Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?

Well, I have.blushing I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divorced from my second wife and our gay friend never brings his other half when we get together at a public place.conversing

It was a Thursday in the middle of the month and the pub was empty when we walked in, except for this woman. The place had a U-shaped bar counter and she sat on the other side of it. An attractive woman and she kept on looking at me. Then she stood up, went to the toilet and while I was playing she came out at sat down on my bar stool where my jacket was hanging.wow

When I finished my turn I walked towards her to fetch my drink and my jacket but she stood up and sat down on the next bar stool. She was a good looking woman. Honey blond hair with a tinge of red in it, the most beautiful large blue eyes, a petite nose with a few small freckles across it, and a full mouth with very kissable lips. She was well proportioned and maybe an inch taller than I; introduced herself as Vlam which translates to Flame in English. That was when I made three mistakes in quick succession; I chatted her up, I bought her a drink and I agreed to take her home when we were done playing.doh

We finally left and when we were both in the car she told me it was too late for her to go home. I took her home with me. She stayed for three days, living in my track suits and feeding me with the biggest load of bullshit stories on earth. Among others she told me she was a truck driver. Yep, a truck driver! Methinks her husband was probably the truck driver. shock

On the Sunday morning she asked me to take her to the station. She had to go back to work; said she’d call me when she’s back again. She came back a few days later and again stayed a few. This routine was repeated four times and then the last time her visit coincided with a braai (BBQ) at my place. We were the usual crowd again. Bea was married at the time and she was also there with her husband. dance

At some stage Vlam cornered me and said that I pay too much attention to my friends’ wives and I told her that she’s not my steady girlfriend and if she wants to stake claims like that, she’d have to be available much more regularly. She looked at me with venom in her eyes and let fly with the fist, hitting me on the left eye. She immediately turned her back on me, bent down and covered her head with her arms. boxing

I stood there flabbergasted. Shit, this is not happening. Did she really hit me? A woman! I felt something running down my face; when I touched it I realized it was blood. I was still too surprised to move and when she discovered that I’m not going to retaliate, she came up and hit me square on the other eye. More blood! This bìtch knew where to hit! She was getting ready to punch me again but by then my friends smothered and restrained her while I stood there bleeding like a pig. help

The police came and took her away but released her the next day when I did not want to press charges. I was not going to stand in a full court telling everybody how a woman beat me up. She simply fell off the map and frankly, if I never have to see that woman again it will still be a millennium too soon.uh oh
cats meow cats meow

I hope your Monday is not blue.wave

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With a name like that, you can't really expect anything but hot ?

Hot-tempered, that is uh oh
Hi Mimi
She was actually very easy going but I soon realized that she was a bit rough. The things she spoke about sometimes had me astonished at times but I never suspected that she could be violent. Such a pretty woman with such a violent streak.
@ Cat.

U poor thing Cat.
Serious anger, jealous and control issues going on with this woman.
How long ago did this happen?
Hi Dee
That was in August 2003. The date is fairly easy to remember because my divorce was finalized just the week before. It looked worse than what it was; just a lot of blood. It did not even hurt. Only one stitch on the left eye bank. The other wound did not require stitching. As I said, she knew where to hit.

And she was used to it. The way she took evasive action after the first blow showed it. And used to being hit back.doh
My god.

Did she make any attempt at an apology.

U know before me condemning her, she obvs had serious problems....but u dont take them out on innocent people...or anyone.

Did u see any sign this was coming Cat...
I never saw her again. I knew nothing about her other than the BS she dished up to me. And no, I never even suspected that she was a violent person. she was a bit rough with the mouth at times but very sweet other times.

I personally think that she was married to a trucker and sought a bit of excitement when her husband was away.

Anger, yes but I think it was a way of living. She was used to using her fists and when she was restrained by my friends, she was calm but did not show or express regret.. She went with the police like a lamb.

U poor thing Cat hug
Hate seeing violence to men like that because theres this notion men should not hit back, yet they r expected to stand there and take it.

hug hug hug hug
I was brought up not to hit women and I won't hit back if another woman should hit me but If I should ever run into this woman again and if she takes a swipe at me again, I will hit her back. If she wants to fight like a man then she can get effed up like a man. I won't use my fists though. The problem is where do you hit a woman? They have no place to hit. A man is easy, you just hit him on the snot box and he cannot see.

So I'd probably be just standing there again.laugh but she won't connect again. I'm not always that easy to hit. I just did not expect a woman to hit me.

We all misjudge a character sometimes.
The moral of the story is..........

