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Hi Non, I have watched this show for years always kept me in stiches with laughter. I still see reruns here on PBS rolling on the floor laughing
I always laughed so hard when someone would come up to Peacock and ask him if he is free when no one was around him laugh or when miss Slocom would talk about her pu**y and she would be talking about her cat laugh
Cheers Wenever laugh Yes the cast were great and the scripts so tongue in cheek.
Hard to get good comedy like this anymore in my opinion. beer
with this comedy this one you have up and faulty towers appeal to most irish we can relate to but American is not same is a different sense of houmer laughing at nothing
faulty towers was in a league of its own. laugh
I love the moose head skit in that show. And the Germans episode absolutely hilarious .
"I Used To Watch"

"Are You Being Served"

"Every Monday At 7 Pm"

("But As Far As......... Classic Comedy Goes?")

"Without Turning On The Television"

"We Can Get The Same Thing....Right Here"

"On The Blogs"...........:roll

(And Before Anybody Says it............Ill Say It First)

(Im Part Of......... The Classic Comedy)....laugh rolling on the floor laughing ............detective
Hi Non, we used to watch that as a family

Although as you said, nothing could beat Fawlty Towers wine
Yes we have the makings of comedy box set right here laugh cheers
I used to love one foot in the grave.
What a character old victor was.
A curmudgeon laugh
and so unlucky too sigh
Which makes him even more grumpy laugh
We uses to watch a lot more English comedy series growing up than American.
I would still find it funnier.
.......................rolling on the floor laughing

Sometimes I Watch This Show...laugh
Agree Non.
Big fan of Fawlty towers.
Manwel ( if thats how its spelt) ..was my favourite...and of course Cybil!!

Keeping up appearances was also a good one!!

Nicholas Smith (?), Mr Rumbold used to by his fruit from my cousin's shop.
Alex7: "Christmas Time ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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