I am sometimes confused what men have here for profile pictures. ???? confused
So I do not like pictures showing men with fish or just buildings or perfect model photos...?? doh
You guys also want to see pretty women on profile pictures and not shoes or make-up .... What should I say if the profile picture is over 10 years old? dunno
Whats going on with such man ? dunno

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Hi Dimo,
Well, mine is only four years old. Or is it five. Time flies at my age.grin
Profile pics should be representative of what people want to say about themselves.
If they are at their happiest fishing, then a pic of them fishing is representative,
If they like architecture, then them in front of a beautiful building is representative.
It is rare to see pics of women without makeup, so the men do get to see something important to women too, style, makeup, etc. That is also representative.
I would prefer if CS allowed symbolic pics to represent people, but it is their choice not to. Therefore the blanks exist.
I had mine up there for an hour before I removed it.
I did not like the wolf whistles in my mailbox.
They say a picture tell's a thousands words

I see some of them , have a fish , or a building , some of them take the photo of themselves halfway hiding their faces

One can tell that these men are not serious
Maybe they have something to hide
Tells , mistake
Maybe they only have fish or buildings to offer. confused
In regards to men with fish or just buildings within their profile picture that isn't an issue for me.

As for other women wearing makeup I don't wear any makeup.
All my pics are photoshopped and filtered applause applause applause
Mimi you’re an amazing woman
Mimi! reunion

Maybe you shouldn't Photoshop and filter at all

You look younger and prettier in real life bouquet
women too, style, makeup, etc. That is also representative.
Till they take it off, then runnnnnnnnn rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Naaa, just joking, i agree, pictures give some idea about the persons style, likes etc thumbs up

Its bath time, ones in a wile rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
So as you can see, it is representative, ones in a wile i take a bath dancing
confused reminds me that I have to shave professor
Geron, I take more interest in their words than pics though. They speak more to me.
So I don't mind blank pics at all.
Yes i see it in your pic, still try to figure out what kind off hair conditioner you use. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Conditioner which makes my hair shiny and silky batting
Hi Dimo,

I think we must respect what people want to show others, they must have their reasons and they will tell the truth of their pics to whom they consider it´s necessary...maybe under secret of confession LOL

What really bothers me are fake people, as those stories you read online about people who has 10000 followers in Instagram and everybody loves them but they are only fake characters made just for social media because in RL are completely different ....I think it´s a fraud because they get involved with others and provoque reactions with their interactions....I don´t know, we must be very cautious when it comes to online affairs, that´s all I can say wine
I think people like to put up pics of themselves at their happiest.
Dont see a problem with a man holding a fish.
He may have other pics in his profile to peruse too..

As for women wearing make up.
I dont see how that is as i for one dont wear alot of makeup...nor have i alot of makeup on in my picture.
I dont see many pics here where women r plastered in makeup, and theres more to us women than style and makeup!! scold
I'd like to see a woman wearing heaps of make up holding a fish near a building.
I dont mind men pictures with fish. I love to fish. Have fun fishing men.i do!!??
All those that like to dangle a line are on Plenty of Fish. Surely.
If you don't like a profile picture, just ignore it and look for a guy that shows a picture you can identify yourself more with.

Someone having old pictures up or lying about their age - good indicator that they are usually lying about other things as well and best to avoid them.

There is a huge number of profiles on here and these things might help you to cut this down to people you might be able to better connect with. conversing

Viel Glück, ich hoffe Du findest jemanden der Dich glücklich macht. bouquet
Palm applause

You're too kind. Thank you hug bouquet
Molly reunion

Just for you. The whole cupcake and teeth-marks grin

A picture speaks a thousand words
But 5 seconds on Skype speaks louder
To anyone interested I have a spare 5 seconds if you want ...

blues :banana blues
I'm a tank
I have to confess. I never even thought about posing with one of my fish, be it captured or a pet. Next time I am at a store selling fish I will try to take a selfie of me holding a fish. .

I honestly have ZERO idea why a picture of someone with a fish offends thee. Alternatively that it does is good evidence that brain is wired bizarrely differently than is my own. rolling on the floor laughing
Yep, the picture is first that takes my attention, and i post the best of myself, though I can not be hooked up on some stupid posed, cute, baby face. I like natural man, not a Ken. I'm not a Barbie, either. On the long run, sooner or later, we have to see each other dirty, ugly, taking a crap.....
Hahaha i agreed with that.
For me, it's funny but i do i enjoy it just for my own pleasure lol
I don't mind putting my ugly face up, at some point someone is going to have to see it so best to do it here cheers
I’d much rather see women’s feet instead of their faces. Feet can tell you so much more about character. Remeber what the little piggies do? wave
A sense of humor, intelligence, wit and a reasonably shaped {we are all aging}body are important
All faces are unique. You can grow to love the face that has the more important qualities that you seek

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