one Mic.
Nunez followed the law to a T in preparing this 4 page document on the criminal and left biased overly political FBI (Fat, Bald and Ignorant).---consulting colleagues and keeping it from leaking. The Dems style in such situations is to leak it to the Warrrrrshington Post or New York Times first, then assemble a document based on the left media biased fall out. But anyone can recognize how the left is panicking and squirming over this. Love it. Hillary should be worried. FBI brass as well. Aa-V-A.
John I heard about that.

With the Clinton's history of murdering enemies and get away with it, it's scary.
The power of money Nam.

Hopefully with this administration I hope justice will soon be served. sad flower
Mic did you read the crazy Pelosi's request to Ryan? Have him ousted?
She should be the one to be removed for incompetence.
Johnny I can't wait.

There's a new comment from Shapiro today saying: "either one or everybody is lying".

We'll see. wave
Dems are pooping Bricks,so many of them,Trump can build the Wall for free,and sell Trainloads of Masonry besides!rolling on the floor laughing
Do you hear,Adam Schiff?

That's truly funny C. Seriously, I even heard Obama has recently retained a counsel.conversing
Aa, nah...she's as tough as a pig. But let's see.

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