Do not pay too much attention to your friends' wives during the cook out scold scold scold
I'm a shameless flirt and when I'm unattached, which I was at the time, I flirt with their wives all the time. They know me and accept me like that. This woman was not my girlfriend, I never invited her and I owed her nothing. She had no claim on me. But I did not ignore her. I flirted with her as well and she got more of my time than the wives. She was just possessive on something she did not own.doh
Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas
Hmmmmm....I'm a jealous possessive b*tch and my Arty knows it!

That's why he looks straight ahead when walking so that he'd not be accused of ogling at other women laugh laugh laugh

Poor Arty coz it was not an easy feat. Too many pretty girls here in Kuala Lumpur! giggle
As you say. It is just that sometimes you don't recognize the dogs until the fleas are on you. The few signs were easily offset by her looks. She just did not look like a violent person. And as further mitigation, I was already trying to think of a way to stop her from coming there. I just could not think of a reason good enough. Anyway, she gave me reason that night.grin
but Mimi,
The two of you are in a relationship. A bit of jealousy is normal and even good for a relationship. We were not emotionally involved and today I'm sure that she was married. For all I know, she only came to me to revenge herself on her husband. Maybe he cheated on her.
What does a violent person look like?

What does a serial killer or a rapist look like?

They don't have their mugshot look until they have been caught

They look like anybody you pass on the street
It would have been nice if everybody had labels on their foreheads to describe them. I wonder what my label would have said.grin
I know what my label would be!


It can't be that bad!laugh

Mine could easily have read "Punching Bag for Females". Two other women have tried to 'assault' me before.

The first tried to smack me in my face but it was a clumsy effort. I caught her wrist in mid-air and told her to smack her boyfriend. When I released her she walked away cursing me.

The other one tried to beat a staccato on my chest with the bottom of her clenched fists after I teased her too much about her silly hairstyle. I hugged her and pulled her close to me to shut her down. I apologized to her and promised not to do it again and she walked away satisfied.

There was nothing to it, just a bit of frustration and easily defused.

Oh yes, somebody else hit me on the head with a frying pan but that was in good spirits.laugh

So, do I have a label?
Cat, I would probably call you what you called Bea on her blog yesterday cool
Frying pan?? wow

You were lucky it wasn't me coz I use only iron cast skillet! grin
Cast iron skillet, my bad blushing
I did not call her anything.angel

I merely said that if she wants to make herself look like one it is her own business. I'd never call her a tart or anything else.
Luckily not, it was a poaching pan. But it was in a joke. She just bounced it in my head, telling me to take the garbage out. It happened just two weeks ago. You must ask Bea. She knows all about it.laugh
Hi Cattie
Mimi gave me a good idea.
I'll know what to use next time.
I asked you three time to take it out
laugh teddybear
hi Bea,
You sound like my first wife now. If you hit me, I'll hit you back. We taught you how to fight.tongue
I've not been 'beaten up', but I've gotten a few good slugs from my daughter.
She has whupped a guy or two along the way.

That's my Li'l Girl! smitten

Jaysus men... violence is wrong whether it comes from men or women

Don't glorify it!
What was the rush. I had all the time in the world. They don't collect garbage on Sundays. Besides, I had a bad experience with garbage bins. Once bitten, twice shy.laugh
Hi Miclee,
My daughters had this thing when they were in their teens to pin me down on the bed to tickle me. I'm not ticklish but I always played along not to disappoint them.grin
No violence here. We're all just jesting. laugh

In Africa it is often difficult to discern between violence and noise. We are noisy people. rolling on the floor laughing
gone fishing

Nah, just to the supermarket. See ya soon.
Would i be right in saying uve had quite the chequered past when it comes to the ladies, Cat?

Didnt want to assume all along.

Not to glorify it Molly, but should some guy go physical on my Li'l Girl...
I want HIM getting tended by EMS & yelling for a restraining order.
And HER cuffed in the back seat of a police cruiser.
very happy

We can sort through & straighten out the details later.

Of my forty eight years of adult life, I spent only ten (in two stints of five) years in holy matrimony. So thirty eight years on the prowl. Yes, you can say I have been through the mill.

Call it experience.laugh
Agreed.. In our modern life, women more and more need to be able to give some account of themselves. even if it just to stall until the cavalry arrives.
but Dee,
I won't call it checkered. Apart from one or two mishaps, I have led an exemplary life. Remember I was in tertiary education and as such often in open view. Parents entrust their children to you and you are being scrutinized very carefully
Mic, I agree people should be able to defend themselves if needs be.

But this blog is about being offensive, not defensive.
since when have my blogs stayed on track.laugh

Even the two of us have strayed much further than that. I must be the only one here to hijack my own blogs.rolling on the floor laughing
Excuse me, I am still on track snooty

Kind of anyway laugh
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