How Colourful Is Your Life?

The Psychological Effects of Colour

Why is colour such a powerful force in our lives? What effects can it have on our bodies and minds?
While perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective, there are some colour effects that have universal meaning.

For example, shades of red in the colour spectrum are known as warm colours and include red, orange, and yellow.
These warm colours evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.

Colours on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colours and include blue, purple, and green.
These colours are often described as calm, peaceful and healing, but can also be feelings of sadness or indifference

How do people respond to different colours?

Do colours affect your moods and vice versa?

Here in Spain, where the weather is sunny and hot most the year, people mostly wear dark colours (black, brown). The tourists stand out because of the bright colours they wear.
In Africa, where it´s also hot, traditional dress is brightly coloured.

What colours do you wear in the winter? the summer?....

What colours are your walls in your house?.... bed linen etc..?

When out in nature, can you blend in like a chameleon to fit in with your surroundings?

Please discuss conversing

Have A Nice Colourful Sunday! teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (97)

Black laugh

But when I do wear colours, they are bright and strong.

I don't do pastel shades. They are too wishy-washy for me.
Good Morning Molly. wave

What about your house?
Walls neutral so i can brighten them up with paintings, photos, etc.
Walls neutral so i can brighten them up with paintings, photos, etc.
I have lilac in my healing room..... pale lilac in my bedroom..... pale green in my living room and kitchen area and also in the bathroom. That´s it!

But I also have a few pictures/paintings on the walls.banana
Color choice is interesting. I go through times when I gravitate to one or the other. My home is painted blue, yellow, and gray. I have a color wheel of possessions that pop out. I love color.
I love colours in nature.
In pictures, in scenery.

I wear more muted tones myself.

But prefer to see the colour around me than on me
I usually wear black clothes, but I like many other colours, especially the colours of space - purple, violet, blue, navy blue... smile I like to paint colorful things and I often use all colours of the rainbow. smile
Hello Daniela,hug Myself, I m fond of the earth tones, brown, green, black, not fussy for the brighter colors. I guess I m not one who stands out in a crowd.
As for colors, I do know hospitals don t care for the color pink, (walls) The color pink, after a time, brings out anxiety , and a bad temperament,(supposedly)confused
Hi Free... I knew you were a colourful girl as you´re creative. smitten
Hi Dee..wave

Strange that you don´t like colours ON you but only around you?

What about if you´re not in nature... walking in city streets for example, on a cold winter day?
Don´t you wear colours to cheer you up?
To enjoy colours on me id have to be spending the day looking at myself in the mirror.
Im not a fan of that lol.

If its a cold winters day ill take the beauty in nature i see, it doesnt need the colour to enjoy its beauty.
I like to look at architecture also, so city streets r not a problem either.
Hi Calli...wave

How strange that you do like colours - rainbows are beautiful! - but only wear black?dunno

It seems that in cooler countries people are inclined to wear darker clothes? uh oh

I lived many years in Germany where we had long cold and depressing winters and I used to wear bright colours (red, yellow, turquoise and also white) to cheer me up.
Hi 1to1 hug

I have also been wearing earth colours in the last years. But I still like my bright colours outdoors - summer and winter.

I used to wear all shades of blue all the time in the first 40 years of my life, then I started to go for other colours.

Pink doesn´t bring anxiety - not that I know of? hmmm
Pink represents Love... unconditional Love. heart wings
=) I love colors, just there is one I do not like in myself, yellow.
I take colors into consideration for decoration and house style, never use red in my walls, purple or black besides those are my favorites...
I mostly dress black but since I became a mother tried to wear "autum" and "girly" to match my baby style ...although she wears black too ....yeah I love it, people made weird faces (no to mention my ex mother in law lol!) everytime I dressed her as Wednesday Adams. Shame I can´t upload any pic here =)
Dee... you don´t need to keep looking in the mirror to see the colours you´re wearing? dunno

Every colour has its own vibration... you can feel colours - I do and I know many others who do.

I went on a workshop once to work with colours and we were given some pieces of material while blindfolded so that we could feel the vibrations - and also guess which colour it was.
Very interesting how colours vibrate at different speeds.
I live in a kaleidoscope of technicolor dreams and hope. And my summer underwear is to die for.flirty
Hola guapa! I knew that my colour blog would attract you. wink

I am also careful when I choose colours for the house - and for myself.
I like yellow as it is the sunshine colour, but not on me as it doesn´t suit me with my blond hair.

