Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 5/02/2018

A street of craftsmen.

Riding a short way from my area meandering in an indirect haphazard kind of way I stumbled upon a small street of upholsterers, painters, hatters and others. I was surprised to see them, but not quite as surprised as they were to see me. Some workshops came to a complete stop as a surly bule (foreigner) stuck his nose into their doors with hand on heart and a bowing head.

Mother and Son. This man has suffered a head injury due to a motorcycle accident losing an eye and now unable to speak and his mobility also affected. His mother runs a small industrial bits and pieces shop. There was a very sombre mood in this store.

Becak Graveyard. Many businesses on the street serviced the repair or rebuilding of becaks. This space was full of old and decrepit vehicles that had seen better days.

Upholsterer. This man seemed bemused that anyone would be interested in what he was doing. I guess it might strike some locals as strange that a westerner would find any value in observing his work. It's like fossicking through an old antiques shop for me.

Jackson Pollock Shops. The largest factory I found was a paint shop that catered to the repainting of old becaks. The walls looked like Jackson Pollock murals

JP. See?

Pollocked Out. It's tough work repainting becaks and creating Pollock-esque works of art.

Indonesian Hatter. I met a man who specialized in making male head dress for ceremonial purposes. I thought these were called Gladungs, but I maybe wrong. maybe one of our Indonesian members can help me out.

Wire Abstract. Well, it keeps with the Pollock theme a bit, I guess.

Helpful Bystander. Not only do I look serious and surly, I also often appear lost and confused. I was looking upward, around, pivoting etc looking for something to photograph when this lovely lady asked me if I was lost. I mentioned what I was doing and she also looked confused, and lost for words.She said they never see westerners around these streets and to be careful. We walked together for a bit as she spoke excellent English and came to the realization she lives only two streets away from me. Thanks...I've forgotten her name.

Another lovely man I met today. You know when you meet someone and they immediately put you at ease, make you feel calm and relaxed? That's this guy. He has got to be a a guru of some way cool eastern philosophy nobody knows about.

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Lovely pics once again.

Love the becaks and the JS pics best.

Love the colour.

Nice warm friendly people there too, my favourite kind of people

Thanks for always dropping by, Dee. The people here are lovely.

Gotta love a kids band.
I'm always amazed at how happy these people can be and what they have not got,
as opposed to what we do have and how miserable we can be.

TR it would be well worth back tracking and getting a pic of that red bike fully into shot.
Its a beauty thumbs up
I also like the fact that you are reflected in the ladies glasses.
An unintentional self portrait. Cool cool
non - I was about jump the fence to get the red machine but a gruff looking fella was about and I thought better of it.

Being in these places puts it into perspective a great deal, and makes me check myself when I have a first world problem.

Ha, I didn't even notice my own reflection.thumbs up
Fantastic imagery thank you

Whenever I talk to people from Asia, I always feel their ability to accept the things the way they are. It's hard to explain...

It goes something like this: 'Yes, life is hard, but that is the way life is. If you have time to complain, you have time to learn something new or do something useful. And even if the life is hard - we can make it a little easier by being nice or - at least - smile'.

Smiling and 'looking happy' is the way of being polite in most Asian societies. It has nothing to do with how people really feel inside. At least - these are my experiences so far. smile


Nice photos, as always. thumbs up I like 'Confucius'. smile
Palm and Call - In your debt, at your service. Thanks
Callistee and TR,
I get what you are both saying.
I like the phrase first world problems. It speaks volumes. beer bouquet

The flowers are for Callistee TR.
Dont be jealous I gave you a beer laugh
non - your presence is gift enough. but I will accept the beer.
Cool bro,
Well As mundane as my day will be I too have to walk.
My dog is looking at me funny. Later dude. thumbs up
I agree and have said as such on ur earlier blogs.

We r too spoilt and greedy here....we r learning just from looking at ur pictures alone.

I get what Callistee is saying that their smile may not be an indication of their inner selves, but at that we have also forgotten to smile over here.

I live the little life lessons u bring, which i know isnt ur intention, T.

Keep doing ur thang , Mr..

Oh Tokyo!
What a difference between those 2 men eyes! WoW!
I wish I have Innocentia here watching your at your images....
Have you ever think about choose a pic and write a story about it?
I would like that ....you could give us one pic so we could write a story (and this is me and my lingo-confidence saying that LOL) ....
Smooches! Behave with your quiet friends above the table...and avoid the dark & deep content my friend...in my experience we need a strong safeguard to swim into those waters wink

crunia - it's a good idea to run one pic with a story and that could be a good backstop if I don't have anything that day. Food for thought. cheers.thumbs up

Thanks for the flowers. purple heart
Much enjoying this series of blogs, some great pics thumbs up beer
zman - Appreciated, nice to have you along for the journey.
pedro27: "lets all discuss atoms"(meet us in the forums)

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