How Colourful Is Your Life?

The Psychological Effects of Colour

Why is colour such a powerful force in our lives? What effects can it have on our bodies and minds?
While perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective, there are some colour effects that have universal meaning.

For example, shades of red in the colour spectrum are known as warm colours and include red, orange, and yellow.
These warm colours evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.

Colours on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colours and include blue, purple, and green.
These colours are often described as calm, peaceful and healing, but can also be feelings of sadness or indifference

How do people respond to different colours?

Do colours affect your moods and vice versa?

Here in Spain, where the weather is sunny and hot most the year, people mostly wear dark colours (black, brown). The tourists stand out because of the bright colours they wear.
In Africa, where it´s also hot, traditional dress is brightly coloured.

What colours do you wear in the winter? the summer?....

What colours are your walls in your house?.... bed linen etc..?

When out in nature, can you blend in like a chameleon to fit in with your surroundings?

Please discuss conversing

Have A Nice Colourful Sunday! teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (97)

I don't see it as an improvement Mick...laugh

I can't see anybody who wants to participate in your far? uh oh
True enough.
I'm coming up light on research subjects.

Here's the test...

When I got that phone case, a few people mentioned that it was an odd choice for a guy...a pink phone.

After hearing this, I wondered if there was an orange/pink version of color blindness - aka Daltonism.
And yes...there IS an orange/pink variant of color blindness.

It's nothing to concern yourself about if you see my phone as pink.
It's a rather rare & quite minor form of color blindness.

A number of the people who inquired about my 'pink' phone were in their 60s and unaware they'd been seeing orange (or some shades of it) as pink all their lives. No problem.

My question...
Which group of people are 'right'...that is, which group sees the color correctly?
How do we KNOW my phone is orange, and not pink?
Because more people see it as orange than pink?
Perhaps the minority is correct!
And my phone IS pink!
And the majority of people have a form of color blindness which makes some shades of pink appear orange.

Wow you're telling me that I've had a defect all my life without knowing it? doh

But...when I wear some pink shirt...I know it IS pink and not orange. confused
As you saw my phone as orange, you're in the majority, Dani.

It's fun being an 'orange seeing' person - and being aware there are 'pink seers'.
Every once in a while you'll see someone wearing a rather garish color combination involving orange. wow
Quite often, the colors would be much more pleasing if the orange was replaced by pink.
When I see such folks, I assume they thought they'd dressed in pink, but were unaware that most people would see it as orange.

BTW - Any of y'all who see my phone as pink...
You might want to get an honest opinion of any 'pink' clothes, cars, or whatever before buying/wearing.
Just sayin'.

I wanted to join the game, but being able to log in too late. sad

I see it as orange, but I thought that maybe your phone camera takes some strange coloured photos, so that the phone is actually red. My phone camera tends to take the photos of red things as pink sometimes, so I have to adjust the light.

Otherwise, a very interesting fact, miclee. thumbs up I should read more of your blogs - maybe there are more interesting scientific researches - like the one with groundhogs and bears! laugh
I am a chameleon....invisiblecool
Depending where i am....I go into the crowd, mostly dark blue, black and or white. In nature, camouflage, adapted the surroundings. We can spend the whole day together, then I change my outfit and you probably will not recognize me if we cross each other on the street, rolling on the floor laughing
Hola Gero...I can also be a chameleon at times..if I need to
Hi Daniela wave

What colours do you wear in the winter? the summer?....
It depends on where I am. We don't have winter in Indonesia.

What colours are your walls in your house?.... bed linen etc..?
My house walls are white, room doors are wood brown, front door and windows are gray, outside fence is black, bed linen is colorful.. I have them in different colors

When out in nature, can you blend in like a chameleon to fit in with your surroundings?
I try to..
But for photo sake, I will try to wear contrasting color..
Hi Kal..thanks for sharing your colours with us.bouquet
wave Maya!

The weather prognostication of various hibernating species research was quite interesting! handshake
I've since considered other possible lines of research...

Do you know why the sea is salty?
It's because of the tears..........



Actually, that could be the subject of a WHOLE 'NOTHER BLOG!
gotta go.....typing

After I had a check, my house walls are actually not white but light beige..

There you are Kal - another "colour-blind" person, according to Mic. dunno

Mick, why don´t you write a blog about your research? This should be interesting. typing
This photo was taken this morning. The color of the wall and that of my shirt was not much different.

And the wall was painted loooong time ago and got dirtier with time. So I thought it was white grin
Y'all listen up to frog

She's real scientific.
Especially for a woman! thumbs up

MicL, I will be too busy doing research to be here on cs if I am scientific. mumbling
Multi-tasking should pose no problem to one whose intellect is so towering, frog

Not to mention far-ranging!

it all depends on the trend or fashion, right now the color of style is black, everyone - except me and a few others - has to wear it. look at the legislators, black suits, and since many women want to appear sexy, they like to show at least a little of their black underwear. And the younger set and their vehicles , they have to have black trucks and or cars. Camouflage is for the outdoor crowd, again women's undies. What is the next color,who knows, I guess it is the color the clothing manufactures decide to sell. studecar professor
methuzelah: "Bertha"(meet us in the poems)

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