Feb. 14 It´s all about luvvvvvvvvvv: Leather & Laces

......and I´ve got an idea to have more fun than usual here. Yeap ...another Feb.14., and we remain singles lol!

A visual game where everybody (and I mean it) is welcome to participate. Ladies will be on charge of visuals and Gentleman ...of words.
It won´t be a contest and I can swear all participants will have same fair conditions to play. We will just need a camera, imagination and our keyboard. Easy.

We are not going to break any CS rule, not need to show ourselves either, or our identities, an innocent game ....just like all stuff I do heart wings

I´ll provide more info in a week. Now, let me know who is interested so far? Thanks

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I'll participate if there are cakes at lunch time laugh
I can just see everyone breaking down the door for this moment. Step right up ladies don't all jump at once
take a number no crowding please!! And men you have to keep your hands to yourself and no messing up your keyboards with your imaginations running wild. Someone else may have to type a report or spread sheet or something important. Nothing worse than sticky keys!! rolling on the floor laughing
Sure, I'll play leather and lace with you smitten
Vale Chuchi...count me in guapa. I like playing games...as long as nobody gets hurt.thumbs up yay
confused Ladies will be on charge of visuals and Gentleman ...of words. confused

So ladies put up images from chippendales, and we gentlemen may give comments on that?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I´ve been told nuns are good at bakery ...well, they are almost good at everything lol!
Thanks Non, you are in, take your notebook, you won't be disappointed wave
Akel....you´ll looooooove this!
If I have to think in some one who would love this game, that´s you doh
Thank you Sir, 2 gentlemen and counting!!!!
Track ....it could be me, or not ...but I´m sure you won´t have any problem if you match with another lady wink
Thanks little bro! smitten
The first lady who says yes .....Le France!!!!
Excellent! Nop, no chance to hurt anyone with this, no mocking and no judging handshake
Hahahahaha that would be so cruel Geronimo, I´m not like that, but it´s ok you don´t know me batting
What do you say? wink yes? yes? yes? please te lo pido en español?
A mi me gustaría que alguien me pedía cosas en español wink

Please correct mistakes?

Btw...LA France...feminine.
Ok im in....scared, but in...
Please note i only work from my phone so if i have to upload anypics r vids i cant partake.

Btw....i feel Incu is gonna be all over this game..

Copy that! La France!!!!! a feminine country!!!! yes!!!!! (thank you!!!)

A mi me gustaría que alguien me pedía cosas en español =
A mi me gustaría que alguien me pidiese las cosas en español

Hmm, muéstrame a dónde lleva esto, me uno devil
Hahahahaha Dee a brave Irish lady! love it!!!!
Excellent! no problem, we won´t need that much ....just imagination and certain know-how I´m sure you have blushing
Incu? hahahaha I´m not even need to ask him, it´s all about luv & fun with IncubusBaig laugh
¡Caramba! y con tildes en los lugares correctos Geronimo, ahora si estoy gratamente sorprendida.
Dame un voto de confianza, ¡te divertirás!
Encantada de conocerte cheers
Gero..seguro que va llevarte al cielo happy place
@ Daniela777,
¿Qué quieres que pregunte en español?giggle
scold No, no, espera hasta el dia 14 de febrero scold rolling on the floor laughing
He is all about love and fun and also all about crunia in leather and lace..
Just wait...haha

* Yeap! well said Gerónimo ....wine

* Dee joy
Hmmmmm not sure about that, we are friends, both love to have fun together around CS, but I´m not the one who is in our Happy-man´s mind (all good about that applause) ....

Fortunately Leather & Lace belongs to my preferences not inspired in anyone but myself wink

Let´s see who else join us tomorrow......daydream
He is all about love and fun and also all about crunia in leather and lace..

scold No,No, its about ALL in leather&laces conversing banana rolling on the floor laughing
You guys called? grin

Y'know all you gotta do is rub the magic lamp and I'm there.. wink

Although Feb 14 seems too far away.. roll eyes
Gero..lo que tu quieres amigo porque español es una lengua más romántica .smitten

Dont worry...I can wait for eternity as patience is my greatest virtue! innocent
I am in, if I log in time for the game.grin
You can log in with me anytime, Sri Lamkan Sex Fish. *WOOF*
Count me in, Crunia applause

Now that we have you in, hope more ladies want to join the game wink

Thank you Incu flex heart beating I knew I could count on you for this good CS experience.
Now, be patient ....
Usha!!!! YES!!!!!!! yay
I´ll take in consideration different countries and schedules, it will be open for 24 hours.
I´m glad you want to join the game ....your imagination is guarantee of fun wink
Ok big good wolf Tokyo....what do you say? cool
I'm gonna huff and puff.....
cheering Mimi!!!!
You are like Incu....always ready for good times!!!! Excellent! bouquet
Oh my! With all who already said yes, there is no chance this doesn´t work....

Come on people, take the risk wink
Ok what the help means that? .....yes in Tokyo´s language?
Sounds fun Cru, I'll be around if I am around. :)

I will join if it is not something that I'm uncomfortable with. smile
if some girl helps me to shave my back , i could perform some pole dancing head banger
I would love to get you in this game Johnny joy
It will be ....very educational as I see some stuff you like wink
Thank you!!!!!
Call hug
Sounds valid and I´m totally agree... count on that smile
Leather and lace, oh yeah! smile
@Vampire....bring the chocolates and alcohol ....you´ll need them conversing
You were already in but thanks for saying yes, did you say it right? lol!
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