I love red trousers and sometimes black ones for more formal events. But no black for tops

How interesting Tokyo. We do need a pic of your underwear..please?wink
Tokyo said: I live in a kaleidoscope of technicolor dreams and hope. And my summer underwear is to die for.
Pretty good brother but still not deep & dark enough to deserve a quote in my notebooks. Sure you don´t give a sh*it about it but, I love to laught at myself sometimes rolling on the floor laughing so couldn´t resist LOL!
I dress in black ....even in darkness hahahahahahahahaha wink
Nice blog Pinky french, so you bouquet
"Tokyo said: I live in a kaleidoscope of technicolor dreams and hope. And my summer underwear is to die for.
Pretty good brother but still not deep & dark enough to deserve a quote in my notebooks."

Careful what you wish for.wink
Wearing black in the dark is for protection purposes.. innocent

Chuchi, as you know, Red is the colour of passion and people wear red underwear for the new year´s eve so they can be ready for a night of
Hola Daniela applause hug

I'm about to swamp your lovely blog with pictures!!! grin

I was and still am very close with my ex's aunts and cousins. The Indians have lots of traditional ceremonies and I always try my best to attend them all.

Even though I'm a Chinese, I have been
given the honour to perform some ancient Hindu rites to bless the newlyweds.

Indian weddings are the most colourful! applause

Here are pics of my kids, my ex's cousins and of course yours truly, MiMi grin

My daughter and I

My daughter and son

My ex's cousins

MiMi was given the task of carrying a tray full of sweets and chocolates. I almost finished eating them all even before the procession had even started! doh

I attended this wedding reception just last night and we had a blast!
Nice Blog!
I mainly where many different colors all year round. But doing the winter, I Perfer to wear darker colors outside the house. Because I think that my body is much warmer wearing darker colors outside the house doing the winter. In the house! I wear many different colors still. All the walls in the house is white.
@ MimiArt
Beautiful Photos! They Are Great. ..thumbs up
Thanks Angel hug how beautiful...and

Mimi're welcome to "swamp" my blogs with nice pictures any time.hug nice to see you.wave

Time you posted some pics of you?teddybear
Ooohhhhhh Daniela, you've just given MiMi carte blanche to bombard your blogs with pics!! laugh
roll eyes Nope! Sorry.

( Lol)
Hi Daniela,
I guess colors are not so important to men; well for me in anyway. I cannot be bothered with color schemes for the kitchen, bathroom or whatever. I wear any color with any color.laugh

Not even the color my car does not matters to me. It can be any color as long as it is red. With the exception of my first car, they were all red. rolling on the floor laughing
Mimi can bombard me any time you wish..wink
Hiya Cat...I know that men are not so fussy with colours...but I do know some who are ...mostly those who are into arts.
Hello Daniela,

There was an interesting story done about the color that fighters wore with Olympic events where the outcome was somewhat subjective, decided by judges. They indicated that fighters who wore red were determined the winner more often.

Also, I heard green was more of a peaceful, calming you indicate.

Light has all the colors in the spectrum, therefore when it comes to our serves as a source of re-energizing them.

When certain colors are re-energizing certain portions of our chakra, those chakra then produce the effects on the body they have. I think anyway.

As far as the color of my home, the main portion is gray. Like Molly, I would like to have the furniture and wall hangings stand out more. However, the bedroom is a greenish and the other one a bluish. I have getting my basement finished right now....and I do have to pick out a bunch more colors....hmmm

Because of that initial statement I made about red, I did deliberately incorporate that color with a key aspect of my business...and it seems to work just fine.

Yes, those fellas into that art stuff are pretty colorful. Lets hope them mechanics don't catch wind and join the party or there'll be hell to pay. f*ck driving a puce Polo.
I wear any color clothes. Seldom wear black or white as it is kind of boring. My house used to always ended up kind of yellow no matter what color I use. Used grey the last time to make sure it won't be some shade of yellow again. Just love yellow for walls so even the peach I used once turned out to be a very yellowish peach.
Hi Johnny. wave

Interesting comment - as always. thumbs up

Regarding the colour red.... beside representing PASSION., it represents HEAT, FIRE, BLOOD, POWER, ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM.
This maybe the reason why some sportsmen feel energised and empowered by it.
Hope it works for you! applause

Green, as you say, it is calming and, since you´re talking about chakras, it happens to be the colour of the Heart chakra.

I think the Chakras topic will be my next blog. thumbs up

I agree that white walls it´s better if you want to hang things.
My house being very small, I don´t have much room for large paintings. I only have a few small ones.
Tokyo.... maybe those artists are into psychedelic drugs? wink
Arteee: "Only For You.. "(meet us in the ecards)

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