Feb. 14 It´s all about luvvvvvvvvvv: Leather & Laces

......and I´ve got an idea to have more fun than usual here. Yeap ...another Feb.14., and we remain singles lol!

A visual game where everybody (and I mean it) is welcome to participate. Ladies will be on charge of visuals and Gentleman ...of words.
It won´t be a contest and I can swear all participants will have same fair conditions to play. We will just need a camera, imagination and our keyboard. Easy.

We are not going to break any CS rule, not need to show ourselves either, or our identities, an innocent game ....just like all stuff I do heart wings

I´ll provide more info in a week. Now, let me know who is interested so far? Thanks

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Ahhh Track! kiss
yup, ill bring the chocolate and booze laugh
Leather and laces, all about love?.... not necessarily.
thumbs up Dedo! deal!

Ok Bloody....of course "not necessarily", it´s just one of many options (my fav) you´ll be more than welcome, can´t tell but you already showed us in the past, you have all necesary to play this game wink
@ Bloody,
It doesn't have to be bloody at all to play Leather&laces you know scold rolling on the floor laughing
Whips(checked), chains(checked), handcuffs(checked) Let the games begin ...oops, to earlyscold rolling on the floor laughing
@ Calistee,
Natürlich können wir das Spiel auch auf Deutsch machen, wenn Sie sich wohler fühlen, tragen Sie einfach Ihre Lederhosen und -schnürsenkel rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cool
Auf Deutsch? Nicht so viel Spass! yawn

head banger I Will Be A Watchmen!

( Just Watching!)

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe a few roses too

@Gerónimo, it seems you not only know about IT stuff LOL! handshake

@Angel!!!!! Welcome to my blog!!!! joy
A watchlady? it´s fun and innocent...come on! I would be very pleased if you decide to be part of this love game batting
Black Baccara Roses for me please batting

roll eyes Hmm! I don't know about that

" I Will Have To Think About It"

Maybe So!....thumbs up
Angel please .....ok you think and let us know, we are plenty of time joy

Note: thanks for the rose Track, yeap...that´s my fav kiss
Well well I am not Leather&lace man,

To you ladys here

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
Fly joy
Thanks for your visit Sir, and extra thanks from my part of that dedication ...I just love Nat King Cole smitten
Random roses for you applause

Happy Valentine's Cach and everyone. heart wings
Track kiss thanks again for those roses, It has been years since no one gives me any of my favorites, my ex 2 tried to make me change my preferences, he gave me so many flowers (I love it) but as my birthday is a national holiday (in so many countries) it was always a dificult task to find Black Baccara....yeap never easy with me, but ex 1 always managed, he always gave me those roses, never tried others....that guy was smart, not enough I´m afraid LOL!
Thank you dear!!!! Highly appreciated!!! smitten
Lindsay, Thank you!!!!! heart wings
Wish you a Happy Valentine´s too .....do you want to join the game? I see you are a "very creative lady", would be fun if you could contribute here with your imagination wink
Consider this a formal & personal invitation please grin
And sex....
Hi Uptall,
No one mentioned Sex here, and it´s not include in the menu ....but I´m sure we are very well self-sufficient here, so whatever suits you Sir.
Just Thought it was worth a mentionwink

Leather and lace, latex and astro glide, valentines gonna be great laugh
I really hate struggling to load photos and I love words. Can I apply to be a bloke for the day?
Biff.. I might be up for trading roles with you if I'm in the mood for flaunting that day grin
@Uptall: it´s ok I just love shadows handshake

@ Track.....you are in charge of the music, deal? heart beating

@Biff: LOL!!!!! with your skills it will be really stupid to say no....you can be both if you want? Thank you!!!!!!! applause WoW...I´m so excited!!!! yes yes bowing .... I have another lady of words in mind but ...not going to mention anyone

P.S. Ash ....I miss you in this sad flower
Baig - deal laugh if Cach happy with the swapping
I can do that grin

Of course I´m !!!! Easy Peasy Biff & Incu grin

We are gonna have funnnnnnnnnn applause Excellent DJ-Track!!!! a song for each story! You better sleep the night before ok? lol!

Incu...you look so adorable in those pics angel thumbs up
Ok folks ....tomorrow is Feb.14
But ...I can´t LOL ...I must be loosing my powers hahahahahahaha. I´m sorry.

Hope all of you have a nice day, full of Leather & Laces smitten
Enjoy the song wave
mumbling mumbling mumbling

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